As football season gets closer, so do fantasy football drafts. Every player has high hopes for the upcoming season and every year, there are several fantasy busts. To win your fantasy football league, you need to steer clear of drafting busts with your draft picks. Here are 8 draft busts to avoid drafting in your fantasy draft this year.

Tyreek Hill 

Speed kills and Tyreek Hill has plenty of it, however, he might end up killing your fantasy season as well. Hill has been a very dynamic receiver since entering the league, but his fantasy expectations should be lowered this year. Alex Smith is gone and even though Patrick Mahomes has some high potential, we have only seen him play one game and there will certainly be some growing pains in his first season as the starter. Also, the addition of Sammy Watkins will take away some of those deep balls that Hill makes a living off of. Hill only had four red zone targets inside the 20-yard line and zero targets when inside the 10-yard line, meaning you are going to have to rely on that deep ball touchdown to get your money’s worth. Hill is currently being taken in the third round of fantasy drafts and that is a little too high for a receiver who relies on long touchdowns and with a new young QB.

LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy is going to turn 30 this season and with an underwhelming supporting cast, it can be a down year for Shady. Without the rushing threat that Tyrod Taylor brought to the Bills offense, defenses will be able to hone in on stopping McCoy and force the Bills to move the ball through the air. On top of all this, McCoy is being investigated for a domestic violence incident with an ex-girlfriend and could face suspension if found guilty of any charges. McCoy is being drafted as a low-end RB1, but I would say he has one of the highest bust potentials for a running back being drafted this high.

Jay Ajayi

It’s not that I don’t like Ajayi as a player this year but from a fantasy football perspective, I would rather pass. The Eagles are the best team at rotating their running backs. They prefer to have a running back by committee approach and that will hurt Ajayi in fantasy football. With Darren Sproles coming back for one last season and the emergence of Corey Clement, Ajayi will rarely have the opportunity to be a pass catcher out of the backfield. While I could still see Ajayi being the Eagles primary goal-line back and scoring 10 plus touchdowns, it is better to play it safe in the early rounds than to rely on someone who needs to score a lot of touchdowns to give you value.

Kelvin Benjamin 

Many football fans have this weird love connection to Kelvin Benjamin. Maybe it’s because he is a former first-round pick and had a great rookie season? Or maybe it is because he caught the game-winning touchdown in the National Championship game in college? Whatever it is, it needs to stop. Benjamin was not that impressive last year and when he was shipped to Buffalo things only got worse as he posted only 206 yards and one touchdown in six games with the Bills. Even though Benjamin is the clear number one receiver in Buffalo, a shaky quarterback situation gives him a high bust potential for this season.

Lamar Miller

Lamar Miller has been a guy that fantasy owners have had high hopes for since he was in Miami and showed promise as a running back who could produce huge numbers. However, Miller has always been a middle of the pack type of back when it comes to fantasy value. Last year, Miller received double-digit carries in every game except two and still failed to produce even one 100-yard rushing game. D’Onta Foreman looked on his way to being the Texans lead back last year and if he returns healthy, he could take the job away from Miller. Lamar Miller’s PPR value is slightly higher but I would stay away from him in both formats, especially in standard scoring.

 Isaiah Crowell

Crowell is entering his first season as a New York Jet and it is not an ideal situation for the running back. The Jets offensive line is not as good as the one Crowell had last year. On top of that, the Jets have Bilal Powell and Elijah McGuire on the roster as well and this backfield could turn into a committee, which is not good news for fantasy owners. Anyone drafting Crowell as an RB2 is most likely to be disappointed.

Jordan Reed

I am a huge Jordan Reed fan, but he is the ultimate boom or bust player in fantasy football. When healthy, Jordan Reed is a top 5 fantasy tight end, but it is a big “IF”. Everyone by now knows of Reed’s injury history and it forced him to miss ten games last year. If you are looking to draft a safe option at tight end, then Jordan Reed is not your guy, not because of his talent level but because of his injury history.

Kirk Cousins

Going from one Redskin to a former Redskin, Kirk Cousins has some bust potential at the quarterback position. Kirk Cousins is going to have a better supporting cast in Minnesota but that might actually hurt his fantasy value. With a better run game and defense, Cousins won’t be forced to throw as much as he was in Washington. Cousins was always throwing in Washington because their defense has not been very good when he was their quarterback. Even though Case Keenum put up a solid season for the Vikings last year, he only had Dalvin Cook for four games. With Dalvin Cook back for the Vikings, you can expect them to have a steady run game. The great Viking defense will limit the number of shootouts they play in so Kirk Cousins will lose opportunities to put up big fantasy numbers. If you draft Kirk Cousins, you might not like that.

About The Author Matt Cardona

Matt is 21 years old and in his 3rd year of college as a history major. Residing in Southern California, Matt has been a huge fan of football for about 12 years now and has been playing fantasy football since he was 9 as he played all the way up until high school. He has become increasingly invested into the NFL Draft process over the past 3 years and loves to scout college players in his spare time. His ultimate goal is to make a name for himself while doing what he loves to do.