If you’re a fellow degenerate struggling to avoid betting on the random Thursday NBA/CBB games, I have just what you’re looking for. Below I breakdown my best bets for the upcoming NFL Combine. Don’t be the square that just scrolls through as quick as possible only looking for the “big names”. Go ahead and win some money and take it straight to the bank.

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1.) Which team will win the coin toss and select ninth overall in 2018 NFL Draft? (49ers +100)

Who doesn’t love a degenerate bet every once in a while? Both teams have a 50/50 shot at winning the coin toss Friday in Indianapolis. I’ll take the better payout and the team with Jimmy G.

Bet $50 to win $50

2.) Lamar Jackson 40 yard dash 4.35 seconds (Over -150)

Lamar Jackson reportedly ran a 4.33 during their spring testing at Louisville. Even if that time is legit, it was hand timed and there will be a slight adjustment to the laser timing they use at the Combine. For reference, Mike Vick ran a 4.33 and Robert Griffin III ran a 4.41 when they ran at the Combine. I expect Jackson to run between 4.38-4.42.

Bet $150 to win $100

3.) Saquon Barkley 40 yard dash 4.37 seconds (Over -180)

One of the top-rated players in the 2018 Draft, Saquon Barkley is known for his explosive movements on and off the field. He reportedly ran a 4.33 at Penn State’s spring testing this past year. If you apply the same time adjustment to Barkley, he will likely run just over 4.37; assuming that the timing was legit. However, Barkley weighed in at 233 pounds at the Combine and will be easily in the 4.42-4.45 range, making this a pretty easy bet despite the not-so-favorable odds.

Bet $90 to win $50

4.) Vita Vea 40 yard dash 4.90 seconds (Over -115)

Vita Vea is one of the most fascinating players in this year’s draft. You can go to YouTube and see Vea scoring 20+ yard touchdowns in high school at 280 pounds. Fast forward to the Combine and him weighing in the neighborhood of 340-345 pounds, and he is an absolute animal of a nose tackle. This guy is a sure-fire first round draft pick and will likely blow up the Combine. Odds being the same for him to run either over or under 4.90 seconds, but when you take a look back at other 340 pound defensive tackles at the Combine, it isn’t favorable for the former Husky. Dating back to the year 2000, there hasn’t been a defensive tackle that has run sub 4.90 at the combine at 340+ pounds. This seems like a safe bet if I’ve ever seen one, I’ll take the over in this one.

Bet $115 to win $100

5.) Derrius Guice 40 yard dash 4.38 seconds (Over -140)

Derrius Guice is seen by most as the second best running back in this draft class and a likely candidate to be drafted in the first round. His explosive power allows him to be a bruiser between the tackles. He also has excellent burst which allows him to change angles and get those advantageous arm tackles. However, he weighed in at 224 pounds at the Combine and since 2006 there has only been one running back (Knile Davis) over 215 pounds to run under 4.38. I expect him to run in the low 4.4s.

Bet $140 to win $100

6.) Donte Jackson 40 yard dash 4.28 seconds (Under +110)

Donte Jackson is one of the fastest players in this year’s draft and has the best shot at breaking John Ross’ 40 yard dash record. He has been clocked at 10.22 in the 100 meter dash and 6.63 in the 60 meter dash. He is very explosive and has a long stride that allows him to cover ground quickly. He’ll likely run between 4.26-4.28.

Bet $100 to win $110

7.) Marcus Davenport vertical jump 34.2 inches (Under -150)

One of the biggest boom-or-bust players in this draft, Marcus Davenport uses his power and length to outmatch opposing offensive linemen. This often can be confused with explosive ability, but you would see more of that in his get off, which Davenport isn’t exceptional at. He’ll jump between 32-34 inches at the Combine.

Bet $75 to win $50

8.) John Ross 40 yard dash record be broken? (No -200)

Come on now… I know everyone wants to see a record broken but don’t be a square. Take the easy money and buy a new outfit on Fortnite.

Bet $100 to win $50

9.) Will Byron Jones broad jump record be broken? (No -150)

These odds don’t actually seem real if you consider the fact that since 2006 no defensive back has come within 11 inches of Byron Jones’ broad jump record except his teammate Obi Melifonwu. I’ll double down on this one because it’s just way too easy.

Bet $300 to win $200

10.) Will Shelton Gibson 10.71 60 yard shuttle record be broken? (No -140)

If I were to pick any trend betting to always bet on, it would be betting that record (x) doesn’t get broken. Make sure you show me some love after these and Venmo me my 10%.

Bet $140 to win $100

About The Author Brandon Robinson

Brandon Robinson is a Western Michigan graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in sport's management. He has experience in Arena Football Scouting. He has been a high school defensive coordinator the previous three years. He considers himself a "film nut" who is also deep in the analytics of the football world. His dedication and love to the sport of football is what sets him apart from others. After graduating from Lake Michigan Catholic high school at the top of his class, he went on to play at Adrian College. After medically retiring from the sport of football, he transferred to WMU and started coaching at his alma mater, LMC. In 2018, he took a defensive coordinator position with Benton Harbor High School. His previous scouting and coaching experience in arena football was with the Bloomington EDGE and Massachusetts Pirates.