Week 7 of the NFL is here. The “action” got started last night with the 49ers and Seahawks. Boy, was that game a supreme bore. It wasn’t that it was just boring, either. It was ugly as can be. Colin Kaepernick is just the worst. We all had Seattle winning that game and myself, Keet, Kevin and Terrence peruse through this week’s games to make our picks. Someone is ahead of this sorry pack, but I forget. Oh well, it’s like they say, the only week that matters is this week. Right? No? Damnit.

Anyways, here are your week 7 NFL picks. They’re free, so there’s that:

Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers

Taylor Smith (@TaylorBojangles): Seahawks

Kevin Roberts (@BreakingKevin): Seahawks

Keet Bailey (@KeetBailey): Seahawks

Terrence Kirker (@TerrenceKirker): Seahawks

A clean sweep here. Man, the 49ers are dreadful.

Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Taylor: Bills

Kevin: Bills

Keet: Jaguars

Terrence: Bills

Keet is the lone believer in the “home team” in this one. In Bortles, Keet Trusts.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Washington Redskins

Taylor: Redskins

Kevin: Redskins

Keet: Buccaneers

Terrence: Buccaneers

A divide among us for this one. Really, who even cares who wins this game?

Atlanta Falcons @ Tennessee Titans

Taylor: Falcons

Kevin: Falcons

Keet: Falcons

Terrence: Falcons

The Titans are weird. Bad, and weird.

New Orleans Saints @ Indianapolis Colts

Taylor: Colts

Kevin: Colts

Keet: Colts

Terrence: Colts

Nobody’s buying that big Saints win last week, eh?

Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions

Taylor: Vikings

Kevin: Vikings

Keet: Lions

Terrence: Vikings

Keet is once again the lone dissenter. I don’t trust the Vikings much, but I sure as hell trust them more than the Lions.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs

Taylor: Steelers

Kevin: Chiefs

Keet: Steelers

Terrence: Steelers

Kevin isn’t a believer in Landry Jones? BLASPHEMY.

Cleveland Browns @ St. Louis Rams

Taylor: Rams

Kevin: Rams

Keet: Rams

Terrence: Rams

So close, yet so, so far, Browns.

Houston Texans @ Miami Dolphins

Taylor: Dolphins

Kevin: Dolphins

Keet: Dolphins

Terrence: Texans

Terrence is buying Brian Hoyer again this week. I just…can’t.

New York Jets @ New England Patriots

Taylor: Patriots

Kevin: Patriots

Keet: Patriots

Terrence: Patriots

Sorry, Jets. Keep reaching for that rainbow.

Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers

Taylor: Chargers

Kevin: Chargers

Keet: Chargers

Terrence: Chargers

Biggest game of the season so far for the Chargers. If they lose, they’re probably done.

Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants

Taylor: Giants

Kevin: Giants

Keet: Giants

Terrence: Cowboys

Terrence attempting a bit of reverse psychology for his Giants here. Bold.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Carolina Panthers

Taylor: Eagles

Kevin: Panthers

Keet: Panthers

Terrence: Panthers

I picked the Eagles. I can’t say why. Probably because I don’t know.

Baltimore Ravens @ Arizona Cardinals

Taylor: Cardinals

Kevin: Cardinals

Keet: Cardinals

Terrence: Cardinals


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