There were a lot of shakeups again this week. Top teams fell in upset losses while one of the leagues two remaining winless teams pulled off a convincing win. The Chargers are sure to drop but who will be our new top team?
As the weeks go on, the power continues to shift in the NFL. See where your favorite team landed heading in to Week 8

1. Denver Broncos
Record: 5-1

The Broncos absolutely destroyed the 49ers on Sunday night. All while Peyton Manning was putting the all-time TD record in his rear view mirror. Demaryius Thomas is back on track and Ronnie Hillman seems to be an upgrade from the injured Montee Ball. They have earned this top spot.

2. Arizona Cardinals
Record: 5-1

The Cardinals quietly continue to win. With injuries at just about every position at some point this season, it just doesn’t seem to make a difference. They have even rotated through three QBs. That is very impressive. As the Tyrann Mathieu gets healthy, expect that secondary to improve.

3. Dallas Cowboys
Record: 6-1

The Cowboys have been tremendous to this point. Tony Romo is playing great and Demarco Murray is playing better. The defense led by Barry Church and Justin Durrant has been shockingly solid. But remember, they have to do it in December.

4. Philadelphia Eagles
Record: 5-1

Philly stayed put during their bye week. They come back to face a very tough Cardinals team.

5. San Diego Chargers
Record: 5-2

The Chargers fell victim to the classic trap game. They played a game against a solid divisional rival. They took a fall from the top spot but still are a team to be reckoned with.

6. Baltimore Ravens
Record: 5-2

Baltimore throttled the Falcons this week, beginning to pull away in the AFC North. The Ravens have been a bit of surprise this year. Especially when you consider the fact that their projected top WR has been awful, Dennis Pitta went down with another hip injury and we all know what happened with Ray Rice.

7. Detroit Lions
Record: 5-2

Detroit has an excellent defense and they found a way to win in New Orleans without Calvin Johnson. If they can continue to stay afloat without Megatron, they will be a force when he returns. Joique Bell has looked good and Golden Tate has emerged as much more than just a compliment to Johnson.

8. Indianapolis Colts
Record: 5-2

The Colts offense has been very impressive. They upended the Bengals on Sunday. They shut down the offense as well, but in all fairness Cincy didn’t have A.J. Green. Andrew Luck is looking like an MVP candidate.

9. Green Bay Packers
Record: 5-2

First off, next person I hear say “R-E-L-A-X”, I’m going to punch in the throat… Sorry, just needed to get that off my chest. The Packers really dominated a Panthers’ team that is not as bad as they looked against the Packers.

10. New England Patriots
Record: 5-2

There was panic. They wanted to change the QB. The coach was being questioned. And here they are, right where they always are. In first place in the AFC East a contending for a first round bye.

11. Cincinnati Bengals
Record: 3-2-1

The Bengals really need Green back. He may be back for Week 8, that’s why they get a bit of a pass for their recent struggles. But what happened to that great defense? That needs to be figured out and quick.

12. Seattle Seahawks
Record: 3-3

Think about this, the Seahawks are in third place in their own division and if they lose next week could find themselves in the basement. That of course is a big if and we all expect them to bounce back and be there in the end. But it’s dangerous to assume they’ll just put it together. It seems like that’s what they may be doing as well.

13. San Francisco 49ers
Record: 4-3

San Fran has had some impressive wins and bad losses. They were crushed on national TV this Sunday night. They are a hard team to get a good read on but they are definitely dangerous.

14. Buffalo Bills
Record: 4-3

How this team continues to win is beyond me. I really don’t see it continuing. For now, they’ve earned this spot. For the next month the three men they will be relying on to carry them is Kyle Orton, Anthony Dixon and Sammy Watkins. It’s hard to imagine that going well. Luckily for them, they have the Jets and a bye week coming up on their schedule.

15. Kansas City Chiefs
Record: 3-3

Kansas City isn’t great, but they just beat the Chargers and blew out the Patriots a few weeks back. We will be watching them closely moving forward. They could go in either direction.

16. Miami Dolphins
Record: 3-3

Miami is very close to being a very good team, but they need to find a way to win close games. They had a nice win on Sunday, and should have a layup against the Jags this week. They schedule gets tough after that. The Dolphins may end up fighting for a wild card spot.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers
Record: 4-3

This team may be the most unpredictable in the league. Sometimes they look great and sometimes they’re terrible. The Steelers could literally lose to anybody or upset most of the top teams. Which team will show against Indy next week? Your guess is as good as mine.

18. Carolina Panthers
Record: 3-3-1

The Panthers have the pieces but need to put them together. They need Greg Hardy back on that D-line and could really use a few weapons around Cam Newton. They haven’t looked great, nevertheless, we believe they are very dangerous.

19. Chicago Bears
Record: 3-4

Speaking of teams that just need to put it together. They have tremendous weapons on offense and some good players on defense. Nonetheless, that locker room is a mess and Jay Cutler just isn’t that good. That offense may explode at any minute though.

20. Houston Texans
Record: 3-4

This team looks like Arian Foster, J.J. Watt and nothing else. Fortunately for them, that has been enough to keep them afloat. This is a team that looks like it could spiral. Hopefully the return of Jadeveon Clowney can really help that defense.

21. New York Giants
Record: 3-4

The Giants season has been a roller coaster ride. They will have some time to regroup this week during a much needed bye.

22. Cleveland Browns
Record: 3-3

Just when you start to believe in the Browns, they get blown out by the Jags. Everyone that is shocked by that apparently has not been watching the Browns for the past, ever.

23. St. Louis Rams
Record: 2-4

The Rams pulled off a huge win against the Seahawks on Sunday. This team is not that far away from being a very scary team. They really need to get that pass rush back on track though.Week 7 may have been the start.

24. Atlanta Falcons
Record: 2-5

This team cannot win on the road and their defense is terrible. They will not earn any respect until they figure those issues out. The explosive passing game just isn’t enough. They are fading quickly in a very winnable NFC South.

25. New Orleans Saints
Record: 2-4

See Atlanta Falcons blurb…

26. Washington Redskins
Record: 2-5

Kirk Cousins fall from grace was quick and dramatic. Colt McCoy is the new starter while they wait for Robert Griffin III to get healthy. But hey, at least they beat the Titans.

27. Minnesota Vikings
Record: 2-5

The Vikings found a way to lose against a battered Bills team this week. They have some young talent, but not enough to win right now.

28. Tennessee Titans
Record: 2-5

The Titans continue to slide as they lost in the closing moments to the Redskins. This offense is bad and the defense isn’t much better.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Record: 1-5

The Bucs had a much needed bye week in Week 7. They will try to regroup and try to win a very winnable game against the Vikings in Week 8.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars
Record: 1-6

The Jags blew out the Browns on Sunday. They got their first win of the season and no longer have to worry about going 0-16. It’s sad but that may be their biggest accomplishment of the season.

31. New York Jets
Record: 1-6

The Jets continue to plummet in spectacular fashion. A terrible pass attack and a terrible pass defense is not a good thing in today’s NFL. Only beating the Raiders is almost like being winless. They will try to pull off a win this week against a beat up Bills team.

32. Oakland Raiders
Record: 0-6

And then there was one. The Raiders are now the only winless team in the NFL. Darnell Docket added insult to injury with a hilarious sign he made to taunt the fans in Oakland. It’s worth a google image search, it pretty much sums up their season perfectly.

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