We awoke to breaking news this morning that the Jets, surprising most of us in the draft community, traded up to get the third pick in the draft.

The complete deal was:

Jets Trade:

2018 1st round pick (6th overall)

2018 2nd round pick (37th overall)

2018 2nd round pick (49th overall)

2019 2nd round pick

Colts Trade:

2018 1st round pick (3rd overall)

This means a few things for each team involved — and the entire league as well. To start, the Jets traded up because they need a quarterback and are not confident their guy will be there at six. Who their QB1 is, we do not know, but Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield, and Josh Allen are all possibilities. Assuming Darnold goes first overall, the Jets’ fate will be almost completely decided by crosstown general manager Dave Gettleman. The price may seem steep, but if the Jets can grab their franchise guy, nothing else matters. Just, please don’t take Josh Allen.

If you are a Colts fan right now, start celebrating. The Colts were never in it for a quarterback, and with the massive influx of passers in the top five, an elite player will fall to the Colts. This could very likely be Bradley Chubb. Having the 6th, 36th, 37th, and the 49th picks in a good draft class puts the Colts back in the competition for the AFC South. It is certainly possible that the defense comes back better than ever, and Luck will finally have what he needs around him.

We are still about forty days away from the draft and a lot could change, especially concerning who holds the second overall pick. The Giants are now faced with taking an elite position player, trading down and receiving an unfathomably high haul, or picking their successor to Eli Manning. With the Jets giving up so much for pick number three, Buffalo and Denver will both be scrambling to offer the Giants whatever they can. That decision could shape the New York rivalry, and the entire league for years to come.

About The Author Anthony Licciardi

Anthony is a die-hard Mets, Jets and Knicks fan who's always willing to blame the owners. He's been playing sports since he's been able to walk and following the NFL Draft since 2012. Anthony covers the NFL Draft, along with the Indianapolis Colts.