In a week filled with key teams on byes (Packers, Steelers, Raiders, & Seahawks) the trade may be your best route for filling out your lineup or improving your depth. If you’re doing well, trading for stars on a bye always comes at a slight discount. Look for the 2-4 owner with Antonio Brown or Aaron Rodgers and float the idea out there. You will obviously need to give up solid pieces, but you could get the single best player in the trade this way.

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Before we dive into the targets this week, let’s take a quick look at my takes from last week:

Last Week’s Buy Low List:

  • Doug Baldwin – Still buying. See Below.
  • Patrick Mahomes – You didn’t need me to tell you he was good. Your eyes can tell you as much. However, last week was probably the last chance to buy him this year. I highly doubt anyone will be selling Patty the rest of the year.
  • Corey Clement – Smallwood earned more touches: 19 to 14, though he only averaged 2.68 yards per touch to Clement’s 4.92. Corey also found the end zone. I still like Clement as the best back to own, both PPR and standard for the rest of the season (ROS).
  • Jordan Reed – a slow day after the bye, but he led the team in targets and catches. Better results are coming for Reed.
  • Quincy Enunwa – Injured and droppable in all formats.
  • Antonio Callaway – His hands are as bad as Eric Ebron’s were last season. He only caught 2 of 10 targets. That said, the team has virtually no one else at WR, so the opportunity should continue.
  • Gronk – He barely made the top 12 again this week, but he was involved when it counted. He’ll win leagues in December.

And the Sell High List:

  • Demaryius Thomas – His selling window is still open after a nice, 3-catch, 57 yard day that included a touchdown. However, he was tied with 2 others with only 4 targets, and 3 teammates had more. He’s not the focal point of this offense anymore. Sell while you can.
  • Isaiah Crowell – 13 carries, 40 yards, 2 catches, 12 yards. This is what we expect from Crowell in the majority of his remaining games.
  • Kenyan Drake – A key goal line fumble almost lost the Dolphins their week 6 matchup, but that shouldn’t impact Drake’s role. He did tie his season-high in touches, so perhaps this is more than just noise. I wouldn’t be selling after this week, unless the price is right.

I’m Buying Cotton Candy Grapes and these Guys:

Doug Baldwin stays on the list. The Seahawks schedule certainly opens up these next few weeks. Russell Wilson will be forced to throw the ball around, and Baldwin will benefit most as he continues to work his way back to 100%.

Stefon Diggs was shadowed by Patrick Peterson on 60% of his Week 6 routes. Combine that with Adam Thielen’s absolutely historic start, and you’ve got some panicky Diggs owners. Don’t sweat the short-term, Diggs is a top 24 WR season long.

DeShaun Watson was a big-time loser from my roundup. However, Watson makes the Buy Low list after costing his owners big time (myself included, twice). Prior to the disappointing Week 6, Watson had thrown for over 300 yards in 4 of the previous 5 games. His WR corps is fine, and he should get a better backfield mate in D’Onta Foreman. I’m buying.

It was a tough week for Cleveland wide outs, as both Jarvis Landry and Callaway combined for 19 targets but just 4 catches and 20 total yards. Yikes. That said, Landry and the Browns see matchups on the near horizon against TB, Pit, KC, & Atlanta. That’s four games that should have point totals in the high 40s / low 50s. Buy now before the offensive onslaught comes for the Brownies.

Back-to-back down weeks for the young Rams WR open a small buy low window for Brandin Cooks. Cooks’ value will also see a short-term bump should you snag him as Cooper Kupp recovers from his MCL strain, but you need not mention that to his current owner.

I always want guys with passion, and Odell Beckham Jr. is one of those types. I sense a huge week coming for the disgruntled diva. And his down week and poor press might be enough for a dumb owner to part ways with their former first round pick. It will cost you an arm and a leg, but it will be worth it.

Oh yeah, and Gronk. Always buy Gronk.

I’m Selling a junky Old Rav4 and these Jamokes:

I have a feeling Rashaad Penny will be the back to own from weeks 10-17, give or take, which makes Chris Carson the big sell in that backfield. Carson doesn’t appear to be capable of holding this job despite a nice 4.20 yard average last week. Penny carried 9 times for an average of 4.77 yards, and caught both targets for 27 yards. The rookie will get his. Sell Carson while you can.

If you can find an optimistic owner who believes Amari Cooper will be traded and then miraculously featured as a focal point in the offense, jump on that chance. I want nothing to do with the frustrating 24-year-old receiver. I could be totally wrong on this by end of season, but I’ve been burned by Cooper too many times in the past few years to really trust him on a fantasy playoff team.

Jordy Nelson, Cooper’s receiving counterpart, was coming off a three-week stretch of strong startability. But in Week 6, we saw a return from the heavens. I simply want nothing to do with the Raiders, outside of Marshawn Lynch, and I’m selling Nelson where I can. He does have more value in a non-PPR league, as he’s shown for nearly a decade that he can find open spots in the end zone.

Plus one Very Interesting Chip to Hold

Tarik Cohen was a draft day darling, an early week bummer and drop candidate, then a waiver wire add for many after his bye week, and now after a second consecutive big game, he could be flipped for a starting caliber player now… or a high-volume player should he ball out once more next week. His versatility is awesome, but it will lead to the boom/bust style of scoring I try to avoid – as evidenced by just 12 touches this past week. We hope he can maximize them again this week, which would further prop up his value for an even bigger selling opportunity next week! Sell if you need parts now or hold for a potential lottery ticket… which means you’ll have to read again next week to figure out what to do.

As always, go tell your friends… or don’t.

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