Fantasy football is hard. It’s even harder when you think you found a gem of a player and then he gets slapped around due to a brutal matchup. Wrong matchup, wrong time, right? Well, if you look at the numbers and spin the logic, it’s actually pretty easy to avoid those brutal weeks. Sure, you usually need to roll with your studs, but the rest of your lineup should be shaken down like someone trying to shoplift a pack of gum. Gently, but you still have to do it, bruh.

On to the top matchups to steer clear from in week eight:

Fade the Ravens and Lions, Probably

Yes, if you have Julio Jones or Giovani Bernard, you probably have to play them. Heck, if A.J. Green returns this week, you probably have to roll the dice with him, too. But that’s just about it. Baltimore makes Bengals options a no go this week, and Detroit being in London scares me off of the Falcons, too. Atlanta is 0-4 away from the Georgia Dome, too, so hows that for some food for thought? The reality is both the Ravens and Lions are flat out solid across the board on defense. Baltimore can be passed on a bit and so can the Lions at times, but they’re mostly not to be messed with.

Indianapolis Colts Pass Defense

The hell? I didn’t really take this for an elite pass defense, but the Colts are actually being a bunch of dicks to both fantasy quarterbacks and fantasy wide receivers these days. Over the past four weeks, they’ve been rude as balls to the like, allowing quarterbacks just 8.8 points on average. Receivers are permitted just 10.4 fantasy points. It’s gross and largely a situation to stay away from. That might especially be the case for the Steelers, who are at home this week but somehow managed to win in week seven despite playing about three minutes of actual football. Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell need to be in your lineups, but otherwise you should be fading Steelers in week eight.

Bills, Broncos and Dolphins Run Defense

Buffalo is insanely nasty against the run. They’re #2 on the year and third over the past few weeks. Chris Ivory runs hard but you can’t use him or that thing they call Chris Johnson this week. Denver doesn’t strike you as an elite run defense, but they kind of are. They’re the top unit you don’t want to run against over the past two weeks and rank #4 against fantasy running backs over the past four games. Branden Oliver, see ya. Lastly, Denard Robinson just got the job and now you’ll have to slap it out of his hands. Miami is a bit inconsistent, but the talent of their front seven is gross and they’ve been pretty stingy over the last four weeks. Plus they’re facing the damn Jaguars. You can’t really trust Shoelace all that much this week.

Rams and Texans Against Tight Ends

San Diego and Green Bay are also a bunch of jerks against tight ends, both allowing under seven fantasy points per game to the position. But are you really letting that scare you away from Julius Thomas or Jimmy Graham? No, so onward and upward. The two matchups that actually face tight ends this week (there are tougher defenses against TEs but they face spares) are the Rams and Texans taking on the Chiefs and Titans, respectively. Delanie Walker probably isn’t worth the trouble if Houston is really going to house tight ends like this, and the same can probably be said for Travis Kelce. Kelce carries way more upside, but the Rams have been tough against opposing tight ends all year. These are situations to avoid.

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