How do you pick the perfect daily fantasy football lineup? Is it heavy up front, little in the back? Is it par all the way through? Do you stack teams, avoid teams, play matchups or play the most consistent players? Do you look for high-volume or high-upside? Do you look at Vegas’s totals and go from there? Do you start at the bottom and work your way up?

Whatever your preference is, you’ll always need that sneaky, cheap player to be your guardian angel.

Here are six sneaky DFS players that you should take low, so you can build your other roster spots heavy in week 8.

Sneaky DFS QB of the Week – Andy Dalton – Cincinnati (vs Indianapolis)

FanDuel – $7,600
DraftKings – $5,700

Listed as the 14th highest priced quarterback on FanDuel and the 18th on DraftKings. Andy Dalton is being overlooked against a poor Colts defense. Dalton performed atrociously in the first two games of the season. He’s then come to his own, putting up two touchdowns, in three of the last four games.

The Colts defense has let in a passing touchdown, every week this season. Coupled with five 300+ passing yard games and double digit fantasy points for opposing quarterbacks in every game of the season. The Colts defense is moving in the correct direction, especially when Malik Hooker was on the field. Now that he’s off the field for the season, I’ll be streaming any quarterback who opposes the Colts defense.

Sneaky DFS RB of the Week – Dion Lewis – New England (vs Los Angeles Chargers)

FanDuel – $5,400
DraftKings – $4,600

The Patriots have never given us a reason to believe we know anything about their backfield. A fluke last year had everyone, including me, buying in on the new comer, Mike Gillislee. Now his time in the backfield is being seen less than Nick Saban’s time with the Dolphins. The reason for the decline in playing time is partially because of the play from Dion Lewis.

Lewis saw a team lead in carries, 13, providing 76 yards on the ground. Lewis isn’t their pass catcher, but he is in the three man hunt for goal-line touches and has earned the pole position in this backfield.

The Chargers defense was the league’s worst heading into week 6. Then played Marshawn Lynch’s old, slow doppleganger. Showed him a coupon to Old Country Buffet and Lynch was not seen again in that game. Then the Chargers went to Denver, shutting them out. No passing attack from Siemian left the running backs, Anderson and Charles, to fend for themselves.

Now New England will have a very proficient passing attack, in Foxborough. To do so, the Patriots will need to establish a running game. Dion Lewis is now their primer back to do that. The Patriots running back is cheap this week against one of the league’s worst rushing defenses.

Sneaky WR1 of the Week – Josh Doctson – Washington (vs Dallas)

FanDuel – $5,200
DraftKings – $3,900

Doctson saw a season high in targets last week against Philadelphia, plus Pryor is just not contributing in this Washington offense. I think Cousin’s felt he needed to push the ball to Pryor often in relation to the money spent on im this offseason. Now that Pryor is said to be benched to start the game, maybe that’ll give Cousins more of a chance to spread the ball around.

This Cowboys secondary has been a disgrace this season. Opposing wide receivers have scored an immense amount of points so far against Dallas. In a big divisional game that could see a high amount of points, I’ll be expecting Cousins to be throwing all over this defense. I do not foresee Pryor coming alive here, rather, Doctson hitting his full stride and breaking out for a sneaky, huge game.

Sneaky WR2 of the Week – Juju Smith-Schuster – Pittsburgh (@ Detroit)

FanDuel – $5,500
DraftKings – $4,000

Martavis Bryant and Juju Smith-Schuster were going to work, side-by-side, opposite of the most electric wide receiver in the game. Smith-Schuster, a rookie, thought this will be perfect as long as I’m playing in the sport I love. Bryant thought, just as long as I get all the targets. After a few weeks it was imminent that Bryant was playing third fiddle on this offense. After a demand of a trade, Bryant caught one pass the following week.

Smith-Schuster has done everything he’s been asked of and is showing why he was getting a lot of attention during rookie camp and on. He’s scored three touchdowns this season and three double-digit fantasy games.

One of the best cornerbacks in the game, Darius Slay a.k.a. Big Play Slay, will be covering Brown all game. Roethlisberger will still throw the ball in Brown’s direction, but it will not be easy and will be heart-stopping every time. So I will expect Big Ben to look else where, often. That means Juju’s targets are about to double.

This might be a tough defense, but WR2s have chances against this defense, so I’ll be hesitant to put an expensive AB in my lineup, but will be buying in on a cheap Juju Smith-Schuster.

Sneaky TE of the Week – Nick O’Leary – Buffalo (vs Oakland)

FanDuel – $4,900
DraftKings – $3,100

Thank you Tyrod Taylor for giving us streaming tight ends, hen we don’t want to believe that can be. Charles Clay had a few whispers coming into the season, then he blew up. Got on everyone’s pick-up board. Injuries came and went, leaving Nick O’Leary the top standing tight end. Without any receivers showing they know how to catch, Taylor has relied heavily on his tight end group.

O’Leary is averaging 3.5 receptions for 56 yards in his last two games. Now going against an Oakland defense, who’s let up double-digit fantasy points to tight ends in four of their last five games.

This game should combine to reach 50+ points, and I fully expect both tight ends, from both sides to be heavily involved. Cook being a little more expensive, drop down to O’Leary and get some riches in the more expensive categories.

Sneaky D/ST of the Week – New York Jets (vs Atlanta)

FanDuel – $4,300
DraftKings – $2,200

That’s correct! The New York Jets defense going against the reigning NFC Champion, Atlanta Falcons, is a sneaky and good defense to play this week in DFS. If you’re still living under a rock since the third quarter of the Super Bowl, let me catch you up on this NFL season. The Falcons offense is breaking down without Kyle Shanahan, like a preteen who’s lost her first love.

It’s embarrassing to watch Matt Ryan throw six interceptions in three games and score one touchdown against the league’s worst pass defense. But, it’s an old tale, one I’ve ready many times. Matt Ryan is who we thought he was. A disciple of the Shanahan offense. Alone and on an island without it.

The Jets defense has begun to form into a Todd Bowles defense. With at least one interception in five straight games and at least one sack in four of those five games. On a team that should be far in the cellar, they’re still fighting for a playoff spot. So, at home, the Jets will come out blazing. Attacking Matt Ryan and showing no mercy. All at a very cheap defensive price.

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