The first four week of the 2015 fantasy football season haven’t gone as planned, I know. I can attest to that, as last week I got supremely burned when I opted to roll with Matthew Stafford over Jay Cutler in one of my leagues. It’s not that I trusted Stafford against the Seahawks, but Cutler was coming off of a hamstring issue and really wasn’t even a lock to start until shortly before the game. That move backfired in two ways, as Cutler clearly out-performed Stafford (roughly 20 points to 8) AND I lost out on a Stafford score late in that MNF game because of a Calvin Johnson fumble AND a missed penalty by officials.

So, a quad burn, for those keeping score at home.

But there’s more. Despite my reluctance to trust Cutler’s sore hammy, I DID (for whatever reason) feel good about Arian Foster in his debut last week. That went just horribly, as he got me about five fantasy points. Duke Johnson, wasting away on my bench, got about 20. Tight end was a debacle, too, as Julius Thomas continues to be useless on my bench, but I felt good enough with Eric Ebron. He got hurt and exited not even half way through the game.


And I lost by 0.6 points.

That, my friends, is the ultimate fantasy burn. Not my specific situation itself, but the endless waterfall of shit that can drip onto your fantasy football team in any given week. Even if you remove yourself from the weight of the water fall, a poopy rain cloud threatens to follow you for the rest of the day, no matter where you go. Flee to your local Dairy Queen to drown your sorrows in a Blizzard? Nope, its just more poop. A poop blizzard. You’re going to hate it.

The point? Last week sucked big time, but we all have to forget the burns and still trust the guys we have on our roster. That may not mean trusting you starters, but you drafted/picked up/ traded for these guys for a reason, so ultimately you need to trust YOU. It could also help to see where I have your guys and my guys ranked this week. I actually wasn’t a bottom feeder in the accuracy rankings last week, either. So, there’s THAT. Self loathing aside, let’s kick week five into high gear with some super accurate player rankings, shall we?

For starters, I like me some Tom Brady. Anything, Pats, really. They had a week off, were destroying anything that moved before that and now they visit a seemingly lifeless Cowboys team. Greg Hardy said some stupid stuff and Tom Brady is sure to slay him for it.

The Chargers and Steelers game might be interesting. I like all the studs there. I also am high on the Jaguars/Buccaneers game, oddly, as I see a lot of points with little defense showing up. Largely because it makes no sense, but the matchups work and you probably have to use guys like Allen Robinson, T.J. Yeldon, Doug Martin and the like anyways, so you might as well feel good about it.

The 49ers, I am jettisoning into the sun this week. They stink in general and are specifically awful on the road right now. I’m slightly fearful of the Packers offensive studs this week, as the Rams D needs to be respected. But you’re still starting Aaron Rodgers because he’s at Lambeau, where he can pretty much do whatever the heck he wants. I think Eddie Lacy is the one who loses his mind in this one, though, while Todd Gurley should be OK and is a very strong value play at DraftKings.

For everything else, hit up my week 5 player rankings or bug me on Twitter. Good luck this week!

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