Free Agents have been signed and the draft is a month away. We’re knocking on fantasy season door already. So don’t afraid at start getting idea of where players are sitting right now. At Breaking Football we’re working around the clock to give you the best fantasy information.

This is the pre-draft top 50 big board, here to give you an idea of how the players are falling and what the early rankings are listing them as. This list is sure to change with trades and draft picks still to come. But for now, let’s jump into the top 50 players for the 2018 fantasy season.

50. Michael Crabtree – WR – BAL

A new home in Baltimore gives Michael Crabtree a chance to show Oakland, and the rest of the league, that he’s an elite receiver. As the main guy now, watch out for a breakout season.

49. Russell Wilson – QB – SEA

There’s a massive cave-in going on in Seattle. Resulting in Russell Wilson’s deep drop on this list. Unless they can sure up their offensive line, receivers, and entire defense through the draft and C-rated free agents, Wilson doesn’t look great this season.

48. Lamar Miller – RB – HOU

Lamar Miller was only averaging 3.5 yards per carry during the six games that Watson started last season, compiling two touchdowns on the ground and two more through the air. He also added 19 receptions (3.2/game) during those games.

47. Jay Ajayi – RB – PHI

Jay Ajayi only found the end zone twice in regular season last year. However with LaGarrette Blount out of the picture, Ajayi should see more volume. Though, he will be competing against Corey Clement still.

46. Amari Cooper – WR – OAK

The Raiders made a switch in the receiving game, losing Crabtree and adding Nelson. Amari Cooper will remain as he was though, which was inconsistent games with bad drops.

45. Josh Gordon – WR – CLE

Josh Gordon was setup to be a major impact for the Browns next season. He still has the chance to be, but with the addition of Jarvis Landry, his stock has fallen back. Still a great sleeper because of his talent, but the volume will most likely go to Landry.

44. Jordy Nelson – WR – OAK

Hello Oakland! Jordy Nelson is in the silver and black and out of cheese land. It’s weird to say, but he’s got the opportunity to be a huge impact in fantasy football. The Raiders will find ways to get Nelson the ball, especially in the red zone.

43. Zach Ertz – TE – PHI

Zach Ertz was still plagued with injuries through the 2017 season. Despite missing a few games, Ertz still finished as a top tight end. Watch for Ertz to be in the debate with Gronkowski and Kelce, like Jordan Reed was last year.

42. Tom Brady – QB – NE

Another year older, and Tom Brady’s health concern has moved up even more. He does everything to keep his body in shape and he just threw for 500 yards in the Super Bowl. But Father Time is undefeated, and is lurking ever-so close.

41. Demaryius Thomas – WR – DEN

It was looking rough for both Broncos receivers last season. None of the quarterbacks that played looked like a starting quarterback. Doomed from the start. However, here comes last seasons NFC runner up, to get good throws to the talented wide-outs, namely Demaryius Thomas.

40. Golden Tate – WR – DET

Another quiet, spectacular season for Golden Tate in 2017. Catching balls from Matt Stafford, he’s sure to get his 100 receptions and 1,000 yards.

39. Alshon Jeffery – WR – PHI

Nelson Agholor will be a very good sleeper this year, but Alshon Jeffery will still be his usual self. Jeffery will be the main receiver in a score-happy offense.

38. Saquon Barkley – RB – FA

I’m not even sure where Saquon Barkley is going to go. In Cleveland they have Carlos Hyde, the Giants might be trading back, the next four picks all need quarterbacks. All I do know, is that wherever he goes, you’ll want him on your fantasy team.

37. Stefon Diggs – WR – MIN

Welcome Kirk Cousins. Stefon Diggs should reap some benefits and post a little bit better numbers than last season. If he can avoid the injury-bug, Diggs will be a highly sought-after receiver.

36. Carson Wentz – QB – PHI

Carson Wentz was the MVP of the season before he hurt his knee. There’s already videos surfacing of Wentz jogging around and throwing the ball with accuracy. He threw 33 touchdowns and 7 interceptions in 13 games.

35. Adam Thielen – WR – MIN

Just like Diggs, Adam Thielen will have a little more of an uptick in stats with the addition of Cousins, along with getting Dalvin Cook back. What separates Thielen from Diggs is the catch volume.

34. Brandin Cooks – WR – NE

With Julian Edelman returning in 2018, Brandin Cooks may actually see a better stat line. Cooks has a year under his belt, and will have opposing coverage now having to worry about the backs, Hogan, Gronkowski, and Edelman. Leaving Cooks ready to turn and burn.

33. Travis Kelce – TE – KC

I think Travis Kelce is great and will continue to be great. He has a coach who’s great at drawing up plays for certain players to get everyone involved. However, I think Alex Smith played a major part in Kelce’s past success. Don’t undervalue that.

