Week seven has came and passed setting the tone for the first half of the fantasy football regular season. We are merely one week away from being halfway done with the actual NFL regular season.

I say this every week, and every week it becomes more and more enlightening. This season is flying by and we don’t even know what to think about it.

Have we become more caught up about the off-the-field pitter patter than the actual game itself. Are we seeing the start of an inevitable demise?

I doubt it. The NFL looks stronger than ever with 95% of the league still in the playoff talk, every fan is excited.

Fantasy Football in 2017 is slipping through our fingers and we need to be always looking to better our teams.

If you haven’t read any of my other Add/Drop articles this season, please feel free to check them out, because you won’t want to miss out on anyone.

Last week we had some good adds/drops, some who panned out quickly and others who will pan out down the home stretch. So without further ado, let’s get into Week 8’s Top Adds/Drops.

Last Week’s Adds Recap

Orleans Darkwa – RB – NYG: Running against Seattle is a matchup most wouldn’t want to think about. I liked Darkwa last week and it busted. 35 yards on the ground and 13 more receiving, I still like Darkwa moving forward as the main runner in New York.

Dion Lewis – RB – NE: 76 yards on the ground later, this turned out to be a nice pickup last week and for the future of your team. I hope you got Lewis, and will be prepared to start him on the correct weeks.

Alfred Morris / Darren McFadden – RB – DAL: If you picked either one of these two running backs up last week, I’d hold on to them for a few weeks. Just while it’s confirmed what’s happening with Elliott.

Nick O’Leary – TE – BUF: Though he was held out of the endzone, O’Leary did haul in 58 yards on two receptions. An average day for the tight end, but still a top target for Taylor.

Taylor Gabriel – WR – ATL: 2 catches, 24 yards, 0 touchdowns. Last week was a dud for Gabriel, but the fog was a factor. In addition, he’s the best deep threat to a very accurate deep thrower, Matt Ryan.

Week 8 Top Adds

#1 – Deonte Thompson – WR – BUF: The Bills are desperate for a star to emerge on the outside. They are now supporting a 4-2 record without any sign of a mediocre, at best, wide receiver. Jordan Matthews reminds you that he knows how to play football, then injuries deflate his debut season with Buffalo. Even with a return of Matthews, it was Thompson that prevailed as ‘phenomenal’ last week. I’m taking a flier on Thompson, thinking he has a very good chance to repeat his numbers moving forward.

#2 – Juju Smith-Schuster – WR – PIT: The rookie who’s turned heads, since the first day that rookies reported to camp. He’s out snapped Martavis Bryant and is continuously targeted as the clear #2 receiver. Smith-Schuster found the endzone last week and preceded it by playing hide-n-seek with teammate, Le’Veon Bell. That alone will give you a reason to pick him up; especially if you get fantasy points for originality and creativity for dances. However, if you don’t, I’d still be trying to pick up Smith-Schuster and hope Bryant is dealt away, or demoted to the scout team.

#3 – Marquise Goodwin – WR – SF: Week after week, Goodwin gives us very above-average stat lines, on a dreadful, 0-7 49ers team. It’s not easy to find the hidden gems in San Francisco. Whether it’s the smog or it’s the reflection off the hipster glasses, gems aren’t being found as easy as they were a few years ago. Many, including myself had very high hopes for Garcon, but truly, it’s Goodwin that is the top fantasy performer on this team. Finding the endzone next week is a must to solidify a flex spot on my roster.

#4 – Kenny Stills – WR – MIA: Two major factors played into the big day for Stills this week. First, the Parker injury, allowing for a few more targets to be thrown in Stills’ way. Second, the injury to Cutler brought in Moore. Who is, in my opinion, the best option the Dolphins have to win in January. If Moore continues to be under center in Miami, then I’m all in on Stills. I’ll be picking him up in many leagues if I need a little depth to the receiver position. Now, if Cutler returns and the deep ball loses it’s swag again, then Stills is back to a non-factor.

#5 – OJ Howard – TE – TB: Finally breaking through last week, Howard finished with 2 touchdowns and just shy of 100 yards. I’m not going to go point chasing this upcoming week, but the fact that Howard and Winston are, finally, getting in sync with each other could lead to a very healthy amount of targets moving forward. I think Howard is a special talent but I also know that the tight end position is the hardest to learn. For this kid, once it clicks, it will stay clicked. I like the Howard pickup because he has the potential to be a top 5 tight end in the final half of the season.

Last Week’s Drops Recap

Andre Ellington – RB – ARI: Ellington may actually be worth keeping on your watch list. I know I just said to drop him, but with the Palmer injury, there’s a lot of check down opportunities with Stanton starting.

Wayne Gallman – RB – NYG: 5 carries for 15 yards. Enough said. Gallman had a good game and looked like it was his time, but then, Darkwa came back from injury.

Coby Fleener – TE – NO: He’s a joke in this offense. Good riddance.

Jamison Crowder – WR – WAS: Crowder didn’t get anything going in the divisional battle between the Redskins and the Eagles.

Jared Cook – TE OAK: It wouldn’t be a true human-written add/drop article if I didn’t have at least one of my drops prove me wrong. Cook, luckily was ruled down on the one instead of scoring a touchdown at the end of the Thursday’s game. However, his yards were enough to make me put my foot in my mouth.

Week 8 Top Drops

#1 Martavis Bryant – WR – PIT: Demanding a trade is the first red flag. Only catching 99 yards, combined, over the last 4 games; the second red flag. When your quarterback looks like a ghost of his old self, that’s the final red flag. Get rid of him.

#2 Rob Kelley – RB – WAS: It’s Chris Thompson’s backfield. There is no disputing that. Keeping Kelley is a waste of space at this point.

#3 Mike Gillislee – RB – NE: What a fall from his three touchdown opener. I talked Gillislee up all summer. I’m the first to admit, I was dead wrong. Don’t ever predict the Patriots backfield.

#4 Randall Cobb – WR – GB: With Rodgers out and Hundley starting, there is no reason to keep his third target on every play. Hundley won’t make it that far down his checklist. His legs will take over before he continuously looks at Cobb.

#5 Terrelle Pryor – WR – WAS: I don’t even care if he torches me the rest of the season. He’s a dud every week and drafting him early got me. Don’t fall for the Browns curse.

About The Author Nick Faber

Nick is an avid fantasy footballer and avid sports follower from Detroit, Michigan. He hosts the Ten in the Head video podcast which can be found at facebook.com/teninthehead.