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All of these guys are at $5k or below on Draft Kings. Except for QBs, because none of those A-holes are less than $5k. Haughty bastards. 


Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles ($6.3k)

Foles hasn’t been all that great, which is probably why his price is so low these days. However, he’s still a part of perhaps the NFL’s most explosive offense, so there’s always the chance that he could explode, as well. Philly has a matchup with the Cardinals this week. The Cardinals are pretty stingy against the run, but can be vulnerable through the air. It’s not an awful bet.

Mike Glennon, Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($6.4k)

Glennon has racked-up at least 17 points in each of his last three games, which is quite stellar for one of the cheaper QBs out there. The Vikings are coming down to Florida to face the Buccos this week, though Minnesota has had some success in defending the pass. But no matter. I like Glennon to find his two big targets a few times, which could lead to another stellar afternoon.

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions ($6.5k)

Stafford appeared in this space last week when he cost $7k, and he kinda failed. Who knew that he needs the best receiver on earth in order to put up big numbers!? But his price has dropped again this week, and the Lions are traveling to England where they’ll take on the crappy Falcons. Megatron is likely to be out of the lineup again, but there’s always upside with Stafford and his chuckin’ ways.

Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals ($5.6k)

Dalton (and the rest of the Bengals) was horrendous against Indy last week, and it’s obvious that he, too, is sorely missing his all-world pass-catcher. There’s a chance that AJ Green could be back on the field to take on the Ravens, but it’s still looking pretty iffy. However, Dalton did put up over 24 points the previous week against Carolina without Green, so he’s not completely reliant on him the way Stafford is with Calvin Johnson. The Ravens are boasting a salty defense, but Cincy is at home and I’d expect a decent rebound effort out of the Red Rifle.

Running Backs

Jerick McKinnon, Minnesota Vikings ($4.9k)

That’s three solid outings in four weeks for McKinnon, who appears to be taking over the Vikings’ backfield without Adrian Peterson around. He’s clearly a more talented and bursty runner than Matt Asiata, and we know the Vikings need all the playmakers they can get. The Buccaneers are absolutely awful on defense this year, so gotta like McKinnon’s chances at another 100-plus yard effort.

Joique Bell, Detroit Lions ($4.8k)

Reggie Bush seems to be headed for another deactivation this week in London, so the backfield belongs to Joique. I mentioned earlier that the Falcons are terrible, and Bell seems to find the end zone with great frequency when he’s “the man”. Pretty strong chance of Joique Bell celebrations coming to London this weekend. Cheerio!

Darren McFadden, Oakland Raiders ($4.7k)

It’s kinda blasphemous to have a Raider in this space, but I’m rebelling. DMC hasn’t been awesome by any means (he’s topped 59 yards rushing just once all year), but McFadden seems to be seizing control of the Oakland backfield these days. The goal line carries belong to him, as well. The Raiders don’t often find themselves down that close to paydirt, but you gotta take some chances. Using him this week against the Browns (who were dominated by Denard freaking Robinson last week) won’t kill you.

Denard freaking Robinson, Jacksonville Jaguars ($4.6k)

Whoa! Robinson came out of nowhere last week to gain over 100 yards on the ground, and also scored. That comes out to 21.7 big ol’ fantasy points for nobody, because nobody used Denard freaking Robinson last week. But people are surely using Denard freaking Robinson this week, because he looked good! Will he keep it up against Miami? I don’t know! He’s DENARD FREAKING ROBINSON.

Doug Martin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($4.4k)

Hey, remember Doug Martin? Me neither. RIP, Muscle Hamster. But apparently he’s not actually dead, which is surprising news. He was good as a rookie, then died last year, but apparently the Bucs are still running his corpse out there as a running back. Minnesota’s defense doesn’t stop the run at all, so perhaps even a corpse could enjoy a nice fantasy day against them.

Ben Tate, Cleveland Browns ($4.6k)

Ben Tate is an injury waiting to happen, but now is apparently one of those times in between injuries for him. The Browns play the Raiders this week, which should mean Tate should rebound from a less-than-stellar showing last week against Denard freaking Robinson’s Jaguars. For just $4.6k, he’s worth a look.

Tre Mason, St. Louis Rams ($4.3k)

The Rams seem like they’re into the whole “hot hand” approach to distributing carries, and last week Mason’s hand was the hottest against the Seahawks. The former Heisman finalist scored his first NFL touchdown and also picked up 85 yards on 18 carries. I don’t really love him in KC this week, as the Chiefs tend to shut the run down pretty well, but it’s tough to ignore a guy that seems destined to be the No. 1 RB for St. Louis.

