I’m embarking on the dumbest fantasy football journey I’ve ever dared to take. Join me, won’t you?

Two years ago I thought it’d be funny to try to win a random fantasy football league with former Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert as my starting quarterback. Breaking Football’s own Taylor Smith joined me in a 14-team fantasy football league and he took part in the joke by drafting Geno Smith. We both experienced bad luck from the start (as if trying to win with those guys wasn’t bad enough), as Gabbert and Geno both got hurt early in the year. Taylor was forced to turn to Thaddeus Young of all people and I can’t recall what special kind of horror I forced upon myself.

All I know is Doug Martin tore his labrum and I ended up rolling with a musical chairs situation at quarterback. It, quite possibly, was far worse than I imagined it being.

But I didn’t document it. And I regretted it. This year, Smith joins me again as we set out to torch the walls of fantasy football lore by committing a slightly less appalling act: trying to win a 14-team league with Ryan Fitzpatrick. Taylor matches me by using Brian Hoyer of his hometown Houston Texans. Touche’.

Now, we could make it harder on one of us by tossing Josh McCown into the mix, but there’s no certainty that’s going to be more difficult. Instead, we’ll stroll into 2015 on a somewhat even playing field, albeit both stuck with what figure to be bottom 5 fantasy quarterbacks. Some people think The Beard could be really good. Maybe he will be. If he is, we’ll touch base on a backup plan, which would be me being forced to stream the agreed upon worst starter for any given week.

The point? We’re drafting our starting quarterbacks with our final pick and seeing if we can make it to the playoffs. Fitzpatrick and Hoyer obviously could get replaced or hurt, and the backup plan remains: for bye weeks and for any game these guys are out, we must use the lowest projected starting quarterback on the waiver wire.

It’s going to be fun. We’re almost certain the other 12 random people we lure into this horror show in our Yahoo league won’t mind if we drown in a sea of ineptitude.

Then again, our stacking of the top running backs, wide receivers and tight ends just might work out. We kind of hope not.

This is “Winning With Fitzmagic: A 2015 Journey Through Fantasy Football Hell”. And it’s going to be just awful.

The Rules

We wait until round 13 at the earliest to snag our starting quarterbacks. If they’re not there, the game stays the same. We just get worse quarterbacks. The idea is to try to win with an extremely sub par quarterback on our roster every week. We can stack elsewhere, but we don’t draft a backup quarterback. We can only use the waiver wire and it has to be the worst projected starter for that week.

The league has been published. 12 other sorry souls will enter this disgusting affair with us and our plan is to take them all down. Will we make it? Probably not. Check back Monday afternoon for our official rosters.

Final Rosters – COMING SOON!

Taylor’s Team

Kevin’s Team



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