Fantasy football can yield some brutal decisions to make. We’ve got you covered for some of the toughest calls, as we hunt out some of the most difficult lineup dilemmas and dissect them in our week seven Fantasy Versus column. Got a specific lineup issue that needs to be addressed? Let us know in the comments below or bug us on Twitter.

For now, we’ll go over numerous position battles many fantasy owners could be dealing with this week:

Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, New York Jets vs. Josh McCown, QB, Cleveland Browns

The problem here is that many people fear The Beard because he can implode at any time and despite regressing a bit last week, Josh McCown has been pretty masterful in 2015. But the reality is both of these guys are historically pedestrian passers that could both go down in flames. I think Fitzmagic is a little less likely to. He has better weapons, for one, while the New England defense he’s facing this week isn’t the elite defense of a year ago. McCown, on the other hand, gets the Rams, who have made Aaron Rodgers and other top flight quarterbacks look fairly average. I think it’s close and there is a decent chance both guys pan out just fine, but Fitzpatrick has the better matchup and also has better weapons to get him out of a jam.

Derek Carr, QB, Oakland Raiders vs. Ryan Tannehill, QB, Miami Dolphins

Andy Dalton and Aaron Rodgers have the week off, so there are surely going to be people with quarterback problems. I like Carr and Tanny both, but I’m leaning toward Tannehill. Not only did he and all of the Dolphins come back to life last week, but he’s got a good amount of weapons and gets a Texans defense that hasn’t been elite in any regard in 2015. Tannehill could easily face-plant, but he has a rather high ceiling and is coming off of an encouraging performance against a stiff Titans pass D. Carr should be fine, but he’s on the road against a strong Bolts secondary. I’m not overly into that matchup, so I’ll go with Tannehill instead.

Brian Hoyer, QB, Houston Texans vs. Nick Foles, QB, St. Louis Rams

Ugh, Brian Hoyer. Do I trust you to keep up this ridiculous 7:1 touchdown/interception ratio you have going? More than I trust sorry sacks like Foles, Kirk Cousins or E.J. Manuel – that’s for sure. Hoyer could go down in flames like any of these guys, but Foles just farted out one of the worst games ever two weeks ago and Hoyer has a decent matchup. More importantly, he has DeAndre Hopkins and Arian Foster, who will make some magic happen even if Hoyer skates back to the mean. I’ll take Hoyer and jettison Foles into the sun.

Justin Forsett, RB, Baltimore Ravens vs. DeMarco Murray, RB, Philadelphia Eagles

This is a pretty tough call and I reckon some people are facing this issue. I know I am. Both guys have pretty crummy matchups on the road, but both have been pretty killer over the past 2-3 weeks. Both are involved in the passing game, too, so this issue stretches across all formats. The simple answer is this: who is more likely to score a touchdown? It’s Murray, who has 20+ carries in each of the last two games and generally is the main man in the red-zone for Philly. Sam Bradford is inept at times but Chip Kelly’s offense as a whole has really come around. Murray’s rise has a lot to do with it, as does improved offensive line play. I like Forsett’s PPR ability in this one as Baltimore will probably be throwing the ball all day, but the Cardinals usually shut down the run and have allowed exactly one rushing touchdown all year. I can’t get into that. It’s Murray all the way.

Chris Johnson, RB, Arizona Cardinals vs. Jonathan Stewart, RB, Carolina Panthers

Similar issue here, except you have a guy in Johnson who has been decent for most of the year, going up against a guy who really only finally woke up just last week. Stewart might lack the big play ability Johnson still has somehow, but he obviously is the bigger TD threat. His matchup isn’t great, but then again neither is Johnson’s, who also has two talented running backs to worry about. I like Stewart, but only by a hair.

Charcandrick West, RB, Kansas City Chiefs vs. Alfred Morris, RB, Washington Redskins

Boy were both of these guys spares last week. The worst part is Morris has been a spare for about five weeks straight. West wasn’t a spare because he has been sucking for an eternity, either. He was a waste because Andy Reid is an idiot and the Vikings dominated the Chiefs. This week could be different with West’s role hopefully expanding and KC playing at home. Morris has a beatable matchup but his role is shaky and Matt Jones is back. Morris is extremely TD dependent and doesn’t get involved in the passing game. In PPR leagues West is the uber easy call. In standard leagues he still holds a solid lead in this matchup.

Vincent Jackson, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Jordan Matthews, WR, Philadelphia Eagles

What the hell do you do here? V-Jax is a total blow up guy who can get you touchdowns, while Matthews was at one time a true PPR darling. Neither can fully be trusted, but ya gotta pick one. Balls.

It sucks, because Matthews has had a declining role for some reason ever since he hauled in 10 balls in week one. Jackson has had one awesome outing and then laid a major egg last week with one. damn. catch. Yuck. Even with the horror of what Jackson did last week, he’s the pick here. He has the upside and he has the better matchup. Matthews, on the other hand, has been fairly weak for quite some time now, isn’t nearly as explosive and faces a stingy pass defense in Carolina. Not good.

Donte Moncrief, WR, Indianapolis Colts vs. Jarvis Landry, WR, Miami Dolphins

Now here’s a tough one, because I like both of these guys a lot this week. Both are quality talents with solid roles and also have quality matchups this week. Moncrief woke back up last week with Andrew Luck healthy and back, and when that’s the case this dude doesn’t really falter much. Landry has to deal with a touch and go Miami offense, but he’s rather stable due to how much he does (returns punts, runs, catches, scales buildings, etc). Both have good matchups, but neither matchup is completely eye-popping to the point where the decision is obvious. For me, it’s about stability and Landry is just always more involved and he’s pretty darn safe. I like Moncrief plenty this week, but if you have to pick between the two I prefer Landry’s floor.

Martavis Bryant, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Jeremy Maclin, WR, Kansas City Chiefs

Bryant might be priced much less in daily fantasy football, but I’m not sure he’s the worse play. Maclin has been really strong for several weeks now, but he’s banged up and has a quarterback that doesn’t know how to get people the ball at times. Bryant isn’t as safe, but his upside is through the roof – especially against a KC defense that ranks dead last in the league against wide receivers. If Maclin were completely healthy I might roll with him because he’s got a higher floor, but fantasy football is all about upside. After Bryant’s welcome back party last week, I can’t deny him.

Delanie Walker, TE, Tennessee Titans vs. Charles Clay, TE, Buffalo Bills

Antonio Gates could miss week 7 due to a knee sprain so you could very well suddenly be facing some tough calls at the tight end position. Luckily Walker and Clay are two rock solid options. I’m rolling with Clay, though. He was targeted an insane 13 times with E.J. Manuel starting last week and Manuel is under center again. I like that tunnel vision to continue – especially with Percy Harvin and Sammy Watkins both sidelined.

Ben Watson, TE, New Orleans Saints vs. Jordan Cameron, TE, Miami Dolphins

Some say ride the wave and others say don’t get sucked in. I’ll be honest, I didn’t see Watson’s ridiculous 10-catch game coming last week and I sure as hell don’t know if it was legit. I do know Cameron is talented as balls and is the better option on the surface. He also scored last week and has the better matchup, as Houston got crushed by Travis Kelce in week one and the Colts (who Watson faces) have allowed one score to TEs all year. Watson needs more than one big week to win me over, and I have a weird feeling Cameron is slowly waking up from his early season slumber.

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