The ballhawk is a coveted breed in today’s NFL. The extra element it supplies can do wonders for a defense, and adds just another man the opposing quarterback has to especially account for. This type of player could be the missing ingredient to your team’s recipe for success.

Glenn Harris of Wayne State is every bit of a ballhawk. He currently ranks 2nd in the NCAA with eight interceptions–three of which came in a single game. Harris is lengthy at 6’1” and rangy with the speed to close on balls in the air while corralling them a good amount of the time.

Harris will be participating in this weekend’s FCS Bowl in Daytona, Florida as he looks to gain more exposure with a good performance. If there’s someone who can make their mark with a big play, Harris is that guy. Watch for him lurking around in the backend.


Q: Hailing from Kansas City, what led you to choose Chabot College all the way out in California?

A: I was at my first Junior College in Minnesota. The program was closing down so I had to find a new home. Chabot College was referred to me by a friend from my hometown who was playing basketball at Chabot College at the time.

Q: You then transferred to east Wayne State in Detroit, what was the biggest factor in your decision to transfer?

A: I was siting at home back in Kansas City over Christmas break because I was a mid-year transfer from JUCO. I didn’t have any serious offers at the time and Wayne State College coaches reached out to me and [were] very interested and had an offer for me; the spring semester was also about to start so I took the opportunity.

Q: What would you say was the biggest adjustment you had to make during the early stages of your transfer?

A: In Spring Ball for my first semester I had to step in and a lot was thrown at me such as getting First Team reps and understanding the concept of the defensive scheme, learning the defense inside and out, communicating the defense with my teammates. More film. More craft.

Q: Having experiences a variety of cultures throughout the past few years, do you think that’ll make it easier for you to adapt at the next level?

A: Yes, because I have seen a lot of different breeds of great players from all over the world in junior college and it’s guys with D1 talent. I have seen high level and played on the same team as high level. My sophomore class at Chabot College, we were in the Northern California Championship Game in 2015 against City College of San Francisco.

Q: You currently rank 2nd in the NCAA with 8 interceptions this season. How important do you consider your ball skills to play as an overall trait in your game?

A: I consider it a big part because ball skills is what separates great defensive backs from good defensive backs. A lot of guys like to just hit the ball away, I like to make the difference and capitalize on the opportunity.

Q: Earlier in the season you picked off 3 passes in the same game. What was different for you that game? Were you just in the zone?

A: The atmosphere of Augustana College, just arriving at the Stadium I felt good and just knew something good was going to happen. I was, it was the first game of the conference and I wanted my team to be the best, so I wanted to do my job the best I could.

Q: You were a key component in leading Wayne State to their first winning season since 2012, describe how it felt to finally get the program over that hump.

A: It felt amazing!! Like I always told the guys on the team, it’s destined that we be great and make a change. My first year at Wayne State we were 3-8, and I knew the potential we had coming back, especially with my fellow seniors such as Emeka Etta, Zach Osborn, Rashad Tremble, Arelious Burns, Logan Weinidt and Dewayne Scott to leave a legacy for our younger guys to build on and continue to strive and reach new heights.

Q: What has been your greatest team or individual accomplishment during your college career?

A: Getting my team to a winning season which hasn’t happened in 5 years while tying a school single season record for interceptions with 8, with a 3 interception game. 

Q: After you pick off a pass, what is the first thing that goes through your head? Are you thinking end zone?

A: First thing in my head is to score, use blocks and out run everyone. 

Q: Listed at 6’1’’/195, you’re sure to meet the size threshold for most NFL teams. Do you have the speed to match—what do you expect to post in the 40 yard dash?

A: 4.5

Q: Describe the type of head coach you’d want to play for.

A: A coach that loves winning, loves the game. 

Q: What NFL player would you say you mold your game after the most?

A: Tyrann Mathieu, true playmaker and versatile.

Q: Who’s winning the NBA Finals this year?

A: Golden State Warriors 

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