Alf Morris, Washington Redskins ($4.2k)

Alf! Alf has been going through a bit of a rough stretch of late, having failed to gain more than 63 yards in any game since Week 3. Yikes. Washington continues to shuffle their QBs around, and Colt McCoy seems like he’s going to be starting for the Skins in Dallas on Monday night. While the Cowboys’ defense has been better than initially thought, they’re still not world-beaters. The Redskins always seem to get up and play Dallas tough, and I’d expect more of that this week. Hopefully Alf can get off the schneid.

Jonathan Stewart, Carolina Panthers ($3.4k)

DeAngelo Williams is sitting this week, so J-Stew becomes the lead dog in the Panthers’ backfield alongside Cam. There are very few situations in which using a Carolina RB is a good idea in fantasy, and this is no different. However, he should get a decent number of totes, and Seattle has been ineffective stopping the run in the last two weeks. For the price, he’s not the worst gamble.

Wide Receivers

Michael Floyd, Arizona Cardinals ($4.9k)

Carson Palmer is back, which has to be music to the ears of Michael Floyd and Larry Fitzgerald. Floyd has only 47 yards receiving in each of the last two games, but he did find the end zone in both. Clearly Palmer trusts him when Arizona is in scoring position, and for $4.9k against a shoddy Eagles secondary…I like.

Terrance Williams, Dallas Cowboys ($4.7k)

Dez Bryant is the man, but Terrance Williams has made some tremendously huge plays for Dallas in the last few games. He only has five total catches in the last three games, but two of them have been long TDs and he’s typically good for a big play per game.

Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($4.5k)

Evans quietly has at least four catches in every game of his career so far, and has scored in each of the last two games with Mike Glennon under center. I like him to keep up the solid showings this week against Minnesota.

Torrey Smith, Baltimore Ravens ($4.4k)

He’s alive! After showing nothing through the first few games of the year, Torrey Smith has returned and scored thrice in two weeks. Owen Daniels is out of Baltimore’s lineup this week, which likely means more targets for both Torrey and Steve Smith. Torrey’s TD last week was pretty much in garbage time, but who cares? Points are points.

Cordarrelle Patterson, Minnesota Vikings ($3.3k)

Look, I know he’s done nothing, but his price is almost the minimum at this point. He can’t do nothing forever, right? He’s a big play machine. He did have a touchdown mixed in to an otherwise forgettable afternoon last week, so perhaps there’s hope yet. Let’s not forget that the Bucs’ defense sucks.

Hakeem Nicks, Indianapolis Colts ($3k)

Nicks is another guy that has done almost nothing this year, but with Reggie Wayne sidelined, his role should increase a bit. At the minimum against a so-so pass defense in the Steelers, perhaps Nicks can enjoy a resurrection.

Tight Ends

Zach Ertz, Philadelphia Eagles ($3.2k)

Ertz hasn’t been involved nearly as much as we thought he’d be, but he has a favorable matchup with Arizona in Week 8. He’s nearly the minimum, and he’s a talented pass-catcher in a potent offense. That’s a combo to like, right? He did score in the Eagles’ last game, so maybe he’s coming around.

Charles Clay, Miami Dophins ($3.5k)

Clay was a fantasy revelation a year ago, but has fallen off the map this season. He did score last week and have a total of 58 yards on four receptions, so maybe he’s getting back into the fold a bit. He’s battling a bit of a nagging injury, but he also has a (potentially) appealing matchup with Jacksonville on the docket.

Jordan Reed, Washington Redskins ($4k)

Reed has been steadily involved in the Redskins’ offense since returning from an ankle injury two weeks ago, and the Cowboys haven’t been very effective in limiting opposing TEs so far this year. Surely Colt McCoy will look Reed’s way a few times on Monday night.

Dwayne Allen, Indianapolis Colts ($3.9k)

Allen was here last week, and he got you 14.2 points if you used him. He’s obviously Andrew Luck’s preferred tight end (over sack extraordinaire Coby Fleener), and he’s finally established as a vital cog in Indy’s attack.


With Zach Mettenberger making his first career start this week, the Texans ($3.4k) should be a solid bet to produce a few more takeaways. The Dolphins ($3.3k) have been racking up sacks this year, and they face a Jags OL that has holes everywhere. Andy Dalton will throw a few picks here and there, and the Ravens ($3.2k) have been a solid fantasy D this season.

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