The Indianapolis Colts are finally getting it right. After seemingly still trying too hard to run the ball earlier in the year, Indy has handed full controls of their offense over to quarterback Andrew Luck and (surprise!), it’s gone swimmingly. It didn’t hurt that Luck had two cakewalk matchups in a row these past two weeks, but his play shows his immense talent and potential, and that he’s clearly elevated his game.

Luck is now on pace for over 50 passing touchdowns and over 5,000 passing yards. In a passing league, it’s not all that insane to imagine him actually hitting on those numbers, either. Needless to say, until he suddenly craters, Luck is going to be a weekly top-five quarterback. That’s especially the case this week, as he hosts a Ravens team that can definitely be passed on.

It’s not a major leap to be backing Luck right now – I get that. Just don’t be the guy that doubts him for some reason.

My ranks will probably tell you all you need to know, but let’s check out the quick-hitting matchups to avoid and target this week:

Target: Falcons, Jaguars and Redskins

Atlanta and Jacksonville suck on every level right now, while the Falcons are especially bad on the road. That means Eli Manning, Larry Donnell, Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings could all destroy this week. Rueben Randle has a shot, too. Steelers options are all systems go, too, while Markus Wheaton is probably my favorite sleeper this week. He’s just due. Washington is actually amazing against the run and can rush the passer. Problem is, they can’t stop the pass to save their life. Marshawn Lynch is probably still fine because Seattle will be up and run in the second half, but the guys to play are Russell Wilson and Percy Harvin. Tight end Luke Willson gets the start and considering the Redskins let the Giants’ tight ends defile them with four touchdowns last week, he’s one of the better “go for broke” plays of the week.

Avoid: Seahawks, Lions and 49ers

Kirk Cousins imploded last week against the damn Giants, so I can’t suggest playing him against the Seahawks. Of course, knowing how ass backwards fantasy football and the NFL in general always are, he’ll probably put up six touchdowns somehow. But really, don’t play him. I oddly like Alfred Morris enough to use him if you need to this week, while Pierre Garcon should be pretty active as the Redskins throw from behind all day. But if you can help it, leave your ‘Skins on your bench. Kyle Orton is facing Detroit, so everyone in Buffalo will probably have to be downgraded this week. The Lions are quietly one of the best defenses in the league, as they suffocate the run and also play the pass pretty well. Fred Jackson is somehow crafty enough to use in the Flex, but C.J. Spiller will almost certainly do nothing for you. Lastly, as good as the Chiefs looked last week, it’s hard to trust them in San Francisco. The Niners have looked better on defense in recent weeks and I can’t see KC pounding them on the ground. Alex Smith has that interesting “revenge card” factor, but he’ll probably face plant.

For everything else this week, hit up my week 5 player rankings and consult my notes for specific matchups to target or avoid this week:

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