After another crazy week there were a ton up big climbs and huge drops in our weekly NFL Power Rankings. The parody laden NFL is more unpredictable than ever. Despite a lot of teams making big moves, no one was able to unseed the idle Bengals. many teams are on the verge of emerging from the mediocrity, while others are on the verge of wishing to be just average. There are only two undefeated teams and two winless teams. The door is open for a lot of teams to make major moves.

1. Cincinnati Bengals – Record: 3-0

The Bengals enjoyed a bye week. It’s looking like the top team has reinforcements coming off of it too. Marvin Jones was back at practice all last week and could make his return as the WR2 opposite A.J. Green. The rich get richer.

2. Seattle Seahawks – Record: 2-1

Seahawks have a bye in Week 4, no one did enough to drop them.

3. San Diego Chargers – Record: 3-1

Beating the Jags usually wouldn’t earn such a jump, but the way they have been playing is excellent. Philip Rivers may just be your quarter season MVP.

4. Denver Broncos – Record: 2-1

The Broncos stayed put after their bye week.

5. Arizona Cardinals – Record: 3-0

The Cardinals are now one of two undefeated teams. If their QB situation was more stable they would be even higher. A win vs the Broncos next week would catapult them up the rankings.

6. Detroit Lions – Record: 3-1

The Lions are now all alone in first place in the NFC North. Even without Megatron for most of the game, Matthew Stafford was able to pick apart the Jets’ secondary. We’re not sure if the Lions were impressive or the Jets were embarrassing. Maybe a little bit of both. One thing that is for sure is the fact the Lions have the top ranked defense in football.

7. Baltimore Ravens – Record: 3-1

The Ravens have looked great since losing to the Bengals Week 1. The Browns played them close but they just dismantled the Steelers and Panthers.

8. Philadelphia Eagles – Record: 3-1

The Eagles lost a tough one against the 49ers. We still like them but if Philly’s defense is going to be this bad, Nick Foles and LeSean McCoy have to get on track.

9. Houston Texans – Record: 3-1

They stumbled against the Giants but got back to their winning ways this week vs the Bills. DeAndre Hopkins could be the breakout player of the year and J.J. Watt is the greatest defensive force in the league. Once Arian Foster is back to 100-percent they could be a force in the AFC.

10. Dallas Cowboys – Record: 3-1

Who saw that coming!? The Cowboys’ defense shut down the Saints’ offense. They are getting the job done with solid defense and a great rushing attack. Nobody expected this.

11. Chicago Bears – Record: 2-2

The Bears lost a tough one in Green Bay. It appears Brandon Marshall not being 100-percent is really hurting the offense. They will look to get back on track in a potential tough matchup with the Panthers.

12. San Francisco 49ers – Record: 2-2

The 9ers got a much needed win against the Eagles on Sunday. There is still a lot to be concerned about if you’re a 49ers fan. The offense and defense both look very pedestrian.

13. Colts logoIndianapolis Colts – Record: 2-2

Andrew Luck has enjoyed trouncing terrible AFC South teams the last two weeks. That’s all well and good but this week he faces an actual NFL team. The game against the Ravens will either have the Colts skyrocketing up or plummeting down.

14. Green Bay Packers – Record: 2-2

The Packers got a big win against the Bears, nevertheless, a handful of questions remain. They still haven’t got their running game going and the defense is sub-par at best.

15. Kansas City Chiefs – Record: 2-2

The past two weeks, the then winless Chiefs have absolutely throttled the Dolphins and Patriots. They appear to be clicking on all cylinders at the moment. Let’s see if they want they can keep it up. They will need to if they plan on keeping up with the Chargers and Broncos in the AFC West.

16. Miami Dolphins – Record: 2-2

After what the Chiefs did to the Patriots, that loss doesn’t look so bad. The Dolphins offense and defense both look good, they just need to put it all together. Until they do they will be smack in the middle, plagued with inconsistency and mediocrity.

17. New York Giants – Record: 2-2

The Giants looked awful to start the season, but Eli Manning and the offense appear to have gotten things turned around. Kirk Cousins and the Redskins’ secondary looked so awful that it’s hard to tell how impressive the win really was.

18. Carolina Panthers – Record: 2-2

The Panthers looked great to start the season, now they just look out of sync. Cam Newton doesn’t look healthy and the pass rush isn’t the same without Greg Hardy. This week may have just been a case of Steve Smith having one of those magical moments that someone that plays with such emotional fury can have.

19. Atlanta Falcons – Record: 2-2

Same old story with Matt Ryan and the Falcons. They look great at home and awful on the road. They are going to have to find a way to win some road games if they expect to be taken seriously.

20. New England Patriots – Record: 2-2

The defense looked great for two weeks. Monday night was a whole different story as the Pats were upended by the Chiefs. Their defense has been keeping them afloat but the offense looks putrid.

21. Pittsburgh Steelers – Record: 2-2

The Steelers may be more of a Jekyll and Hyde team, than any in the NFL. They get blown out by the Ravens, then look great against the Panthers. This week they lose to the lowly Bucs. We really aren’t sure what to make of these guys.

22. Buffalo Bills – Record: 2-2

The Bills have now lost two in a row and have benched their starting QB. When you turn to Kyle Orton as your savior, you know things are going south quickly.

23. Minnesota Vikings – Record: 2-2

Rookie QB Teddy Bridgewater looked great in his first start. The Viking are hoping he is the shot in the arm that their offense needs. It’s too soon to put them any higher but a win against Atlanta is a good start.

24. Cleveland Browns – Record: 1-2

The Browns didn’t play and raised a spot, they can’t complain about that. They hope to get Ben Tate back and Jordan Cameron to full health after the bye.

25. St. Louis Rams – Record: 1-2

The Rams also moved up a spot on their bye. They hope to get Shaun Hill healthy for Week 5. We guess that’s a good thing.

26. New Orleans Saints – Record: 1-3

The Saints look awful. They got beat down in Dallas on Sunday night in embarrassing fashion. The offense is predictable, the defense is terrible and they can’t win on the road. Drew Brees is going to have to do a lot more if they plan on making a run at the playoffs.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Record: 1-3

The Bucs won their first game of the season against a quality opponent. Maybe Mike Glennon is the QB that should be starting for the Bucs.

28. Redskins logoWashington Redskins – Record: 1-3

Their QB is out, their top corner is out and they do not appear to be in good shape. Cousins looks inconsistent to say the least and defense can’t stop anybody. Things may be snowballing for the ‘skins.

29. New York Jets – Record: 1-3

They have been competitive but there are no moral victories in the NFL. The bottom line is, after four weeks the Jets have just one win and it is against the Raiders. Not good. It’s time to put in Mike Vick.

30. Tennessee Titans – Record: 1-3

The Titans have no offense to be heard of and the defense isn’t all that good either. Delanie Walker appears to be the only bright spot on the team. Hopefully they can get Jake Locker back healthy very soon.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars – Record: 0-4

The Jags defense is nightmarishly bad. They are giving up close to 40 points a game. Their offense does have some good young talent to build off of though. A run game would really help their rookie QB.

32. Oakland Raiders – Record: 0-4

Embarrassing themselves in America just wasn’t enough anymore. They decided to take the show on the road and make a mockery of tackling and snapping the football in London. They are just the worst. Good news Raider fans, you can’t lose this week.

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Long time fantasy football and basketball player. Favorite sports teams include Dolphins, Hurricane Football, Cavs, Bearcats Bball, Devils, Braves.