32. Doug Baldwin – WR – SEA

Along with Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin drops in this list because of the fact that the Seahawks just look like they’re starting a rebuild team. That doesn’t bode well for Baldwin if he has major coverage on him in lieu of having no one on the opposite side.

31. DeShaun Watson – QB – HOU

Real deal Holyfield. DeShaun Watson was the man last season in his six starts. If he can keep his knee, and the rest of his body, free from injury he could be the top fantasy player in the entire league.

30. Larry Fitzgerald – WR – ARI

Once the fastest man in the NFL, Fitzgerald is still outrunning Father Time. Now, with the addition of the master of the 10-and-under pass — Sam Bradford — joining Arizona, Fitzgerald has a chance for another 100+ receptions.

29. Derrick Henry – RB – TEN

I had Derrick Henry bumped up to a top 15 player on this list after the release of DeMarco Murray. Yet, it was false hope. Can Henry be a top 15 player still? Yes. But with the addition of Dion Lewis, it seems Henry will still be coming off the field on third downs.

28. Joe Mixon – RB – CIN

Joe Mixon was finally finding his groove at the end of 2017. That could be foreshadowing a stellar sophomore season with the Bengals.

27. T.Y. Hilton – WR – IND

Once an NFL leading receiver, T.Y. Hilton was being benched most of last season. Without Andrew Luck, it’s a hit-or-miss game with Hilton. Be that as it may, with Luck in the game and throwing like he used to, Hilton could again be a top 10 receiver.

26. Rob Gronkowski – TE – NE

Contemplating retirement gave me a scare. Yet, Rob Gronkowski is ultimately back and ready for another monster season. Being Brady’s go-to guy is never a bad thing, and if he can stay healthy he should be a dominant pass-catcher again.

25. Aaron Rodgers – QB – GB

The loss of Jordy Nelson may play big into Aaron Rodgers season. Possibly more than we know. How will Davante Adams look as a WR1? Will anyone step up as the WR2? Is Jimmy Graham going to be a non-factor because Rodgers doesn’t get the ball to his tight ends often? All of this is cause for concern. But it is still Aaron Rodgers.

24. Tyreek Hill – WR – KC

The fastest man in the NFL now is being set up opposite of another speedster, Sammy Watkins. In addition to having a new starting quarterback, Pat Mahomes, and his big arm. Tyreek Hill could see another stellar season.

23. Jarvis Landry – WR – CLE

Cleveland did a lot in the off-season to improve their team. Having Tyrod Taylor as starting quarterback is not the most promising, but I fully expect the Browns to take a quarterback in the draft and we should see that player connecting to Jarvis Landry often.

22. Davante Adams – WR – GB

Davante Adams is now the main receiver in Green Bay. It will be an interesting show to see how he handles the pressure. Luckily for him, he has an elite passer getting him the ball. Adams has had two straight 10+ touchdown seasons, and now will not have Nelson in the red zone to eat up targets.

21. Mark Ingram – RB – NO

Mark Ingram broke out last season with his running mate, Alvin Kamara. Together they were an immovable force. Ingram is on his contract year and will be picking right up where he left off.

20. Christian McCaffrey – RB – CAR

80 receptions was the best thing from Christian McCaffrey last year. He will continue to eat up receptions and be elusive enough to find the end zone. I love CMC in PPR this season.

19. Keenan Allen – WR – LAC

The fantasy comeback player of the year, Keenan Allen was the hotter than the sun in 2017. Finishing with 1,393 yards, 102 receptions and 6 touchdowns. Yet, there is a plethora of talented receivers on Los Angeles and I’m not fully expecting the same stats for Allen.

18. A.J. Green – WR – CIN

One of the elite receivers is seeing his normal first round stock dropping off the to the second round. Unless Andy Dalton can get back to his old ways, the Bengals are looking like a one-trick-pony — A.J. Green — and teams are catching on.

17. LeSean McCoy – RB – BUF

“Shady” McCoy is also seeing his normal stock drop due to the ever-so-scary number, 30. It’s when most running backs fall of the cliff, and the Bills haven’t done much to help out Shady. Sean McDermott doesn’t seem to know how to use Shady, and it’s resulting in less fantasy value.

16. Jordan Howard – RB – CHI

Jordan Howard is moving up a big amount in my rankings. His stats compare very similar to Todd Gurley’s, in their first two seasons. Howard has a new coach and a quarterback who’s entering his second season. Just like Gurley. Howard could be this season’s top fantasy running back.

