We’re two months in and we have two more months to go before the NFL playoffs. If we strictly care about fantasy then our regular season could be down to the final five games. No need to panic no matter your record and there’s no time to coast.

The NFL will continuously give us new names to ponder about following each week. Injuries will always be looming in the shadows and you never know when the right guy will pop up on the waiver wire.

Two years ago, a backup rookie running back, who wasn’t even his team’s first choice in the draft comes into a game in week 12 and just happens to rush for 90+ yards in weeks 12, 13 and 14. In the process, helping many, including me, get into the playoffs on his strong late performance.

In 2009 a Cleveland Browns running back by the name of Jerome Harrison started three straight games during weeks 12-14. In those three games Harrison rushed for 561 yards and 5 touchdowns. Again, helping many teams through the stretch.

Once you make the playoffs, it’s a whole new season. So that is the only goal right now. Be more alert of the waiver wire now, while some of your league mates are sleeping.

If you missed any of the last few weeks adds and want to see who I’ve been saying to pick up, then click here.

If you’re up to date and ready for this week’s top adds and drops, then let’s get going.

Week 8 Adds Recap

#1 Deonte Thompson – WR – BUF: Burnt like a pizza that was left in the oven, that you drunkenly tossed in like a frisbee, only to find it the next morning burnt to a crisp. That’s me. Thompson did not provide any kind of fantasy points last week and now that Jordan Matthews is back, I no longer expect a big role.

#2 Juju Smith-Schuster – WR – PIT: Saving my face from the Thompson debacle, Smith-Schuster was a huge asset on Sunday night. The 97 yard touchdown catch put his fantasy points to an absurd amount as he finished the week as WR2.

#3 Marquise Goodwin – WR – SF: An outing that all fantasy owners and Goodwin himself want to forget. The 49er wide receiver wasn’t able to haul in any catches, mostly due to the fact he didn’t even see a target. The 49ers just traded for Jimmy Garoppolo though, So Goodwin’s stock may even rise after an egg day.

#4 Kenny Stills – WR – MIA: By far the best receiver for the Dolphins right now is Kenny Stills. However, this is a Matt Moore lead, zero point scoring, poor excuse of a unified team. All that said, Stills is a great player to have on your bench right now.

#5 O.J. Howard – TE – TB: A rough outing to finalize last week’s Adds. Only 2 receptions for 16 yards is not what I wanted to see. However, playing a brutal Carolina defense wasn’t going to help those stats. You picked him up for the stretch, not just for last week.

Week 9 Top Adds

#1 Tyler Lockett – WR – SEA: Lockett has caught 4 or more balls in three of the last four games. As Doug Baldwin was contested all day on Sunday, Lockett took full advantage, gaining 121 yards on 6 receptions. Paul Richardson also had a great day in Seattle, but he was on our Add list a while back, so hopefully you’re still stashing him on your bench. If so, or not, it looks like Lockett is a matchup-based fantasy guy at this point. I will have no problem stashing him at an opportune time.

#2 T.J. Jones – WR – DET: Much like Lockett, T.J. Jones is catching balls consistently with 3 or more receptions in four of the last five games. Jones is coming off of his best game of the season with 4 receptions and 88 yards. He’s caught a career high in receptions and yards and we are just entering the second half of the season. If Kenny Golladay remains a question, Jones will continue to make the most of his opportunities in this prolific offense.

#3 Robby Anderson – WR – NYJ: Bring him back! On my second week drop list, I was confident I wouldn’t want to bring Anderson back into my lineup. Then he had to go and have a career game, in the rain, against the defending NFC champions. Anderson showed the skills that made me spend a last pick on him in too many fantasy leagues. He just showed up about eight weeks too late for the draft pick to be a great one. But, now he can become a waiver wire acquisition that can help get you to a championship.

#4 Kenyan Drake – RB – MIA: The NFL is trying its best to compete with other sports trade deadline. The latest trade, Jay Ajayi being shipped to the city of brotherly love, opens the door for Drake to take over. Yes, Miami’s offense is suspect and the running game will be tough to get going if Matt Moore can’t get himself going. However there’s volume to be had and if Drake can get 15-20 carries a game, he’ll be a viable fantasy player.

#5 Jack Doyle – TE – IND: One of the biggest sleepers at the tight end position in July, Jack Doyle did not get off to the start we were hoping. Without Luck returning Doyle was left, like much of the Colts offense, frozen and stuck with a inexperienced quarterback, who was rushing to learn the playbook. Finally, we may see more plays set up for Doyle. Luck knew he was a star and so did the Colts. Now Brisset seems to have found the big help in the middle and I think he liked it. Expect more passes to Doyle in every game moving forward.

Honorable Mentions:

Tre McBride – WR – CHI
Travis Benjamin – WR – LAC
Jimmy Garoppolo – QB – SF

Week 8 Drops Recap

#1 Martavis Bryant – WR – PIT: Deactivated. Headcase. Sayonara.

#2 Rob Kelley – RB – WAS: The Redskins backfield now belongs to Chris Thompson. He’s faster, more elusive, the better pass catcher and blocker. Kelley won’t be worth rostering anymore.

#3 Mike Gillislee – RB – NE: My biggest lock of the season failed me. It was embarrassing to put the guy I went on many, including my own, podcasts and repeatedly backed him, on the Drop list. I was wrong.

#4 Randall Cobb – WR – GB: Packers are coming off of a bye, taking on a hungry-for-a-win Lions team. Cobb may have a few receptions, but nothing worth noting.

#5 Terrelle Pryor – WR – WAS: After last weeks article, I was getting very nervous about telling people to drop Pryor. I expected a big bounce-back game against a weak Cowboys pass defense. Don’t worry, he made me look good.

Week 9 Top Drops

#1 Thomas Rawls – RB – SEA: If you’re holding onto Rawls because simply, who else is going to run the ball there, I get it. Especially with the trade for Duane Brown helping the sinking Seattle offensive line. But, that addition by itself won’t make Rawls relevant and there is no reason to have him on your team, unless you are down to your only two running backs.

#2 Theo Riddick – RB – DET: Waiting and waiting for Riddick to be the PPR king he’s been has hit its limit. The Lions like Abdullah too much for Riddick to be a main piece. Plus the Lions started bringing Washington into the mix a little more often than normal.

#3 Giovani Bernard – RB – CIN: It’s the same thing with Riddick. These PPR backs are no longer getting the consistent receptions to make them viable fantasy players. Don’t waste a spot on your bench and try to find someone who will be able to break out in the next few weeks.

#4 Marcus Mariota – QB – TEN: He’s thrown four touchdowns all season. Sure he didn’t really play in two games. But, in the five games Mariota’s played, he’s thrown for FOUR touchdowns. Why is he on anyone’s team? The only thing going for him is that Corey Davis may finally be 100% soon.

#5 Willie Snead – WR – NO: 1 reception in three games played this season. So we are entering week nine and I have a guy on my team who has caught just one ball. No thank you, have a great day.

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