Draft Profile:

Grade: Mid-late 2nd round
NFL Comparison: Antonio Cromartie

Games Scouted:

Eastern Michigan
Central Michigan
Michigan State
Northern Illinois


Sam Beal had a very tough decision to make in January on whether to return to school or leave and enter the NFL Draft. Soon after deciding to return to school, he regretted his decision and was no longer focused on school. His grades flopped and he was no longer eligible for the Broncos’ 2018 season. He then decided that his best option moving forward was to enter the supplemental draft.

As far as his outlook as an NFL cornerback, he’s a boundary corner with adequate size and length for the position. He excels in press man and cover 2. He jams well at the LOS, but can lock out at times leaving him susceptible for the swim move inside. He needs to work on his backpedal to create more fluidity. He has shown above average ability at the catch point to make plays on the football.



You can see his stellar hand usage here where he gets a strong hand into the WR’s inside shoulder disrupting his release and the timing of the route. He finishes by getting hip to hip with the WR and staying to his upfield shoulder giving no room for the throw.

Here you can see him dominate against an inside release by controlling the WR’s shoulders with his hands and using proper footwork to stay square to the LOS.

You can see his football IQ being used in this play because he sees there isn’t a #2 threat to his side of the field so he’s able to show off a tremendous jam without worrying about an immediate passing threat.

Ball Skills:

In this clip, he presses with his feet on the LOS, gets into the WR’s hip and makes a leaping play on the ball securing the “BAG” and showing off his playmaking ability.

In this play he gets stuck on his jam giving up a late inside release but works inside to get to the WR’s upfield shoulder and inside hip and swipes through the receiver’s hands getting a PBU.


He has a habit of taking a longer backpedal instead of keeping his feet underneath him which tends to result in him reaching back on his drive foot slowing his progression towards the football.

You can see his unnatural feel for off-man coverage here when he hop steps back and fumbles with his feet before being able to drive on the curl route.


Overall as a tackler Beal isn’t consistent on his ability wrap and use his leverage in run support. This is a rare time he shows proper comprehension of leverage by staying outside and diving at the runner’s outside thigh board and wrapping to bring him down.

Inconsistent in his technique you can see him dive trying to arm tackle instead of leading with the shoulder and wrapping through the thigh board.

Viable Options:




About The Author Brandon Robinson

Brandon Robinson is a Western Michigan graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in sport's management. He has experience in Arena Football Scouting. He has been a high school defensive coordinator the previous three years. He considers himself a "film nut" who is also deep in the analytics of the football world. His dedication and love to the sport of football is what sets him apart from others. After graduating from Lake Michigan Catholic high school at the top of his class, he went on to play at Adrian College. After medically retiring from the sport of football, he transferred to WMU and started coaching at his alma mater, LMC. In 2018, he took a defensive coordinator position with Benton Harbor High School. His previous scouting and coaching experience in arena football was with the Bloomington EDGE and Massachusetts Pirates.