The Miami Dolphins of last season were the height of mediocrity. They finished with an 8-8 record and a 3-3 record in their division. But despite a mediocre performance by the team, the Dolphins had a few impressive fantasy performers. Ryan Tannehill quietly finished 8th among all fantasy quarterbacks and Lamar Miller finished 9th among fantasy running backs. I expect those two to have similar finishes this season, and a couple of other fantasy bad-asses to emerge from the Dolphins squad in 2015. Here is the breakdown of the fantasy outlook of every position:


I’ve already expressed my opinions on Ryan Tannehill’s future HERE. So I’ll be brief in my analysis of the signal caller in this article. Tannehill is a top five running quarterback in the league, a top ten throwing quarterback, and as durable as they come, having not missed a start in his three year career despite taking more hits than almost any other quarterback over that span of time. He’s also running behind an underrated offensive line, and throwing to one of the league’s best all-around receiving corps. I’m certain Tannehill will finish in the top 10 amongst quarterbacks this fantasy season. Even if Tannehill did get hurt I’m confident backup QB Matt Moore could be a dark horse fantasy option with this dynamic Dolphins offense.


Lamar Miller is really the only name worth mentioning at running back for the Dolphins at this point. It was suspected that rookie Jay Ajayi would be a complimentary back to Miller and would be the logical handcuff pick, but at this point it appears that the Phins are favoring Damien Williams in the race for that RB2 spot on the team. Miller looked fast, explosive, and dynamic in the first pre-season game of this year, and is certainly worth taking at his average draft position as the 14th running back off the board. The only concern with Miller, like most running backs, is whether or not he can last the full season. Considering that Miller played the last two seasons without missing a start, it is safe to say that Miller is a fairly durable back. Also consider that Miller added some muscle mass in the off-season so he could be more effective between the tackles, and you’ve got a legit high-end RB2 out of Miller.


As I mentioned in the Tannehill breakdown, The Dolphins have one of the league’s best all-around receiving corps. As far as legit fantasy options go out of the Dolphins wide receivers though I really think two guys stand above the rest. Jarvis Landry, and DeVante Parker. Landry is a sure thing to be a fantasy stud this year. I believe Landry will turn himself into a top 20 fantasy WR this year, and could be a good WR2 or Flex starter on your fantasy team. His cohesion with Tannehill will be an advantage he will have over all the other starting wide receivers for the Dolphins, and his ability to run a lot of different routes and make spectacular catches will make him a serious player to watch this season. DeVante Parker in my opinion is one of the top two rookie wide receivers to be drafted to the NFL this year. It is very unfortunate that Parker is missing all of the preseason because it would be nice to get some scouting on him before drafting him to your fantasy team. But the fact that he won’t be playing any preseason games makes him an even deeper sleeper as most fantasy owners won’t be interested in touching him. I believe Parker could emerge as the Dolphins top WR this season, and could easily score more points than Landry. However it is also conceivable the Parker will struggle since he didn’t get any reps in training camp or the preseason.  Either way Parker is absolutely worth drafting as his average draft position is 154th. I’d put him on my bench and give him at least half the season to get into NFL form. Parker could emerge as WR2 or WR1 option, and at the 154th pick in the draft I’d say that’s a bit of a steal.

It should be mentioned that Kenny Stills, Greg Jennings and Rashard Matthews are all on the Dolphins as well and could all put up decent numbers and could possibly be viable fantasy options. But for me I’d leave those guys on the board in the draft, go after Landry and Parker, and if Jennings, Stills, or Matthews heat up at any point just target them on the waiver wire.


Last season’s tight end situation for the Dolphins wasn’t half bad, but this year it is getting even better! The addition of Jordan Cameron really helps to put the Dolphins offensive potential over the top this season. If Cameron can stay healthy, which has been an issue in the past, then he is sure to finish close to the top five amongst fantasy tight ends. Cameron and Tannehill have already developed a rapport as can be seen in this highlight. With so many weapons for defenses to worry about I see a sizeable improvement in red zone efficiency for the Dolphins, and I see a lot of touchdowns and yards coming Cameron’s way. Cameron is a top level tight end, and should be drafted as early as the 6th tight end.


The game of football is won and lost in the trenches, and the Miami Dolphins defensive line is one of the best the league has ever seen. The Dolphins second string defensive line is better than most team’s first string d-line, so even if injuries occur the Phins will be able to get pressure on quarterbacks without blitzing, which makes life A LOT easier for the inexperienced Dolphins linebacker core. The teams secondary is also very underrated with most people thinking that the Dolphins only have one good defender out there, when in reality the Phins have a lot of talent on the back-end of their defense. Even with the injury just sustained to Louis Delmas, the Dolphins have a strong secondary. Players like Reshad Jones, Brent Grimes, Jamar Taylor, Brice McCain, and Will Davis fill out the Phins secondary, and they are all scrappy players that aren’t intimidated by anyone. The Dolphins defense is ranked as the 8th defense coming into this fantasy season (maybe a little lower or higher depending on where you look at rankings). I believe they will finish right around there. With that defensive line putting pressure on offensive fronts, and a strong secondary on the back end, I believe it will be a good year for the Dolphins D.


The one position that I am supremely unconfident about on the Dolphins is kicker. Sturgis has simply been garbage for years, and quite frankly I have no idea how he even has a job. Throughout training camp and the preseason Sturgis is once again kicking like crap, but it still looks like he is going to be the starter coming into this season. Sturgis is probably blackmailing the Dolphins team owner Stephen Ross with some Donald Sterling like recordings. To me that is the only conceivable way that Sturgis has maintained his roster spot, and not resorted to selling real estate in Idaho. Perhaps I’m being a bit unkind towards Sturgis, but throughout his two year NFL career the guy has only hit 77.45% of his kicks, including an absolutely dismal 20-33 on field goals of over 40 yards. Canadian Football League kickers are better than that.

Hopefully you enjoyed my breakdown of the Dolphins 2015 fantasy outlook. If you have anything to add, or any questions about this article then post in the comments below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

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