The top ten running backs coming into this fantasy football season are fairly undisputed. The order of the backs may change slightly depending on personal preference, but it is the same ten names. Today I’m going to preview on of those ten studs in Cincinnati Bengals rusher, Jeremy Hill.

According to average draft position, Hill is the 9th best running back, and 16th overall pick in this year’s fantasy drafts. In my opinion Hill is a steal as the 9th best running back, and I actually rank him as my RB7 coming into this season, and the 13th best player available in fantasy football this season. If Hill is available to you any time after the 12th pick he is definitely worth selecting.

Consider that over the back half of last season Hill had more rushing yards, and more yards per carry than any other back. Now with a full season of play time, and a new increased focus by the Bengals to run the football, I think Hill is poised to be an absolute monster this fantasy season.

Hill will also have Giovani Bernard to take a little pressure off of him, and will be able to use those rest downs to limit wear and tear on his body. Not to mention A.J. Green, one of the best receiving threats in the game. Teams will really have to pick their poison when playing the Bengals, and will have to decide if they want to stack the box to stop Hill, or sit back to stop Green. Because of this I believe that Hill and Green will both have incredible fantasy seasons.

Hill is young, explosive, and big. Hill’s size will be an incredible advantage in goal line situations, where Hill will be the number one option on the Bengals roster. Because of the Bengals new run-first mantra, Hill should consistently put up over 100 total yards and/or a touchdown, week in and week out. And Hill is the only running back not ranked in the top five that I see having the ability to crack the top five.

He’s funny, too:

Hill’s upside value is that of a top three running back, and his low end value (assuming he doesn’t get injured) is the 11th best running back. Meaning that as long as you are in 12 team league Hill is a guaranteed RB1 and should be considered a RB1 even in an 8 team league.

What do you think of Jeremy Hill’s fantasy value this year? Let us know in the comments!

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