Most of the fantasy players in the world are coming to their final three games. The hair starts to turn a touch more gray. As, with every passing day, comes more unwanted news. Injuries have left your team hanging on by the thinnest, weakest, piece of thread.

Hope in the back of your mind, only to be flooded out by the tsunami that is your remaining team, which at one point had such high potential you were even thinking of how to draw your 16-0 Championship tattoo.

With David Johnson and Aaron Rodgers leading your team, Jordan Reed and Amari Cooper as the studs who’ll get your team mentioned as one of the all-time best. You were ready for this season and any minor injuries that came along for the ride. Little did we know, the 2017 season had something else in mind.

As we lay looking at our team, which is stuck together with some gum and scotch tape. We realize, there’s still hope. Injuries haven’t stopped and new players turn up on the waivers every week. So let’s recap last week’s, dive into this week’s top adds and drops, and if you’ve missed any article before, check them out here.

Last Week’s Top Adds

#1 – Devontae Booker – RB – DEN: Booker was not productive last week. In all honesty, we should’ve known how bad the Broncos offense was and that they’d be throwing a lot to catch up. Booker had his chance to shine, but no one did out of that backfield.

#2 – Robert Woods – WR – LAR: Woods has been one of the best fantasy receivers over the past few weeks. No stopping him last week, after 171 yards and two touchdowns. My #2 pickup of the week has now caught over 170 yards and at least one touchdown in two of the past three weeks.

#3 – Curtis Samuel – WR – CAR: Samuel was looking good after the Benjamin trade. Samuel was primed to be a consistent start in your lineup. Unfortunately, he won’t see the field for the rest of the season.

#4 – Damien Williams – RB – MIA: The backfield was Drake’s to have. Williams had one big run, but didn’t muster anything else after. Two catches for 20 yards and only 19 yards on the ground. I’ll give him another week, just to see if Miami leans heavily on Drake or showcases Williams.

#5 – Corey Clement – RB – PHI: Clement was on a bye this week. Sure, he’s in the middle of a 4-man backfield. However, if he gets his touches like last week, there is no reason why he won’t be a solid bench player for your fantasy team.

This Week’s Top Adds

#1 – Rex Burkhead – RB – NE: Burkhead has been seeing plenty of snaps, improving his snap percentage in every game since returning from injury. Burkhead looks to be the Patriots new red zone and pass catching back. And to no surprise, he’s flourishing in that role. Understandably, the Patriots still have James White on their roster, who could eat into some of the pass catches to the backs. However, the Patriots throw it enough every game that Burkhead should have no problem being a starter in PPR formats.

#2 – Corey Davis – WR – TEN: Davis was so close to scoring a touchdown last week, mere inches away. Yet he fumbled, turned it over, and saw a mediocre day in fantasy. Albeit, moving forward is a good time to own Corey Davis. He’s back from injury and it looks like Mariota doesn’t have a problem going to the kid often. The athleticism that Corey Davis has is unreal and he will make big plays down the stretch for a Titans team that needs to continue to win.

#3 – Russell Shepard – WR – CAR: Shepard looked downright terrible on Monday night. Now, if he’s going to be the one coming into the WR2 spot, then there is a lot of work that needs to happen in a short amount of time. With a short week, this week, I’d be careful of starting Shepard. Yet as the season moves on he may become a regular start in your team as he gains confidence and repertoire with Newton.

#4 – Kenny Golladay – WR – DET: Returning from almost two months of being sidelined, Golladay came out with a bang. The two catches wasn’t the most eye-popping stat, but it’s what he did with those two catches is what got me excited about Golladay again. His two catches went for 64 yards and Golladay had almost one of the best catches in the end zone, but couldn’t fight it away from the defender. Stafford will look to Golladay in the red zone, and with the red zone woes for Detroit, I expect a lot of opportunities for the rookie wide receiver.

#5 – Austin Ekeler – RB – LAC: Ekeler was electric in last week’s loss to the Jaguars. It’s true that game script paved the way for a breakout game for Ekeler, as Gordon was held to a low production day. However, with the flashes this kid showed, I’m not going to be surprised when we see more plays focused around him. If that’s the case, like it was for Hill last year or Sproles in years past, then I want to be on the side of owning him.

Honorable Mentions

Jamaal Williams – RB – GB
Samaje Perine – RB – WAS
Dontrelle Inman – WR – CHI
Brandon LaFell – WR – CIN
Chester Rogers – WR – IND

Last Week’s Top Drops

#1 – Jonathan Stewart – RB – CAR: With 110 yards on the ground Monday night, Stewart proved me wrong as the #1 drop of the week. Still, Stewart doesn’t make me smile moving forward and I have no problem trying to get a guy with higher upside than Stewart.

#2 – Jameis Winston – QB – TB: My take is that Winston won’t be playing again this year.

#3 – Wendell Smallwood – RB – PHI: The #4 running back in a four headed monster won’t allow for many snaps. Numbers will fade and fantasy stock is all over.

#4 – Matt Brieda – RB – SF: Unless Hyde gets injured, Brieda won’t be a relevant player in Fantasy Football.

#5 – Doug Martin – RB – TB: Last week I guaranteed that Doug Martin wasn’t going to eclipse 499 rushing yards this season. So he needed 246 more in the final eight games. Martin rushed for 51 last week. He only needs 195 more yards to prove me wrong. But, still don’t let him on your team. Waste of fantasy space.

This Week’s Top Drops

#1 – Tarik Cohen – RB – CHI: The once prized pickup, I did not rank him as the #1 add after week one and caught a little grief. I even had a few fantasy lovers predict he was going to be the best running back we’ve seen in a long time. I’m not sure what got their head that way, but even in a PPR league it’s not worth having a very limited Cohen on your team.

#2 – Jordy Nelson – WR – GB: It’s sad to say, but I’m not sorry about putting Jordy on my drop list. I don’t feel bad having him as my #2 player to be dropped this week. If you’re waiting around hoping that Hundley will find his groove and Nelson will create a bond with Hundley, just like with Rodgers, then you’re a fool. Cut ties with the farm boy and wait until next year.

#3 – Darren McFadden – RB – DAL: For the second time this year McFadden has made the drop list. I know, that’s not supposed to happen in this article. However, with the Elliott case going as it did, there was two different times you needed to drop McFadden. One of which, is right now. If you got him in hopes he could breakout like a few years ago, then it’s time to realize that it isn’t the case. It’s Alfred Morris’ job with Rod Smith quickly coming up.

#4 – Martellus Bennett – TE – NE: Not many people still own a share of Bennett, but his stock rose after the signing to the Patriots. Going to New England won’t be enough to get Bennett into any starting spot or bench spot on your fantasy team. Get him off, he’s not a good streamer for ASJ this week.

#5 – Aaron Jones – RB – GB: Being sidelined 3-6 weeks spells doom for fantasy hopes. Even if he comes back sooner than expected, I won’t expect him to take on a full role. Look For Williams, but first see if Montgomery is healthy.

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