The NFL season is a quarter of the way finished, and your fantasy season is even further along. Week 5 is a pivotal week no matter what your record is, but if you’re hovering round 1-3 wins, the difference between a win and a loss in Week 5 could be the difference between a playoff team and a dud. With bye weeks and injuries, there are plenty of important roster decisions to be made this week.

The NFL changes so much from week to week, that it’s hard to drown out the white noise, and decide which players are deserving of a serious look, and which ones are just a flash in the pan.

That’s why I’m here to help. My weekly Buy/Sell posts will help you decide which players will stick going forward, and which are flukes. The name of the game is value, so if you can buy low and sell high, you’ll be set up to win your league.

Let’s start with a pair of Tight Ends:

Buy: Larry Donnell – TE – NYG: Coming off of a monster, 3 TD performance, Donnell is a hot name right now. It’d be easy to call Donnell a sell high candidate, but I just don’t see much of a market for emerging tight ends coming off of one huge week. Think about how upset you would have been if you sold Jordan Cameron after his 3 TD performance in Week 3 last season. Now I’m not saying Donnell is going to become the next Cameron, and I also don’t think he’ll do much this week, but he’s clearly Eli’s favorite target outside of Victor Cruz. Put it this way, There’s more upside with Donnell than there is with whomever you’d receive in a trade.

Buy: Jordan Cameron – TE – CLE: Speaking of Cameron, he’s finally a sure-thing to play this week. He’s still a bit of an injury risk, and that shoulder is going to be a bit volatile all season, but the Browns offense needs him badly. He’ll be on the field this week for sure, and he should be a featured piece of the Browns offense the rest of the way.

Let’s move to the other side of the ball for a second, and look at a couple defenses:

Sell: Carolina Panthers – DEF: If you’re still rolling with the Carolina defense, which you probably spent a relatively high (for a defense) pick on, it’s time to cut your losses. You won’t get anything in return via trade, but sometimes it’s just best to move on. Greg Hardy isn’t coming back any time soon, and this defense isn’t the same without him.

Sell: Green Bay Packers – DEF: The Packers defense was a hot commodity this week in fantasy leagues. Squaring off at home, in the rain, against a Vikings team missing Adrian Peterson and starting Christian Ponder was too tempting to pass up. The Packers made good on their hype, as well, nearly pitching a shutout while racking up 6 sacks, 2 interceptions, 1 fumble recovery, and a touchdown along the way. While this defense is perhaps a bit underrated, and they seem to have the turnover capabilities that they lacked last year, they don’t get to play the Vikings every week. They also lack any push at the line with a weak linebacking core and a lack of BJ Raji. Plus, they have some pretty high powered offenses in Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Carolina, Atlanta, and Detroit remaining on their schedule. Hang onto them next week as they face Miami, but part ways with them after that.



About The Author Tim Young

A former Wisconsinite, Tim Young loves the Milwaukee Brewers and Green Bay Packers. He offers his completely biased thoughts on the Packers here at Breaking Football, while helping out elsewhere as needed. Follow Tim @timcyoung on Twitter.