Welcome back to PJ’s Place, minions! Sorry these are a little late; been getting a little busy lately! But I always have time for my favorite country and favorite kind of football! Week 4 added all the elements of excitement plus a little drama. Let’s check out some of the story-lines coming out of Week 4!

You can win with 2 QBs?

The old saying goes “If you have 2 QBs, you don’t have one,” but Chris Jones sees 2 QBs as having 2 obviously! While Watford primarily ran the ball and Bridge primarily threw the ball, they made enough plays to win the game. Like this amazing catch by Joshua Stanford.

Most of the thanks needs to go to the defense though. While Masoli still threw for over 300 yards for the 9th consecutive game, he was not very efficient. 23 for 43 with 1 interception isn’t the best way to win the game. Chris Jones had Masoli out of the pocket all night with his jailbreak blitzes and 2 sacks. Charleston Hughes’s sack, strip and score was the one play that kept Saskatchewan from getting blown out again.

And even Duron Carter had a decent game. Chris Jones only looks like a genius if he wins but he can’t keep this up forever. One QB is going to have to emerge or this Riders offense will keep leaning on the defense and hope its back doesn’t break.

Toronto is in good hands

What did I tell ya? James Franklin is a good QB.


21 carries, 120 yards with a TD on top. With Wilder Jr. and a stingy defense to lean on, Franklin was able to help Toronto jump to a 12-1 lead in the first quarter and lead a game-winning drive late in the fourth quarter. Edmonton also had way too many missed opportunities and penalties that killed drives. They’re definitely gonna look to clean that stuff up. Week 5 rematch should be a good one. Also, corner routes are undefeated.

Matt Nichols is BYKE


16/29, 162 yards and a TD. Not spectacular numbers in his debut but he didn’t need to do much with a defense that held Jonathon Jennings to 105 yards passing and 2 picks.

And Adam Bighill really did it to his old squad.

You ain’t have to do em like that Adam! It was a straight beatdown of BC for the 2nd game in a row. The Wally Buono farewell tour isn’t going so well after 3 games and it leaves BC looking at a change at QB.

New Helmet. Same Montreal

I’ve been waiting for a Brad Sinopoli game and he finally gave me one.

11 catches, 148 yards and that TD. Have a game Sinopoli! The 2015 Most Outstanding Canadian was on fire against Montreal which comes as no surprise since Montreal has given up the most points in the league. And it also doesn’t hurt to have William Powell breaking his own ankles.

138 yards on 23 carries and William Powell is easily the most exciting RB in the league.

Jeff Mathews made the start for Montreal and had a good game despite enduring the beating that Drew Willy has been taking the first few games.

18/30, 280 yards and 1 TD. This is the QB that Montreal must protect if they want to even compete this year.

CFL Onside Kick

Let’s run through this real quick. According to CFL rule book, Article 9 – Recovery Of Own Kick:

“The kicker or an onside player may recover the kick across the line of scrimmage, in which case the ensuing down shall be first down whether or not the original yardage has been gained.”

So in this case, it can be 3rd and 54 and as long the kicking team recovers the ball past the line of scrimmage, the kicking team gets a 1st down. In Edmonton’s case, their player was the last player to touch the ball before it went out of bounds so they recover the ball for the first down.

This is the CFL folks! Home of the 2 and out and onside kicks for 1st downs! EMBRACE IT, LOVE IT, MARRY IT!

And here are some highlights of the week.

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