Hola, coma estas? They speak Spanish in Canada too, eh? That’s right! What up minions, Week 6 is upon as the season rolls on and games start to matter more and more. We’re getting close to the middle of the season and teams are setting the course for the rest of their season during these next few weeks. The West looks like the better side right now, but there is still a long season ahead. For now, let’s focus on Week 6 in PJ’s Place.

Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Thursday, 7:30 PM ET, ESPN+, Rider Offense

After the Rider’s upset of the Ti-Cats in Week 4, both teams went on a bye week and regrouped. The Riders aren’t doing too well according to HC Chris Jones (all quotes are from here https://leaderpost.com/sports/football/cfl/saskatchewan-roughriders/frustration-evident-with-saskatchewan-roughriders-practice-habits) .

“We’re not in any position where we’re good enough to just to take them off the practice field,” Jones said. “We’ve got to line up and throw and catch and know our blocking assignments.”

Even 11-year vet OL Brendon LaBatte is fed up. “This is professional football. If you don’t do your job, you’re going to not have a job. To go out there and not even come to practice with the intent of getting better, I don’t understand it. That’s kind of where we’re at. We’ve got some guys who are kind of easing into it and have not fully bought in yet.”

Woooo that does not sound good for the Riders who still don’t have a QB1. Last game they rotated QBs and leaned on the defense; I expect the same this week.

Hamilton did fairly well despite Masoli being under pressure all game. Had it not been for the strip sack at the end of the second quarter, and the game winning drive for Saskatchewan we could be looking at a totally different game. But we’re not; they lost.

I know that June Jones and co. have studied that game all week and have a plan for attacking that ferocious Chris Jones defense.

It doesn’t sound like the Riders are any closer to being smooth sailing on offense, so this game looks to be a hell of a ride again.

Pick: Hamilton

BC Lions vs. Ottawa Redblacks, Friday, 7:30 PM ET, ESPN+, QBs

BC, BC. The Lions are riding high after their comeback victory vs. Winnipeg last year. Travis Lulay is back at the head of this team and all is good on the offense despite RB Jeremiah Johnson being sidelined and Brandon Rutley taking over for him. The defense will be hurting for a while since head-hunting LB Solomon Elimimian has been placed on the 6-game injured list.  Second year LB Jordan Herdman will try to fill the void for the CFL’s all-time leader in tackles per game as they go against one of the best RBs in the game in William Powell.

Trevor Harris is coming off of another embarrassing performance to the Stamps, as they knocked him around all game again and was replaced at the end of the game for the second game in a row. While Calgary is dominating early in the season, you would expect a good QB to step up to the challenge of playing a really good defense; Harris has not done that.

He’ll look to bounce back against the Lions but if he doesn’t, the fans will be calling for his head.

Pick: Ottawa

Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Toronto Argonauts, Saturday, 4 PM ET, ESPN+, Running Game

Two teams coming off two close Ls. Winnipeg let BC hang around and take advantage of missteps while Toronto just battled all game and lost.

I expect both teams to try to get their running games going early. They feature two of the best RBs in the game with Andrew Harris and James Wilder, Jr. who both boast exceptional pass catching ability along with their dynamic running style.

James Franklin has looked very good in his first two starts vs. Edmonton but he Winnipeg will give him a little more pressure than Edmonton did. Matt Nichols also played well in his first two starts but he caught a bit of the lemon booty vs. BC and couldn’t help Winnipeg secure the W. With both teams having three losses and placing low in their divisions, expect this game to be a scrap fight.

Pick: Toronto

Montreal Alouettes vs. Calgary Stampeders, Saturday, 9 PM, ESPN2, Montreal’s Willpower

Lord, do I really need to talk about this game? I guess I have to.

Since Montreal’s OL is so bad, they got Drew Willy knocked out, then they got a potential QB of the future in Jeff Mathews knocked out for 4-6 weeks.

And, Tyrell Sutton is out.

Plus Calgary has been ferocious in their first 4 games.

But who knows; Montreal may surprise everyone and pull of an upset.

Image result for dumb and dumber there's a chance

Pick: Calgary

Enjoy the games minions! And as always, you can scour my Twitter feed for highlights.

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