Ronald Jones II

RB, USC                            



DOB: 8/3/97 (20)

CLASS: Junior


Speed (15) Power(15) Vision/Balance(20) Ability to gain yards(20) Pass Pro(10) Receiving(10) Injury/Off Field(10)
13/15 9.5/15 17/20 17/20 3/10 6/10 8.5/10

Scouting Report


Speed (15 points): Very Good Speed and Violent One Cut Run Style. His speed makes him a home run threat whenever he is in open space. It doesn’t take Jones long to get a full head of steam, by the time he gets to the second level he is in 2nd gear looking for big play opportunity. He has the speed to get to the outside without getting caught by linebackers. Jones accelerates in and out of cuts and does this rather easy as he has fluid hips. What I’ve noticed about Jones is when he is in the open field he looks like a sprinter and is kind of upright but when he runs through the hole he runs with good pad level. When given a crease he explodes through the hole, Jones sticks his foot in the ground and he’s coming down hill quick. His speed alone will make plays for him.


Power (15 points): Despite his smaller size, Ronald Jones possesses the play strength to maintain speed through contact. Jones is able to bounce off defenders when he is hit high and not wrapped up since he is hitting the hole so hard. When a defender shoots low Jones usually goes down on first contact unless he is able to jump cut away from the defender. He is able to consistently regain balance after being hit, once a tackle is broken Jones is looking to finish the run hard. Jones isn’t scared to lower his shoulder and fight for extra yardage when he needs to. If first contact doesn’t bring him down Jones fights for extra yards always chugging his feet.


Vision/Balance (20 points): Jones is a decisive back who doesn’t wait for holes to open, he doesn’t hesitate when he hits the hole. When he goes he goes. Jones anticipates defenders and sets defenders up before he even gets to the 2nd level. His jump cut ability allows him to make defenders miss as he bursts through the hole. This jump cut ability is key for one on one when he meets the defender in the hole



On outside zones Jones has the vision to find the cutback and burst through the hole with no hesitation.  Vision is crucial at the next level and Jones widescreen vision allows him to anticipate cuts before defenders are able to catch him in pursuit. Great example of Jones Vision and Balance is the Stanford game winning touchdown. Jones made a great jump cut to make the defender miss, didn’t really miss a stride hit the hole and scored



Ability to gain yards (20 points): Explosive athlete that can turn nothing into something with his track like speed. Jones runs with good pad level when he burst through the hole. Jones is willing to hit small creases to get to the 2nd level and if no crease is there his speed allows him to bounce it to the outside and he won’t be afraid to put his head down and plow forward.  When the home run play isn’t there Jones puts his head down and fights through contact for yards. Pad level is huge when it comes to cutting and Jones is consistently maintaining that football position when running. With his variety of moves and being hard to tackle in the open field Jones makes a lot of defenders at the 2nd level look silly.


Pass Protection (10 points): Jones struggles in pass protection primarily because of his strength and size. Jones is a willing pass blocker but struggles picking up blitzing linebackers even though he does a good job of recognizing where they are coming from. Even though he doesn’t have the strength Jones squares up with defenders and does his best to stay in front of them or stop their momentum. For me I really believe he struggles just because of his size since he shows that he is able to work inside-to-outside and locate his man/always has proper depth when it comes to picking up defender.


 Receiving (10 points): Jones is capable of running the basic RB route tree. USC didn’t really use him in the air raid his freshman or sophomore year but this year Jones ran a lot more check downs and routes out of the backfield and has showed glimpses that he can be an impact in the receiving game. Jones is shifty enough as a pass catcher to make the first defender miss in the open space. In the 11 games, he has played (out of 12) Jones has 12 receptions for 159 yards and a TD. Jones can give you some big play ability when he is involved in the pass game


Injury/Off Field (10 points): At his time at USC (so far still time) Jones didn’t have any off the field concerns. No major injuries at USC. No long-term injuries that I found. Missed 1 game in 2017 (Thigh)

NFL Comparison: Dalvin Cook/Jamaal Charles


=74 Pro Bowler


90-100= Hall of Fame Caliber

80-89= Perennial All-Pro

75-79= All-Pro

70-74= Pro Bowler

65-69= Potential Pro Bowler

60-64= Instant Starter

55-59= Consistent NFL Starter

50-54= Potential NFL Starter

45-49= NFL backup or ST Potential

40-44= Good chance to make NFL roster

35-39= 50/50 chance


About The Author Chris Gragnani

Chris is from NY, he is a big time New York Giants and USC Trojans fan. Chris played quarterback for Suffern High School and was given the opportunity to play football in college at Stonehill College. He transferred to LIU Post where he played for one season. Chris, a new writer is looking forward to gaining experience and sharing his college football/NFL Draft work. Follow Chris on Twitter @GragnaniReport for any college football or NFL talk.