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Really quickly, here’s the list of the Buy Lows and Sell Highs before Week 9, as they were targets for the ROS, not necessarily immediate success. Buy Lows Included:

  • Tossers: Drew Brees, Joe Flacco
  • Runners: Alex Collins, Aaron Jones, David Johnson
  • Catchers: Amari Cooper, John Brown, Michael Thomas, David Njoku

To put it simply, I’m still very high on all of these players, with the exception being Flacco due to health. In his stead, I nominate Lamar Jackson as a possible “playoff king” who could easily carry teams to titles should he get the starting opportunity. That slate is still super soft, and his running ability provides for an awesome floor.

Buy Lows Based on Trade Deadline / Recent Play

  • Kenny Golladay didn’t do it right in the first week without Golden Tate, but he put up quality numbers this week. The same goes for Marvin Jones Jr.
  • Did you get a Rams WR last week? You should still try to go out and get Woods or Cooks, both of whom benefit from Kupp’s injury. They’ll still be schemed open and should each see a few additional red zone looks with Kupp not playing. Josh Reynolds wasn’t picked up in nearly enough leagues on Waiver Wednesday morning, so check for him, as well.
  • Cam Newton is going to slay to finish the season… and he started already.

The Sells:

  • Tarik Cohen finally put up a dud. Hope you got a volume back for him. His week this past week was okay, thanks to the score.
  • Eric Ebron was a miss, but he is still being outsnapped 2-1 by Jack Doyle since his return. Get Doyle if you can.
  • Deshaun Watson is an enigma. I have him and Trubisky in a pair of leagues and I keep splitting the decision.

I’m Buying the Half a Blue Wave and These Guys:

Aaron Jones was mentioned last week, but he’s being brought up again thanks to the Weeks 13-14 for those players on the fringe of playoffs and who won’t have that coveted first round bye. He gets Arizona and Atlanta in these two pivotal weeks, and I could see him finishing both weeks in the top 10 for RBs.

Rashaad Penny was trusted with a few opportunities last week, scoring a pair of touchdowns, and giving the Penny truthers a few more cents in their argument. Penny does have first-round pedigree, and the Seahawks absolutely run the ball a ton. Add in the fact that he sees the KC Chiefs (worst in the league) in Championship week 16, and we’re talking about a cheap, possible league winner.

Devin Funchess wasn’t mentioned last week, but he deserves to be in the conversation for best schedule remaining. His weeks 13-16 are all against bottom-9 teams, and he gets NO & ATL (both bottom 3) in weeks 15 & 16. He will absolutely have the match-ups in his favor to win championships for his owners.

Corey Davis just showed us why trusting volume and opportunity pans out in the long run. He’s definitely had a difficult run of it, but he’s top 7 in target share and he continues to see big air yards and red zone looks. For teams that don’t have a lot of pieces to sell, consider targeting Davis as your WR2 for the rest of this season. That said, he gets Jalen Ramsey, Malcolm Jenkins, and Josh Norman during your playoff push, so it’s a 50/50 toss up here.

Emmanuel Sanders has a nice slate, with weeks 12-16 featuring five teams in the bottom half against WRs. He’s also been a solid and trusty option with Case Keenum all season, so you know the rapport and skill is there. Tack on the fact that he had his bye week last week and all of a sudden his season rank has dropped into the purchasable zone.

Nick Chubb doesn’t have the same glaringly-open look, but he gets Carolina, Denver, and Cincinnati in weeks 14-16. On the surface, these teams aren’t giving up huge RB numbers, but both Cincy and Denver are in the bottom seven for rushing yards allowed. In the past four weeks, no one has more rushing yards than Nick Chubb. And his legs are fresher than most backs, as he had six weeks to play second fiddle to Carlos Hyde. Go get Nick Chubb.

Larry Fitzgerald is a cheap option for those who both need to get into the playoffs, and then need a WR2 / Flex play when they get there. Fitz gets the Packers in week 13, who are notoriously poor against the slot (bottom six again this year). Then he gets DET, ATL, and LAR, none of which are in the top half against the slot. Throw in the OC shift to Leftwich, and whew…

One final player acquisition note – look for owners who might have dropped Stephen Gostkowski or the Patriots D/ST. Gostkowski is again in the top five of kickers (though he may fall out of that mark on his bye this week), and the Pats D/ST gets the Jets, Dolphins, and Bills in weeks 12, 14, & 16. You might need to find a week 15 sub along the lines of Hou v. NYJ, Det v. Buf, or Bal v. TB. All likely on waivers, as well.

Everyone has a Price

Lastly – before I sign off, I have to put in my two cents on Le’Veon Bell. I’m not sure I’ve had him on the list at any point in time this season, but I had personally sent out quite a few trades for him. Here, in chronological order, are the offers I sent out, with dates:

  • 9/18 – Bell for Lynch, Agholor — In hindsight, this wouldn’t have been good for either side, but Lynch was a 3rd round pick who had scored double-digits in the first three weeks of the season and Agholor was a top 20 WR at the time (pre-Alshon return).
  • 9/18 – Bell for Lynch, Lindsay — Even with Lynch’s injury, this still would have been a win for the Bell owner.
  • 9/20 – Bell for Hilton, John Brown, OJ Howard – What a haul that could have been.
  • 9/20 – Bell for LeSean McCoy, Lindsay
  • 10/2 – Bell for Hilton, Yeldon — In this PPR league, Yeldon would put up 68 points in the next four games.
  • 10/10 – Bell for Phillip Lindsay (Offered this in two separate leagues). Lindsay is now a top 20 RB. What a trade that could have been!
  • 11/9 – Bell for TJ Yeldon straight up
  • 11/10 – Bell for Hilton — Yes, I was still all in on that “Farewell, Miami” tweet.

Ultimately, none of the Bell owners ever accepted a trade offer for their first-round pick and all but one sit on the outside looking in at the playoffs. I might have been too, had someone simply manned up and traded away a bad investment, even if it was for a fraction of what he cost on draft day.

You must remember, every player has a price.

As always, go tell your friends… or don’t.

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