Arian Foster fought through a questionable tag in week four and rewarded faithful fantasy football owners with just over six fantasy points. You just about hated the man. Not in PPR leagues, though. There he somewhat salvaged a real dumpster diving day with seven catches. In full PPR, that gave him a respectable 13+ points.

For those he wronged, though, hopefully he can totally redeem himself this week, as he wears a “probable” tag going into a big matchup on the road with the Dallas Cowboys. Hence, he’ll probably play. The question is, do you start him in fantasy football?

Just like I said about Calvin Johnson, I’ll say about Foster and all the studs you spent a first round pick on. Unless they’re hammering your soul into pieces with Thor-like precision like Eddie Lacy was through the first four weeks, you need to play them. After all, even if they’re nicked up, they can find ways to make up for not being quite 100%. Again, in a standard league last week, Foster made you want to bite the pillow and scream. But if you had even half-PPR, it probably wasn’t the end of the world.

Here’s the skinny: you drafted Foster to be a beast. It’s unlikely the Texans want him out there if he can’t be a beast for them, too. Alfred Blue will steal some touches, but for the most part if Foster is officially active, he officially needs to be in your lineup. Just know that he’s not 100% and that you could get totally screwed. Know that, and then remember, that I told you to know that. And then you, by law, cannot blame me.

But seriously, you have to play him. I mean, if that really old photo of him fumbling against the Cowboys (there very team he faces this week) is any indication, playing Foster is going to surely blow up in your face. But yeah, you still have to play him.

Unless you’re doing DFS fantasy football on a site like Draft Kings. There you can create a lineup with any player and any salary. In that case, no, don’t use Arian Foster. Because you have to commit a crap ton of your salary cap to that one guy who happens to not even be fully himself. He’s not even fully THAT GUY. So, save the cash and fill out your roster with better players. Also, naturally, there is that rare case where you just have an insanely stacked roster where running backs are bored to death and wasting away on your bench. If that’s a reality for you, you can consider benching Foster. I’m not saying to go bench Foster for someone like Jeremy Hill or Fred Jackson. I’m saying if you somehow have 4-5 stack-job, borderline elite running back options, sure, bench Arian freaking Foster.

In other words, if you’re benching an active Foster, you better have pretty good reason. In fact, if you’re really worried about it, just hit me up on Twitter @BreakingKevin and ask me if your other option is a better play than Foster.

Or take the short route:

Is Foster active? Yeah? Okay, then play him. Oh, he’s not active? Then get him the hell out of your lineup, bruh.

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