Round one of the 2018 NFL Draft has come and gone. While it will be one to remember, the second and third rounds take place tonight with plenty of good talent still available. There was seven trades in round one and I expect to see a similar number in round two because of all the good players still on the board. Below I lay out the best available players at each position and give a possible range on where they get drafted.


Mason Rudolph, Kyle Lauletta

If Lamar Jackson had been selected higher on Thursday night there might have been a chance Mason Rudolph sneaked in the late first round. Now I don’t expect him to go very early in round two, but I believe both Rudolph and Kyle Lauletta will be selected in the second round tonight. Rudolph could go as high as 34 to the Giants, though not likely. The lowest I believe he can fall is to the Chargers at 48.

However, don’t be surprised if the Broncos at 40 or the Patriots at 43 select Rudolph. For Lauletta, I think he could go as high as the Patriots at 43 and as low as 73 to the Dolphins. I believe in the end Lauletta ends up being selected at pick 63 by the Patriots. Some other quarterbacks that could be selected tonight are Luke Falk and Mike White.

Running Back

Derrius Guice, Nick Chubb, Ronald Jones

I’m still shocked Derrius Guice fell out of the first round but — somehow — Rashaad Penny was the second running back selected. However, I expect Guice to be selected within the first six picks tonight. He could go as high as 33 or 35 to the Browns and his floor should be the Buccaneers at 38. I also wouldn’t be surprised if a team trades up with the Browns at pick 35 for Guice in order to jump the Colts and Buccaneers.

Nick Chubb had some late momentum as a possible late first round pick, but I never bought it. However, depending on how fast Guice goes off the board, Chubb’s ceiling is to the Buccaneers at pick 38 and his floor is the Colts at pick 67. While Ronald Jones had a poor off-season circuit, he is still a talented back. Depending on team preference, Jones could go ahead of Chubb tonight. I believe Jones’ range is between pick 44 to the Redskins and pick 82 to the Lions.

Wide Receiver

Courtland Sutton, Christian Kirk, D.J. Chark

While Courtland Sutton had some first round hype, none of these receivers were expected to get selected last night. However; tonight we could see seven or eight wide receivers selected; starting with these three. Sutton has long been rumored to the Cowboys with pick 50, but I’m not sure he makes it there. Also, between the trade rumors for Earl Thomas and the sudden retirement of Jason Witten, the Cowboys might have to pass on Sutton, if available, in order to fill other needs. I believe Sutton’s range is between pick 36 to the Colts and pick 59 to the 49ers.

Depending what style of receiver as team wants, Christian Kirk and D.J. Chark could go ahead of Sutton. For teams looking for a slot receiver, Kirk is their target. His range is likely between pick 36 to the Colts and pick 63 to the Patriots. Chark is a height/weight/speed kind of receiver who can stretch the field and almost every team could use a player like him. Once again his range probably starts with the Colts at pick 36 and ends with the Packers at pick 76. The theme here is simple; the first receiver drafted tonight is probably by the Colts.

Tight End

Dallas Goedert, Mike Gesicki

Both Dallas Goedert and Mike Gesicki had some late first round buzz to potentially the Jaguars, Patriots, or Eagles, but both of them falling into the second night isn’t surprising. However, both should go in round two. Both players fit the “Y style” tight end mold and can be used as a mismatch weapon. The range for both players are pretty wide open. They can go from anywhere between pick 40 to the Broncos to pick 62 to the Vikings. Both players should be strong candidates for the Cowboys at pick 50 as well.

Offensive Lineman

Connor Williams, Will Hernandez, James Daniels

All three of these players were in the first round conversation and with six offensive lineman going in the first round, these three players shouldn’t have to wait much longer before hearing their name called tonight. Connor Williams could go early as pick 33 to the Browns as the replacement for the recently retired Joe Thomas. Some teams view Williams as a tackle and others as a guard. Either way I believe Williams’ floor is pick 52 to the Eagles.

James Daniels has a chance to be drafted before Will Hernandez given his versatility. I was a little surprised that Daniels didn’t go at the end of round one because of his experience at both guard and center. I believe the highest Daniels could go is pick 34 to the Giants and the lowest is pick 55 to the Panthers as a replacement for Andrew Norwell this year, then taking over for Ryan Kalil next year when he retires. Hernandez was a Senior Bowl week star and shouldn’t last too long tonight. His range is probably between the Bears at 39 and if by some chance he falls this far, the Falcons at pick 58 should be happy to get him.

Defensive Lineman

Maurice Hurst, Sam Hubbard, Josh Sweat

Prior to the combine there was an expectation that Maurice Hurst would be a borderline first round pick. However, after the scare of a possible heart condition, several teams removed him from their board despite being cleared by doctors at both Michigan and Harvard. With so many teams taking him off their board or at least dropping him on it, Hurst seems likely to fall into day three of the draft. However, if he can sneak into day two it likely won’t be any earlier than pick 97 to the Cardinals.

Both Sam Hubbard and Josh Sweat had some potential Day One hype to them, but neither going in the first round isn’t surprising. Sweat has the injury history with his knee that has scared some teams off. However, despite the injury history Sweat’s range is likely between the Giants at pick 34 and the Buccaneers at pick 53. For Hubbard, he has a similar range but could slide a tad more. However, I can’t see him making it past the Titans at pick 57.


Harold Landry, Lorenzo Carter

Both of these guys are possible EDGE guys, but the best remaining true linebacker on the board is Malik Jefferson and I’m not sure he gets picked in round two so I’m going to fudge here a little bit. Harold Landry falling out of the first round was a shock to me. Reportedly some teams flagged Landry with medical concerns on his knee and back. Even with the injury concerns I believe Landry’s range is between pick 36 to the Colts and ends with pick 45 to the Packers.

Lorenzo Carter got some late first round buzz but was expected to fall into the round two. However, he can fit into multiple roles and should go early-to-mid second round tonight. While I think Landry goes ahead of him, it may depend on scheme and role fit. Carter’s range is likely pick 39 to the Bears at the highest and the Titans at pick 57 as the lowest.

Defensive Backs

Isaiah Oliver, Joshua Jackson, Justin Reid, Ronnie Harrison

All four of these guys were borderline late first round prospects, so all of them falling into night two isn’t a shock. Both cornerbacks — Isaiah Oliver and Joshua Jackson — could go off the board as early as pick 34 to the Giants, but I expect them to slide a little given the depth at the position. My guess is both of their range is between pick 41 to the Raiders and pick 56 to the Buccaneers.

Of the four defensive backs falling into day two, Justin Reid is the one I felt had the best chance of going in the first round. His range is likely between pick 41 to the Raiders and pick 50 to the Cowboys. However, an ideal landing spot would be to the Packers at pick 45. For any team that is looking for a thumping safety to play around the line of scrimmage, Ronnie Harrison is the best guy left on the board. However; because of his limited versatility and specific role, Harrison could slide a bit. I believe his range is between the Lions at pick 51 and the Texans at pick 68.

About The Author Mike Fanelli

Mike is a former journalism major who spent all four years in high school working for the school newspaper. At 26 years old, he is happy to write for Breaking Football as it gives him a platform to get his fantasy football takes and sports opinions out there.