What is good minions? Another week down, another week of games over with. After 2 duds in the first couple of games, Saturday’s doubleheader was a beautiful masterpiece of defensive blitzkrieg and offensive creation. The season keeps going, and we keep getting closer to the post-season week by week. It’s still early though, so let’s talk about Week 7.

Calgary is still KING 

People ask me if Calgary is my favorite CFL team.

Well…. I guess you could say that.

But this team is so good I just have to gush over them constantly.

Calgary jumped out to a 24-0 lead in the 1st quarter and cruised to the W. That doesn’t mean that Riders didn’t put up a fight, though.

Let me get off my Calgary rant for a moment just to say that Tobi Antigha for Saskatchewan is an athletic marvel. He has played DE, LB, and on the play above played safety to drop into the zone and take his INT to the house. And he played WR in college! Antigha is the perfect chess piece for Chris Jones — and he recognizes that.

Calgary can for sure go undefeated but that’s why teams play all 18 games. The more the Stamps win, the hungrier teams will be to give them that first L. But for now, Stampeders reign supreme.

And you know darn well if the Stamps don’t make it back to the Grey Cup I will bring this picture back up.

Hamilton. Can’t. Close.

It’s happened in almost every L for Hamilton. The game is in their hands; all they have to do is score and/or hold on to their slim lead — but nope — they either can’t hold em or can’t score.

Ottawa beat Hamilton on 7 FGs. 7 FGs!!! Ottawa didn’t even need their offense to do anything!!

I’m sure Derek Taylor of TSN has a stat for points being left on the field. If Hamilton isn’t number one, they have to be in the top 3. On the flip side, I have say that these 2 defenses performed better than I thought they would.

On offense, Hamilton’s new additions didn’t make much of an impact besides Chris Williams’s 2 catches and one drop. Jalen Saunders went off though.

Masoli is a really good QB, but if he wants to be in the “Elite Club” with Mike Reilly and Bo Levi, he’s going to need to score some TDs to go with those yards. And come through in clutch moments.

If he doesn’t he’ll be stuck in QB purgatory. Might as well show the only TD in the game.

Grey Cup Champs Look Turrble

Only one thing to describe Toronto’s season so far:

Wow so all of Toronto is doo doo, huh? Cursed sports town!

But in all seriousness, Toronto has had their moments but overall their season has not been good. From the loss of Ricky Ray, to the solid — yet not enough — performance of James Franklin, to the letdown of their whole team. And they just recently traded their best DB in TJ Heath.

Winnipeg is offensive dynamite and they have the defense to match. After getting blown out the first game, Toronto played worse in their rematch with Winnipeg. Now, McLeod Bethel-Thompson will replace Franklin.

Toronto needs answers of some kind since they are still in the race to compete for the East division.

Montreal w/o QB = Bad; Montreal with QB = Bad

Vernon Adams Jr. doesn’t play defense. QB can’t stop Mike Reilly from throwing 4 TDs. QB can’t stop Duke Williams, either. And neither can Montreal, for that matter.

It certainly doesn’t help that Adams, Jr. was under pressure all game and that WRs dropped 2 potential TDs. Johnny Manziel looks like he’s gonna start this week, so that new starting OL unit better gel quickly or Manziel will be running for his life like Adams, Jr.

Pass Rushes of the Week

My favorite part of the takeaways: the pass rush!! It seems like the best pass rushers in the CFL are 26 and up, but there are some young bulls that are flashing the tools to be the next generation of pass rush legends, replacing legends like John Bowman, Odell Willis, and Charleston Hughes.

Kwaku Boateng, Michael Wakefield, Avery Ellis, and James Vaughters are among the new generation and they’re showing it now. But Hughes still leads the league in pressures and sacks (8), and here’s why:

Hughes is “undersized” for a pass rusher, but he uses that size to his advantage. He can easily get under big OTs, and he uses his body control to lean on the OT after the rip and come around for the sack. He’s been doing it for years and he hasn’t been stopped yet.


Big Ted Laurent! Pushes the C and the OG back at the same time! The man is strong and he shows it here. Laurent has been a staple in the middle of the Hamilton defense for years and he continues to produce.

Calgary just keeps showing up. This is Folarin Orimalade’s 2nd game of the season — and of his CFL career — but he wants more snaps. Pass rushers usually extend their arms on the bull rush so that they aren’t held by OL, but Orimalade just uses his momentum and barrels into the OT and gets the sack late in the game for Calgary. Now I see why his nickname was “The Sack Artist” at Dartmouth. And I see why the Rams picked him up for training camp last year. Calgary’s defense just continues to shine from the first string to the practice squad.

What a week it has been! More CFL action awaits! Stay tuned for another edition of PJ’s Place, minions!

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P.J. Green is a student-athlete and junior at Tusculum College. Green is an aspiring football coach/scout/player/media personality. Green has big goals but always wants football to be in his life no matter what. Please come at P.J. for funny hot takes.