It’s not often you get something 100% free in life. It’s even rarer to get free money. This week, that’s exactly what is up for grabs over at The guys over there have been kind enough to host our Breaking Football Free Roll Challenge, where our readers can compete against our top fantasy experts with a shot at a cash prize. Taylor Smith and myself are in there to go up against you and everyone else, and the first place finisher gets a clean $100.

The cash prize isn’t even the best part, though. This style of DFS fantasy football is so fast and easy, once you win this week’s NFL free roll, you’ll find yourself coming back each week to dominate in head to head fantasy games and group play, as well. Even better? They also have MLB fantasy games there and will probably be expanding in the future.

Still not to the best part yet. Their style is killer, as you don’t need to pick some ridiculously long lineup and try to be really sneaky about sleepers and stuff. If you simply like choosing the studs that are going to go off each day or week, this is for you. I actually won a free roll here myself two weeks ago, and I only needed three studs to go off to do it. That’s right, you can pick three guys you’re sure will go off in week four and sit back and watch that three-man roster win you a free Benjamin. Once you win, you can either let it ride or you can take it right to the bank.

That’s the info, now here’s how you GET IN:

1. Click any link you see in this article and it will take you directly to the site. It will open in a new window, so if you need the steps, refer back right here.

2. Sign up. It’s quick and super easy. You’re signed in and ready to rock in seconds.

3. At the top of the lobby you’ll see some info about passwords/passcodes. To get into our week 4 fantasy football free roll, simply enter our password: breakingfootball (no spaces)

4. Once you enter it, you’ll be able to access the BREAKING FOOTBALL game right there in the lobby.

5. Pick your winning team and watch yourself rake in the first place prize after the games are over this week. Then you can come back and harass us in our comments or on Twitter and let us know how bad you beat us!

About The Author Kevin Roberts

Breaking Football's lead fantasy football expert. Top 40 finisher in FantasyPros accuracy challenge in 2012 and 2013. Your huckleberry.