You’ve got a problem on your hands. Austin Davis has mostly defeated the odds against him and put up petty darn solid numbers in fantasy football, yet he takes on the Seattle Seahawks at home in week seven. To make matters worse, one of your normal starters is on a bye (Nick Foles or Mike Glennon), your main guy is hurt (Jake Locker) or you’re out of options.

If you’re down to the likes of Geno Smith, Kyle Orton and others, you very well may be forced into using Davis this week. The question is, what can you expect? This is a Seattle defense, after all, that made Aaron Rodgers look pedestrian in week one and held Peyton Manning in check for most of week three.

But will it be that defense that shows up in St. Louis in week seven, or the one that got worked by Philip Rivers and Tony Romo?

To be frank, this Seattle pass defense just isn’t elite right now. For whatever reason, through five games, just one quarterback (oddly Rodgers) has passed for less than 250 yards against this unit, while they even got gashed on the ground in week six by DeMarco Murray.

To be more specific, Seattle was stingy in their opener, giving up just over 9 fantasy points to the quarterback position. Since then, they’ve allowed 25, 20, 19 and 15. If Davis can even get 15 like Romo did last week, that’s probably going to be a positional win for a lot of fantasy owners – especially when you consider their alternative options.

So, yes, I’m saying there’s a chance for Davis. In fact, there’s more than a chance. If the Rams play it right and attack Seattle’s main weakness (covering tight ends), Davis could find some success with athletic tight end, Jared Cook. If they keep a balanced attack by somehow getting their ground game going, that should assists Davis, as well. The Seahawks have been mostly stout against the run, though, so it’s not overly likely St. Louis pounds the rock all day.

That still could benefit Davis, too, as falling behind or not being able to run could mean a lot of passing attempts. More passing attempts could mean good things. Just look at how his road game against the Eagles turned out. The Rams were getting their asses handed to them and Davis went nuts in the second half.

They could mean bad things, too. Davis wasn’t a highly touted prospect for a reason. He’s a gunslinger, but he’s also not the best at reading defenses or reacting to pressure. It also may be easy for Seattle to take away the Rams’ top receiving threats. After all, the Niners did it to Brian Quick last week. But that example helps, too, since Davis still had 13 points before throwing a pick-six in the final minute last week. In fact, he looked fantastic in the first half last week before San Francisco adjusted in the second half.

Ultimately, this isn’t the ideal week to use Davis. However, he’s at home and has looked mostly good for four straight games. If you have a bottom five option, he’s right above that list (in a good way). He’s just shown more than those other bottom feeder guys, and despite the matchup, projects better. Kirk Cousins held his own with this matchup last week, so you know Davis has a chance. Use him instead of Geno Smith, Jake Locker, Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles and Kyle Orton. If it’s down to Davis or someone like Ryan Fitzpatrick or Kirk Cousins, I do like both of those guys just slightly better.

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