15. Mike Evans – WR – TB

1,000+ yards yet again for Mike Evans in 2017, despite it being a “down” year. The touchdowns weren’t there just like in 2015. Yet, Evans followed up that “down” season with a monster 2016. I fully expect Evans to bounce back to the double digit touchdown list.

14. Dalvin Cook – RB – MIN

Dalvin Cook was a top 5 running back before his heart-breaking ACL injury against Detroit in 2017. If he comes back at full-strength, the Vikings will lean heavily on the play-maker. That will allow for Kirk Cousins to be more relaxed when dropping back for a pass.

13. Julio Jones – WR – ATL

The guy is a beast, but is in an offense that can’t get the right plays called to get him the ball. Steve Sarkisian is messing with Julio Jones stat line and it’s effecting all fantasy players. Jones must be used more in the red zone and until I see that, I’ll keep Jones out of my top 12.

12. Melvin Gordon – RB – LAC

A PPR machine in an offense that likes to throw the ball is never a bad thing. Melvin Gordon has now had two straight 12 touchdown seasons, and in 2017 finally broke 1,000 rushing yards. Gordon is a top running back and has a vastly improved offensive line.

11. Leonard Fournette – RB – JAX

The Jaguars leaned heavily on Leonard Fournette in 2017. I wouldn’t expect anything less in 2018. Fournette is a man amongst children and seeks to inflict pain as a running back. It’s fun to watch and great when they get towards the goal line.

10. Michael Thomas – WR – NO

To be the go-to receiver with Brees throwing you the ball, is never the worst thing. Thomas finished 2017 with 104 receptions and 1,245 yards. Despite only catching five touchdowns, Michael Thomas still was an elite fantasy receiver.

9. Odell Beckham Jr. – WR – NYG

Returning from injury, I’ll put Odell Beckham Jr. right back to the top 10. He’s a game changer when he’s on the field. He makes amazing catches and can run right past most guys. Don’t be afraid of getting Beckham as soon as you can.

8. Kareem Hunt – RB – KC

Kareem Hunt was 2017’s leading rusher with 1,327 yards. Adding to that, Hunt found the end zone 11 times and hauled in 53 receptions. Andy Reid has already stated that he wants to get Hunt more involved in the passing game in 2018. This just sounds like a recipe for another top season.

7. Alvin Kamara – RB – NO

Last year’s Rookie of the Year is now going to be under the spotlight for his sophomore year. Luckily, with his running mate Ingram still in New Orleans — for the time being — defenses won’t be able to simply plan for Kamara. If he can come close to duplicating last year’s stats, then the first round pick spent on Kamara will be well worth it.

6. DeAndre Hopkins – WR – HOU

The second best receiver and the last position before the top 5, is a perfect fit for Hopkins. He’ll catch anything, thrown by anyone, anyway you want. He’s a freak, and if Watson stays healthy all season, then Hopkins could battle (spoiler alert) Antonio Brown for best receiver in the game.

5. Antonio Brown – WR – PIT

If you didn’t guess Antonio Brown was going to be the best receiver on this list, then you’re living under a rock. Yet, fifth might even be too low for him. He’s caught 100+ balls, 1,000+ yards and 8+ touchdowns for five consecutive years. On top of that, last year he recorded his best yards per catch (15.2) since 2011.

4. David Johnson – RB – ARI

Out of sight, out of mind. David Johnson was the consensus top pick last year. Now, he’s being overlooked so much that he slips to the late first round. Not on this list! Johnson has a quarterback that’s perfect for what he excels at. Bradford will be dumping down to him often, which gives Johnson a point automatically. Then he starts to add the yards. If he’s on the field all year, he’ll be battling for the top RB spot at the end.

3. Ezekiel Elliott – RB – DAL

Now that the suspension is paid-in-full, Zeke Elliott should be able to go out this year and do what he was doing in 2016 and the first part of 2017. He’s a 100 yard per game shoe-in and will find the end zone regularly. If not for the fact the top two backs catch a lot of passes and this is a PPR list, I would have Zeke as the number one. In standard leagues, he is number one.

2. Todd Gurley – RB – LAR

Last year’s hero/villain, Todd Gurley either won you a championship or knocked you out. You either hated him or loved him. However, we’ll let it be water under the bridge and make sure that if we have a chance at drafting Gurley in 2018, we won’t make the same mistake as we did last year. The offense is built for Gurley, and he is built for the NFL.

1. Le’Veon Bell – RB – PIT

The top overall selection in the early 2018 top 50 fantasy football players is Le’Veon Bell. He catches, he runs, he scores. He hopefully won’t be sitting out all off-season, but even if he does he’s shown he can still be elite. Bell will add points every way possible, and his style of running is still poetry in motion. Don’t pass on Bell with the number one pick or you’ll be haunted by his ghost all season.

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