Cowboys at Redskins 12/7/15
Cowboys at Redskins 12/7/15

Week 3 is just a few days away. That means this season is already 17.6% of the way over. It’s already going by too fast and I don’t like it. So let’s take a little bit of time to sit back and recap what we’ve got.

We are either 0-2, life will be fine and the season still has plenty of time. They’ll be plenty of waiver claims that can still rocket your team to the championship. We could be 1-1, and life seems OK. Have a good team but might need a little work if someone peaks your interest. Or best case scenario we’re 2-0 and look dominant. Already thinking of how you want to design your undefeated shirt. But, stay on your toes and remember, if your team isn’t improving then it’s only getting weaker.

I’m here to help keep everyone updated on some of the best players that are emerging after the first two weeks.

Last Week’s Adds Recap

Kerwynn Williams – RB – ARI: Chris Johnson looked better than Williams and may be the better play moving forward. But I’m holding onto Williams for one more week.

Kenny Golladay – WR – DET: Golladay out snapped T.J. Jones for the second straight week. Only one catch with three targets, but the Lions ran the ball often on Monday night.

Nelson Agholor – WR – PHI: Another player with one catch on only three targets. But, found himself in the end zone on that only catch.

Tarik Cohen – RB – CHI: Still looked bright when catching the ball. Howard is injured, but the Bears are a bad passing team. Which can bold well for Cohen in PPR formats.

Paul Richardson – WR – SEA: Richardson was out done by Lockett in week 2, however, Richardson was the one with the touchdown reception.

Top 5 Adds of the Week

#1 Javorius Allen – RB – BAL: Mentioned as an honorable mention last week, I pulled the trigger on him early in the weekend; making me very happy and showed that I should have had him as a top 5 guy last week. Terrance West got dinged up in that game. Even with West in the game, Allen was the guy with the most touches. West, if healthy, will vulture touchdowns away from Allen. Albeit, Flacco loves the check downs, and I’ll be spending big on the next, pass catching, running back for the Ravens.

#2 Chris Carson – RB – SEA: Carson did what the Seahawks needed him to do in week 2. I’m not sure why I didn’t have him in my top 5 last week. Though moving on, he got the volume on a team that will run it frequently. Sure, the offensive line is terrible, but it’s not the Giants. Good fantasy games will come to Carson if he keeps squeaking 3-5 yards each run. If he continues to impress and gets 15-25 carries a game, then I’m sold on Carson becoming a top 15-20 back.

#3 J.J. Nelson – WR – ARI: Now it’s tough to look at these first three players and not say that I’m just point chasing. But, I love Nelson and played him big in DFS last week. Now I’m trying to get him on my season-long teams. He may only be a big factor while Josh Brown is out, and may be a drop in a few weeks. But I’m taking him and possibly starting him in week 3. Brown was ruled out already and Nelson is becoming Palmer’s favorite target.

#4 Jermaine Kearse – WR – NYJ: One of the newest Jets, Jermaine Kearse is looking like he wasted no time getting comfortable with Josh McCown. Kearse has lead the team in catches, targets and receiving yards in the first two weeks. Kearse hauled in two touchdowns in week two and is the main guy on a Jet team that will be playing from behind, every game. Garbage time points might not be the best, but it can be consistent and will add up. I’m stashing Kearse on my team and possibly giving him a go at home against Miami.

#5 Devin Funchess – WR – CAR: Once Greg Olsen went down with a broken foot, the door opened up for a few of the Panthers pass catchers. Most notably Funchess and Curtis Samuel. I like the Michigan alum moving forward. From what I saw on Sunday, Funchess, will be the one who’ll be targeted more often. He looks to be more mature and ready to be great. We’ve been losing patience with Funchess in this offense. Yet, it’s finally time for doubters to be silenced when Funchess breaks out this next month.

Honorable Mentions (In Order):

Rashard Higgins – WR – CLE
Deonte Thompson – WR – CHI
Jason Witten – TE – DAL
Ben Watson – TE – BAL
Jalen Richard – RB – OAK
Brandon Coleman – WR – NO
Gerald Everett – TE – LAR

Last Week’s Drops Recap

Eddie Lacy – RB – SEA: I don’t know why I even drafted him in one of my leagues. Thought, just maybe he can break out. Glad we dropped him, don’t look back.

Top 5 Drops of the Week

#1 Latavius Murray – RB – MIN: I was wrong. All offseason I thought there’s no way the rookie Dalvin Cook will come in and just be the guy. At least, they’ll split carries and the Vikings will see that Murray is just now hitting his peak. Dead wrong. Drop Murray and assume it’ll be Cook all year, barring any catastrophic injury.

#2 Darren McFadden – RB – DAL: It looks to me that Ezekiel Elliott will be playing all year. I’m getting numerous headaches listening to how this suspension is being dragged out. I’m now cutting any ties of McFadden or Morris.

#3 Jamaal Williams – RB – GB: I was high on the Williams train coming into the season. Now it may be a little early to cut ties with Williams, due to Montgomery still untested under a 16 game season at running back. But if I need to win now, I’m dropping Williams because he looks bad and Montgomery looks goo. It’s as simple as that.

#4 Robby Anderson – WR – NYJ: Like I mentioned in my top 5 adds, I’m sold on Kearse being a big time player in the Jets offense. I had heard a lot of high praise on Anderson coming into the season, but it has faded fast.

#5 Adrian Peterson – RB – NO: I’m not telling you to drop AP right now, but if your team is losing and you have Peterson as one of the few worst players on your team, hen it’s ok to pull the trigger. We don’t know what’s going on in New Orleans. But, what I do know is that Peterson will not be getting 20 carries in a game any time soon.

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