AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND WE’RE BYKE! If you have been keeping up with BF, you know that I have been doing content looking towards the 2019 NFL Draft. These previews are obviously not set in stone; just some DL who have good stock going into this upcoming season. This is how we football fans get through the off-season; reflecting on last season while looking forward to the upcoming season. We’ve already looked at four DL who have good stock going into this upcoming season. This class is so deep that I have even more DL that are quality, maybe even 1st round type players. Only time will tell but let’s look at four more DL who will terrorize college football this year.

Derrick Brown, Auburn, 6’5, 325

I have been following Derrick Brown since his 5-star HS days. Was hoping he would go to UGA, but he terrorized us twice this past year at Auburn.

First of all, a DL wearing a single-digit number can’t be bad. If he is, kick him off the team. Brown is one of the best at stopping the run; his strong, powerful hands stack and shed with the best of them. He also flashes some pass rush ability along that ferocious Auburn D. He also has the athleticism to rush from the outside if need be. If Brown can continue to build on his skills and be more consistent, it will be hard to keep him out of the 1st round.

Christian Wilkins, Clemson, 6’4, 310

A DL with an LB’s number is worth recognition.

Another one of the Clemson DL who should have entered the 2018 draft, Christian Wilkins is one of the most athletic DL in this 2019 class. His athleticism is evident in his pass rush; his first step is explosive and his club-rip quickly gets the OL’s hands off him and he gets to the QB. Wilkins can play anywhere along the DL but he is probably best at a 3-technique, similar to his former teammate Grady Jarrett (this is NOT A COMPARISON).

He can also do this:

He is going to be the best interview throughout the process and he will also have the skills to warrant that attention.

Raekwon Davis, 6’7, 310

Another huge run stopping DL out of the Roll Tide factory. What sets Raekwon Davis apart is his speed and pass rushing technique to go along with his strength and size.

Davis goes through and around OL. His lateral quickness pops out along with his length and hands that allow him to easily disengage and separate from OL. With 10 TFLs and 8.5 sacks, Davis was a quiet force that didn’t get his shine until the playoffs, Expect the spotlight to be on Davis all year long.

Dre’Mont Jones, 6’3, 290

A DL with a WR’s number has to be noticed.

First step, first step, first step. Dre’Mont Jones has a burst unlike any other in this class and that’s the first piece of the puzzle to beating an OL. His burst and athleticism is the first thing that shows on film. He flashes a little bit of hand usage, but it needs to get much better for him to get closer to the top. If Jones’ hands can match his feet in efficiency, he’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Jones is going to have to up his game if he wants to stand out among Lil’ Bosa and that Ohio State defense.

About The Author P.J. Green

P.J. Green is a student-athlete and junior at Tusculum College. Green is an aspiring football coach/scout/player/media personality. Green has big goals but always wants football to be in his life no matter what. Please come at P.J. for funny hot takes.