Deontay Burnett




DOB: 10/4/97 (20)

CLASS: Junior

40 Time:

RR(20) YAC(10) Separation(20) Speed(10) Hands(10) Blocking(10) RDZ Threat(10) Off Field/Injury(10)
12/20 6/10 14/20 6.5/10 8.5/10 2.5/10 2.0/10 8/10


Scouting Report


Route Running (20 points): Burnett does his best work when working from the slot, a clean route runner who always finds a soft part of the zone. A lot of bubbles and quick screens are implemented in USCs offense but Burnett runs crisp routes with sudden breaks that creates a good amount of separation from defenders. Sam Darnold is always looking to improvise and Burnett’s field awareness allows him to adjust his route when Darnold is on the move. They have built the type of relationship that Darnold knows where Burnett is at all times.


YAC Ability (10 points): Burnett is always looking to turn short catches into big play opportunity. He has the ability to take any route for 6 thanks to the separation he creates from his route running ability. If Burnett is able to stiff arm away from the first defender he always does a great job of following his blocks down field.



Burnett in space will avoid hits, if he’s in the open space and a LB has a clean shot on him he will dive before he gets it. Burnett will go backwards 2-3 from the spot of the catch to avoid a hit but makes up the ground lost rather easily as he burst downhill. (Look at GIF in Separation


Ability to Create Separation (20 points): Burnett when working from the slot creates a lot of separation off his breaks and crisp routes. His solid footwork will free him up when maned up against a linebacker. Burnett is always working the middle of the field trying to split the safeties or work under the linebackers. Burnett has a knack for being wide open whenever Sam Darnold extended the play with his legs, he has the awareness, speed and route running skills to separate from defenders to get in the open space to make a play. One of my favorite routes from Burnett is a simple sit route but when he gets to the middle of the field he hesitates to get the defender to pause as he burst through the route.



Speed (10 points): Not a straight-line runner and doesn’t necessarily have track speed either. Burnett accelerates In and out of his breaks creating plenty of separation between him and the defender. I think he will run in the 4.6 range when it comes to the 40.


Hands (10 points): As a sophomore, he only dropped 2 out the 58 catchable balls thrown his way. A sure handed Wide Receiver and old reliable for Sam Darnold. Burnett doesn’t let the ball get into his chest/frame, catches the ball with his hands. He has no problem extending and diving catching balls on the run. Soft hands crisp routes if Darnold needed a big play he looked for Burnett in the slot.



Blocking (10 points): Burnett is willing to give effort as a blocker down field. Burnett weighing in only at 170 pounds, he doesn’t have the strength or size to finish blocks. Inconsistent in the blocking phase of the game Burnett needs to bulk up and get a little stronger.


Red Zone Threat (10 points):  Obviously isn’t going to jump out of the gym in those one on one situations but USC found ways to get Burnett the ball in the red zone. USC motioned Burnett across the field into the flats, used pick routes to free him up. Burnett is looking to split the middle of the field in the red zone.


Off Field/Injury Concerns (10 points): Injured toe against Oregon State, no injuries that are known/ no long-term injuries. No off the field issues

=59.5 Consistent NFL Starter

NFL Comparison: Jeremy Kerley/Jamison Crowder

90-100= Hall of Fame Caliber

80-89= Perennial All-Pro

75-79= All-Pro

70-74= Pro Bowler

65-69= Potential Pro Bowler

60-64= Instant Starter

55-59= Consistent NFL Starter

50-54= Potential NFL Starter

45-49= NFL backup or ST Potential

40-44= Good chance to make NFL roster

35-39= 50/50 chance


About The Author Chris Gragnani

Chris is from NY, he is a big time New York Giants and USC Trojans fan. Chris played quarterback for Suffern High School and was given the opportunity to play football in college at Stonehill College. He transferred to LIU Post where he played for one season. Chris, a new writer is looking forward to gaining experience and sharing his college football/NFL Draft work. Follow Chris on Twitter @GragnaniReport for any college football or NFL talk.