Ranking the top three in the power rankings is basically a fool’s errand. New England, Green Bay, and Arizona all seem unstoppable at the moment, so I left all of their rankings them same as we head into week four of the 2015 NFL season.

Besides the top of the last staying the same this week, the bottom of the list also stayed the same! But pretty much everything in between moved around in our weekly NFL power rankings. See who jumped or dropped the most for week four:

1. New England (SAME)

Tom Brady is playing on par with his 50 touchdown ’07 season. I don’t see anyone in the AFC dethroning the Patriots at this point. Not too much more to say. If you haven’t watched the Patriots play this season and you are a football fan you are missing out on something special.

2. Green Bay (SAME)

MY goodness I would love to see the Packers play the Patriots. Because as good as Brady has been this year, Rodgers has been even better. This is the best Rodgers has looked in his career, which is saying something. If he can keep up this level Michael Robinson will be validated for his G.O.A.T. comments.

3. Arizona (SAME)

Bruce Arians in my mind is the second best NFL coach today. At the end of the season I believe a lot of people will agree with me on that. Arizona looks just as unstoppable as the Pats and Pack, but they definitely have a better full team unit than them. They could easily be the best team in the NFL right now, and I can’t wait for them to get really tested! They have two games against Seattle, a match against the Bengals and a game against the Packers ahead of them on the schedule.

4. Cincinnati (SAME)

Cincinnati is another team, like the Cardinals that thrives from being an incredible full team unit. They are great on offense and defense and know how to win games. I would love to see Andy Dalton continue to find success. I’ve always felt he was a victim of being over-scrutinized by the media, similar to Tony Romo.

5. Denver (UP 1)

Denver continues to inch up the rankings, and now are sitting just outside the clear-cut top four NFL teams. Manning and the Broncos offense looked a lot more comfortable this week, and their defense continues to be one of the NFL’s top units.

6. Atlanta (UP 6)

A team that has had a similar looking season to Denver. They keep getting W’s but they haven’t necessarily been the dominate wins that you would expect. Matt Ryan is living up to his “Matty Ice” nickname now more than ever. The Falcons seem to never be out of a game as long as Matt Ryan is at quarterback.

7. Seattle (UP 4)

Finally the Seahawks got a win! They played angrily on Sunday, and rightfully so. The Seahawks definitely want to make it back to the Super Bowl, and there is still hope for them. The return of Kam Chancellor is going to elevate their defense back to the level they’ve been at for the last three years. However they need to figu¬¬re out how to get the run going, even if Marshawn Lynch is hurt.

8. Buffalo (UP 2)

Buffalo has been putting up points! Which is interesting because they are putting up offensive points with a bunch of unknown players, while all of their superstars struggle to contribute. In addition to the offense of unknown all-stars, they also still very much have one of the NFL’s toughest defenses. Ryan Tannehill was the dirtiest player on the field last week because the Bills D-line were in the Dolphins backfield more than the ‘Phins running backs were.

9. Pittsburgh (DOWN 4)

The loss of Roethlisberger drops them significantly. But Mike Vick is certainly a reasonable back-up to turn the franchise over to for the next several weeks. And with the absurd firepower the Steelers have on offense I’m sure they will still put up some serious offensive production.

10. Carolina (UP 3)

You can’t ignore 3-0. Even if the team hasn’t had the hardest competition so far this season. The addition of Jared Allen to an already ferocious Panther defense intrigues me greatly. Cam Newton is responsible for every Panther touchdown this season. If they really want to contend down the stretch they need to be able to get Jonathan Stewart/the running game (with their actual running backs) going a bit more.

11. Minnesota (UP 6)

Dang Minnesota! After a rough week one they have really started putting it together! Now that AP is seemingly back to his old self it will be interesting to see if Teddy Bridgewater can take the next step forward as a passer. He is certainly primed to get a lot of opportunities with the way teams will be starting to game plan against Peterson.

12. Kansas City (DOWN 5)

I understand that Kansas likes to play a conservative game. They like to fight the field position battle on special teams, control the clock on offense, and then play stingy defense. Similar to Seattle in Wilson’s rookie year, or Denver when Tebow was there. But COME ON! Kansas needs to be able to adapt and at least try to force the ball downfield during tough games. They aren’t going to be able to beat these teams with top level offenses unless they do.

13. New York Jets (DOWN 4)

The Jets suffered a tough loss on Sunday. But it was their first of the season. They also played the game without two of their best offensive weapons, Chris Ivory and Eric Decker. I think the Jets are still a playoff potential team. I look forward to seeing how they bounce back against the Dolphins in London this weekend.

14. Dallas (SAME)

Dallas didn’t look half bad considering the two most important players on their team aren’t playing. Weeden managed the game nicely, but I would like to see him at least pretend to throw the balls to his outside receivers once in a while. Just to make the defense think about it a little. Dallas should have won, but as I said in the Atlanta write-up, Matty Ice has just been stealing games from teams this season.

15. Indianapolis (SAME)

Like Seattle, Indianapolis finally got a win. But it was a two point win. And it was over Tennessee. Luckily for the Colts the rest of their division has not been capitalizing on their failures, and they are primed to take first place in the division against the Jaguars next week. If the Colts lose that game it may really be time to go back to the drawing board.

16. New York Giants (UP 7)

The Giants really should be 3-0 but mental errors in weeks one and two prevented them from that. They looked to be getting back on the right track last Thursday though. And the door to first place in the NFC East is pretty wide open right now. I think the Giants are my favorites to take it.

