Hello again! Sorry I’ve been away for a little bit; got my own season to get ready for! I have been keeping up with our league of course and there is lots going on. Manziel’s first start was awful, Mike Reilly got it done against that Saskatchewan defense, McLeod Bethel-Thompson is kind of good and Calgary is still number 1. But… new week with less games: one for each night. Should be a doozy folks! We don’t care about the NFL preseason! We got CFL regular season!

Edmonton Eskimos vs. British Columbia Lions, Thursday (8/9), 10 PM ET, ESPN2, Lions Defense

In Week 3, when these teams first met, Edmonton had one of their slow starts while BC and Jonathon Jennings jumped to a 14-2 early lead. Then the Esks got going and lead at the half 17-14.

Then the Lord called upon his archangel Michael Reilly to lead the Eskimos to rout the Lions 41-22.

But this is a new BC Lions.

No JJ. Lulay.

And while they are still struggling, they lost to a clutch Redblacks team in the last minute and they were close to a comeback vs. the world beating Stampeders. So there is a chance that the Lions uproot the Esks.

But Eskimos are getting some key pieces on defense healthy with DL Mike Moore and DB Forrest Hightower returning this week. Not to mention the Eskimos have a dynamite offense. Plus RB CJ Gable has no backup so expect Reilly to sling it all over the yard. It will be very fun to see these 2 DLs and offenses get after it.

Pick: Eskimos

Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Friday (8/10), 8:30 PM ET, ESPN+, Masoli

Another Week 3 rematch with a team that had a different QB.

Week 3: Masoli and the Ti-Cats of rookie Chris Streveler and kept him check while cruising to a win. (Never forget Chris Streveler dropping the F bomb on live TV.)

But… Matt Nichols is back. And he’s propelled the Blue Bombers offense to outer space. So has the playcalling of feeding Andrew Harris.

Hamilton’s defense is good enough to get stops; Masoli just has to stop throwing picks. 7 TDs and 8 picks is ridiculous. That’s worse than what I do on Madden franchises.

Every week I say Masoli needs to be efficient and every week he shows that he needs to improve on it. Throwing for a lot of yards is great but points win games. (Obviously Trent Dilfer.)

Masoli just needs to throw more TDs and less INTs! It’s that easy! (I know it isn’t). The East is wide open for Hamilton; if they get on a roll.

Pick: Winnipeg

Montreal Alouettes vs.  Ottawa Redblacks, Saturday, (8/11), 8 PM ET, ESPN+, Manziel

Ahhh yes! My favorite part of CFL analysis: MANZIEL LIBEL!!!!

We all know he was awful, we all know he had four days to prepare for his first football start in 2 years. That’s fine and dandy. This week he gets no excuse. Montreal has put all of the weapons and offensive line in place for Manziel to succeed. They need this to work and so does Manziel. It’s a match made in heaven. And a great movie plot.

The girl who has dated nothing but bums and the guy who has spent most of his singlehood being a bed jumping career man. Until he finds the girl that is so desperate for love as he is. Ahhhhh I can see the awards now!

But back on topic, the Als have their whole season riding on Manziel. I hope Manzeil and everyone else got a reality check and realized the CFL is only a couple notches below the NFL.

Trevor Harris and his weapons are coming along with that Redblacks defense. The Als OL better hold up or Manziel will be running for his life again.

Pick: Ottawa

It’s a busy time in my life right now but I will try my best to have some highlights on my Twitter feed!


About The Author P.J. Green

P.J. Green is a student-athlete and junior at Tusculum College. Green is an aspiring football coach/scout/player/media personality. Green has big goals but always wants football to be in his life no matter what. Please come at P.J. for funny hot takes.