After all the jibber-jabber, after all the hullabaloo, after all the hype and talking, it has finally happened. Johnny Football is coming to your TV screens this Friday night vs. the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

The move comes after the Als made several moves over the past few weeks to acquire Manziel along with OL Landon Rice & Tony Washington, WR Adarius Bowman, and DB TJ Heath. The Als are ready to push for the East now. They maybe 1-5, but the Ti-Cats are 2-4; a W for Montreal means 2nd place in the East as the playoff race heats up.

Manziel has only played in the preseason when he was with Hamilton; this game will be Manziel’s first taste of regular season CFL football. And it comes against Hamilton’s stiff defense.

Although Manziel may not be the best QB on the roster, this Montreal offense needs a spark badly. The Als are ranked dead last in total points, possession time, and rushing yards. Not to mention that Montreal has allowed the most sacks in the league, which has injured 2 of their QBs in Drew Willy and Jeff Mathews. Manziel can run, but he better know how to run behind this OL.

Now that the facts are out of the way…

I’m glad Manziel is getting his chance and I hope his redemption tour goes well. But good Lord this hype has been killing me. Every week that Hamilton has been on TV it’s “so when’s Johnny coming in”, until they saw that Masoli is a baller. Even after he got traded and Adams Jr. got the first start it’s “they need to get a package for Johnny to get a few snaps under his belt”. Johnny can’t make WRs catch footballs; Johnny can’t make the defense any better.

So I’m very excited, as we all are, to see Johnny finally start since his times with the Browns. Either he lives up to the hype, or his career ends in Canada.


About The Author P.J. Green

P.J. Green is a student-athlete and junior at Tusculum College. Green is an aspiring football coach/scout/player/media personality. Green has big goals but always wants football to be in his life no matter what. Please come at P.J. for funny hot takes.