The leaves are changing from their vibrant green to a plethora of beautiful colors. The black, blue, red and yellow face paint has been purchased. The beer hats are being dusted off and the 9 month old, half drunk beer, that remains in that hat is being poured out for the ones we lost over the off-season. The 10 year-old jersey of the player who was traded 8 years ago, that boasts about it’s mustard stain and burn hole is being pulled out of the closet. The smell of brats, wings and beer crowd every inch of your nose.

That means one thing. It’s time for another season of the National Football League. Which to me, means one more thing. It’s time for another fascinating series of Add/Drop. Every week from here on out I will be posting the top 4 players to add and the top 3 players to drop. Any player who makes the list will not be returning. It’s a one and done series. If you were paying attention last season or if you are new to the Add/Drop series, here are some of the highlights of 2017:

#3 Nelson Agholor – Week 1
#5 Devin Funchess – Week 3
#5 Alex Collins – Week 4
#3 Will Fuller – Week 5
#1 Deshaun Watson – Week 6
#2 Dion Lewis – Week 7
#2 Juju Smith-Schuster – Week 8
#4 Kenyan Drake – Week 9
#2 Robert Woods – Week 10
#1 Rex Burkhead – Week 11
#2 Ricky Seals-Jones – Week 13
#3 Peyton Barber – Week 14

So there is no sense in wasting time. I’m not going to start my predictions after all 32 teams played. That just isn’t who I am.

So here’s my top 4 Adds before the season even starts. I will be leaving my 3 drops out of this article. Starting next week I will start to add my top 3 Drops. Remember anyone you see on this list will never be on here again. So get them now.

Preseasons Top Adds

#1 – James Conner – RB – Pittsburgh Steelers: Prolific running back for the Steelers has just announced he will not be there for the week one matchup against the Cleveland Browns. That means it’ll be the James Conner show to start week 1. Conner showed great running abilities in the preseason, averaging 5.3 yards per carry. Rushing for 100 yards on 19 attempts and a touchdown. Maybe that’s the exact stat line he puts up against the Browns in week 1. If he’s still available in your league, go get him.

#2 – Tre’Quan Smith – WR – New Orleans Saints: Getting to the early stages of fantasy this summer lead to a lot of people get very romantic about the possibilities of Meredith and Brees. But once Summer started winding down, there was a shift in the fantasy football community. After Smith finished the preseason with 189 yards on 15 targets, both team leading, you can sense a particular air around this kid. Brees won’t hesitate to put the ball in Smith’s hands if he continues to impress. It’ll be a great season for the entire Saints roster and I would be stashing Smith right now.

#3 – Cole Beasley – WR – Dallas Cowboys: Jason Witten, gone. Dez Bryant, gone. Incoming, Allen Hurns and Michael Gallup. As I do like both of these guys in fantasy this season, it’s quite nerve-racking to have either. The tight ends look like they won’t be coming through big on the pass catching side. So that leaves just one man for the bail throws and the short yardage targets. Enter Cole Beasley. He’s got rapport with Prescott and he’s going to be a PPR monster. He’s being extremely underlooked and if you have Wentz on your team and plan to put him on the IR. Grab someone who could easily catch 8 balls, 65 yards and 2 touchdowns week one. If that’s the case watch out for Beasley to be a star all season.

#4 – Ricky Seals-Jones – TE – Arizona Cardinals: Seriously, how is he not on a team in every league. Sam Bradford is his starting Quarterback and the guy can’t throw farther then wherever RSJ is. I love Larry Fitzgerald, but he can’t catch every pass. The Cardinals will also, more than likely, be down in a lot of games this season. That means a great amount of garbage points for the receivers and tight ends in Arizona. Pick him up if you’re applying the streamer tight end role in 2017.

About The Author Nick Faber

Nick is an avid fantasy footballer and avid sports follower from Detroit, Michigan. He hosts the Ten in the Head video podcast which can be found at