The 2019 Senior Bowl is officially in full swing. We’ve reached the first real day of events, and the first of those events is in the books. The official Senior Bowl weigh-in wrapped up this morning, giving us our first official numbers of the 2019 NFL Draft cycle. While these numbers are likely to change a little between today and the NFL Combine, they shouldn’t fluctuate too much.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in measurables and put too much emphasis on how a kid looks and what numbers he’s hit. That said, there are certain benchmarks that the prospects should hit before you consider them for your team. That’s what this event is about, ticking off the boxes. If a prospect doesn’t meet certain minimums, he better have some outstanding film to justify taking the chance.

With both teams done with weigh-ins and participating in “Media Day” as we speak, let’s take a look at a few things that stood out to me from today’s numbers. It should be noted that James Madison’s Jimmy Moreland was added late to the event and was not around for the weigh-in. His numbers will be posted later. As soon as I have those numbers, you can find them by following me on Twitter @SpoonfulofSport.

It was somewhat of an up-and-down day for the group of quarterbacks here in Mobile. Tyree Jackson came in — not unexpectedly — head-and-shoulders above the rest of the class, measuring almost a full two inches taller than the next tallest QB (Duke’s Daniel Jones). Jackson is also the heaviest QB in the Senior Bowl, coming in at 249 pounds. That’s 25 pounds heavier than the next closest QB, Gardner Minshew.

Speaking of Minshew, he was one of the big winners of today’s weigh-in in my mind. With all the things that have been floated around about Minshew and his sometimes laissez-faire attitude, I didn’t expect him to come in looking as in shape as he did. He carried his weight well and looked thick through his lower body, indicating that he should be able to handle taking hits at the next level.

On the opposite end of the spectrum from guys like Jackson and Minshew was former Clemson wide receiver Hunter Renfrow. In an absolutely stacked wide receiver class, Renfrow may be the most consistent of the bunch. He’s not going to wow you with agility or speed. He’s not going to out-muscle you or Moss dudes. What he is going to do is get open consistently and catch the ball. But, with his weigh-in numbers coming in at just over 5’10” and only 175 pounds, it’s fair to question how much that consistency will shine at the next level.

Circling back around to the quarterbacks, another measurement that stuck out to me like a sore thumb came from Missouri quarterback Drew Lock. Lock came in more or less at the height and weight we expected from him. Missouri listed the senior quarterback at 6’4″ and 225 pounds. His Senior Bowl-official numbers come in at 6’3 3/8″ and 224 pounds. What stuck out, though, was Lock’s hand size. Lock posted the smallest hand size of the group, coming in right at 9″. During his career at Mizzou, Lock had 16 fumbles and lost eight of them. Small hand size may explain some of that.

The last standout I want to mention is former Stanford linebacker Bobby Okereke. Okereke strode into the Senior Bowl weigh-in looking like a physical specimen. He’s an explosive player on film, and his body confirms that explosion on first look. What impressed me most with Okereke today; however, was the arms. His arms are crazy long, coming in with 34 3/4″ arms. That is some highly impressive length for an off-ball linebacker. That combination of explosiveness and arm length should make him a tackle magnet at the next level.

From here, we get our first glance at how these prospects look on the field with the 1-on-1 and team drills. Expect more coverage throughout the week both here at Breaking Football and on my Twitter account. One final note: Does anyone have a better name than Temple cornerback Rock Ya-Sin? Not just here in Mobile at the Senior Bowl, but all-time? It’s hard for me to come up with one.

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