Breaking Football covers every aspect of pro football, but we’re well aware we’re not the only ones. Every time we find a site that does it just as good or in a cool way, we’ll gladly point our readers in their direction.

Here you’ll find awesome websites that offer breaking news, fantasy advice, compile mocks, or have sweet software or tools we think you will find more than just a little useful:

Tiq IQ – The best place to get your NFL tickets online, Tiq IQ makes buying tickets to see your favorite team more transparent, efficient and flat out simpler.

Fantasy Pros – An innovative bunch, the folks at Fantasy Pros hold the fantasy expert accountable, while offering some of the most creative and useful fantasy tools in the industry.

IDP Guru – Need IDP advice? There isn’t a better place to go. Easily the most comprehensive guide to all things IDP.

The Huddle Report – Dedicated to the NFL Draft, the Huddle Report scouts the draft and offers the yearly mock draft accuracy competition.

Fantasy Football Calculator – Mock til you drop. From Average Draft Position to any type of fantasy football mock draft you can think of, FFC has the psyched fantasy fan ready to go all year long.

Apex Fantasy Leagues – Made for fantasy football fanatics, by fantasy football fanatics. Apex Fantasy Leagues caters to the fantasy enthusiast with competitive leagues, while also boasting some of the highest payouts online.

Walter Football – An exceptional collection of mock drafts, rankings and free agency tracking for the NFL, as well as mocks and rankings for all of the major sports.

The Fake Football – Fake Football, Real Advice. TFF offers yearly fantasy football advice, rankings and more – and all with a little style.

Fantasy News Network – Well put together fantasy football directory that also features in depth fantasy advice and analysis from various websites.

Eat Drink and Sleep Football – Backed by one of the top fantasy football experts in the industry, EDS offers excellent fantasy rankings and advice all season long.

NFL Mock Draft – Excellent NFL, NFL Draft and Fantasy Football directory with a litany of links, resources and past draft data.