The NFL Combine is over, and naturally people are overreacting. Weeks worth of film study is being pushed aside after watching some of these players run around in shorts for an hour or two. Every year people completely over-value average-to-below-average prospects based on these workouts. Don’t be one of those people.

Sure these guys are impressive athletes, even by professional standards, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to be particularly good NFL players. Don’t buy into the hype! Here are my top five guys whose workouts were far more impressive than their game.

5.) Marcus Davenport

UTSA’s EDGE Marcus Davenport put on a good show at the combine. Not freakish, not outstanding, but good. This isn’t misleading, he looks like a good athlete (especially for his size).

However, what has always drawn scouts to him was his great athleticism. This was something he HAD to do in order to justify some of the hype around him. Even so, he still didn’t wow like you’d want from a first round pick whose claim to fame is his upside base on athleticism. He’s a good prospect who had good testing, but don’t let that fool you into thinking he’s great.

4.) Lorenzo Carter

Here is a guy who tested like an absolute freak athlete. At 250+ lbs, Lorenzo Carter ran a 4.46 40-yard dash, which was faster than star defensive back prospect Minkah Fitzpatrick. Carter also set the combine record for EDGE broad jump at nearly 11 feet.

Sadly, top notch athleticism doesn’t necessarily mean Carter is a premiere prospect. In fact, I wouldn’t even draft him in the first two rounds. He just isn’t as disruptive vs. the run or pass as his tools might indicate.

3.) Mike Gesicki

There weren’t many who had a more impressive weekend than Penn State tight end Mike Gesicki. At every turn he was opening eyes with his speed, size, and explosiveness. Based on these workouts some might believe he is in the class of last year’s first round tight ends OJ Howard and Evan Engram.

Don’t be fooled, because Gesicki isn’t even close. While he does have some speed and ability to jump up and high point the ball, he isn’t the physical mismatch that his testing would indicate. He may develop into a starting caliber TE down the line, but as of now he is only a back up and special teams guy.

2.) D.J. Chark

Coming into the combine people were talking about D.J. Chark as a guy who brought good size and speed. Well, the show he put on at the combine far surpassed anything we could have expected. His 4.34 40-yard dash time at 6’4 are Calvin Johnson-type workout numbers! And Chark is no Megatron.

On tape he shows he has enough speed to challenge the secondary on the deep ball, but not the pure burner you’d expect with a guy who runs a 4.34. What I really learned from Chark’s testing is that he’s going to be one hell of a special teams player. Other than that, he is only a depth pass catcher, despite elite measurables.

1.) B.J. Hill

B.J. Hill showed that he was one of the strongest players at the combine after putting up 35 reps on the bench press. That ranked third among all defensive tackles, just behind projected first round pick Vita Vea. What has to be kept in perspective is that the bench press isn’t all that telling when it comes to how strong a guy plays in the trenches.

For example, Hill can be driven back one-on-one and can struggle to hold up at the point of attack. Don’t fall for these misleading combine numbers! Hill is a late round prospect who doesn’t play nearly as strong as his workouts lead you to believe.

About The Author J.T. Olson

J.T. is a Michigan native who's always been better at watching football than playing it. J.T. is a Buccaneers writer at and also covers Fantasy Football for He is a long time NFL Draft enthusiast who will cover the Buccaneers for Breaking Football.