Name: Calvin Ridley
Position: Wide Receiver
Age: 22
Size: 6’1”/190
Film Assessed: Florida (2015), Clemson (2016/2017), LSU (2016/2017), Florida State (2017), Colorado State (2017), Mississippi State (2017)

Positives: Ridley is a route technician that utilizes his speed to keep defensive backs on their heels and then sinks his hips and explodes from his breaks to create separation. He is smooth, explosive, and naturally tracks the football without wasting movement. Ridley displays strong hands at the catch point and the ability to catch the ball away from his body. Works back to the ball aggressively to prevent ball hawking defenders from having a chance. Displays excellent body control to adjust to the ball. Plays with sideline awareness and demonstrates ability to drop feet on boundary catches. Hyper aware of defenders around him in space. After the catch Ridley fights for extra yards often using head fakes and his short area quickness to get a DB to cross his feet before leaving him in the dust as he cuts up field. When researching Ridley, I came across an article about how the Alabama defense used to taunt Lane Kiffin about not being able to get a first down in practice and then he would dial up a nine route to Ridley to shut them up as Ridley waltzed into the end zone. Also competed in track in high school.

Negatives: Limited opportunities to showcase his ability due to coming from a run heavy offense. Gets muscled around by more physical defenders at the line of scrimmage if he can’t get a free release. Doesn’t win his blocks due to smaller frame which needs to improve. A lot of his catches came on bubble screens and catch and run type plays where his speed and quickness got the yardage for him. Has some issues with focus drops. Needs to secure the ball before worrying about running after the catch. Has only put on 12 pounds since leaving high school, so he struggles to add weight. At 190 pounds he will be pushed around by larger NFL defensive backs.

About The Author John Trivigno

John has been an avid football fan for as long as he can remember. John graduated from Buffalo State College with a Bachelors in Social Studies Education 7-12 and is now Assistant Video Coordinator at Buffalo State. He realized that the key to a happy life is to do what you love and make the most money you can doing it. Since he eats, sleeps and breathes football he will be pursuing a career in football with aspirations of one day working in the NFL.