17. Oakland (UP 4)

The Raiders have been one of the more exciting teams in the NFL over the last two weeks. Especially after week one, where they kind of looked like the same ol’ Raiders. But now they are looking like the dynamic young potential stacked Raiders we thought they could be in the offseason. Latavius Murray, Amari Cooper, and Derek Carr have been dynamite on offense. While the Raiders D has been made game clinching plays in back to back weeks.

18. Baltimore (UP 4)

The Ravens are 0-3 but have had all 3 games be extremely close. I don’t think their season is over, but they definitely need to go back to the drawing board and fix some things. I feel like Marc Trestman may have been a bad choice for offensive coordinator as the Ravens don’t necessarily have the right pieces to run a Trestman offense. If they can’t adapt, and adapt soon, this will be a long year for Raven’s fans.

19. San Diego (DOWN 11)

Their week one win over the Lions is seeming less and less impressive. The Chargers did lose to a very tough Bengals in week two, but the way they were dominated by the Vikings was embarrassing. They need to figure out how to get their run defense going, as they’ve been torched on the ground by every opponent this season.

20. St. Louis (DOWN 4)

That win against Seattle in week one is beginning to look like one of those divisional games where the lesser team won because they understand their opponents so well. Kind of like Miami beating New England in week one last season. Because the Rams offense has been brutal ever since. And their defense hasn’t been much better, considering that they were being discussed as one of the NFL’s top units before the season began.

21. Jacksonville (DOWN 2)

Getting 51 points scored against you courtesy of the Patriots isn’t that embarrassing. But it by no means looks good. I’m excited to see how Jacksonville bounces back this week against the Colts. If they win that game they would actually be in a position to win the division. It’s been a surprising NFL season so far, so that isn’t out of the realm of possibilities.

22. Houston (UP 2)

Houston has played teams pretty tight for the most part this season. It certainly helps to have the NFL’s most dominant defensive player, but I’m really excited for the Texans when Foster makes it back to the team. Until then they are going to have to keep teams to scores in the low 20’s or less if they want to win games. The Colts have left the door to the AFC South open for anyone to walk through.

23. Miami (Down 3)

Probably the most disappointing team in the NFL right now is the Dolphins. Their D-line, which was supposed to be one of the NFL’s best, has been one of the NFL’s worst. Their O-line looks worse than they were two years ago, when they were the NFL’s worst unit. If they can get both of their lines going they have the skill players to win them games. But if they can’t then it will be a long year for the Dolphins, and yet another long rebuilding process beginning at the end of the year.

24. Philadelphia (Up 4)

Finally a Philadelphia win! This was the team I was most excited to watch before the season started. But Bradford has miserably failed to meet the expectations he garnered. I wonder how much longer Philly will give him until they bench him for Mark Sanchez. Sanchez looked a lot better last year than Bradford has this year. It was nice to see Philly get their running game going on Sunday, and their defense is actually quite underrated.

25. Washington (DOWN 7)

I personally didn’t think Kirk Cousins looked that bad on Thursday night football last week. He had a few missed plays, but I’ve seen glimpses of NFL starter potential out of him. A strong showing against the Eagles this weekend could be a nice confidence booster for this underrated team. They are still in the NFC East race, but losing to the Giants definitely hurt their chances of taking the division.

26. Cleveland (UP 1)

Up after a loss to the Raiders? Yes. The Browns were in the game until the end. And I, like everyone else, wonder if Manziel would have won them that game. The Chargers and Browns will be an interesting match next week, as both teams will be hungry to prove they’re better than they showed in week three.

27. Tennessee (UP 1)

Marcus Mariota has the NFL’s best passer rating. Doing that while the great Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are playing the best football of their career is extremely impressive. Tennessee was closer to beating Indianapolis than they’ve been since Andrew Luck joined the Colts. Mariota has been a difference maker for the Titan’s and I believe he will continue to be.

28. Detroit (DOWN 2)

Another team that has been very disappointing so far this year. They have been a classic Detroit team so far, getting penalized more than anyone else. If they want to win some games this year they need to stop shooting themselves in the foot. They have the skill to win games, they just need the brains to not lose games.

29. San Francisco (DOWN 4)

I would be surprised if Jim Tomsula made it through the season as the 49’ers head coach. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Tomsula is unqualified to be an NFL head coach. And Colin Kaepernick is NOT a franchise quarterback. San Fran needs to simplify their offense for Kaepernick, and they need to get back to playing some 49er defense. Getting burned by Arizona’s offense the way they did is unacceptable if you want to be taken serious as an NFL team.

30. Tampa Bay (SAME)

Winston just needs to keep growing. Losing his favorite target at tight end, but I like the production Mike Evans was able to put forth last week. Tampa needs to get their running game going to help Winston out. Their defense has been since getting torched by Tennessee in week one.

31. New Orleans (SAME)

Luke McCown didn’t play half bad on Sunday. That game was the Saints to win, but they couldn’t finish. Until Drew Brees comes back the team will struggle to beat anyone. Not because McCown is a bad back-up it’s just that the Saints aren’t a very good team. They need a new defensive coordinator and to rebuild that entire defense if they want to return to being Super Bowl contenders.

32. Chicago (SAME)

Chicago needs to get better everywhere. They need to get their offense going like it is nobody’s business. They have the playmakers, they just need to get them the ball. If Cutler’s going to miss much more time than maybe they need to get a better back-up. They also need to overhaul their defense. Losing Jared Allen when they are already the worst team in the league is going to be tough to overcome.

Biggest riser: New York Giants (Up 7)
Biggest faller: San Diego (Down 11)

What do you guys think of these power rankings? What teams would you move around? Let us know in the comments!

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