We’re hanging out over at BoltDraft.com this week, trying to put our fantasy football knowledge to the test. We thought it’d be cool to include our loyal readers, too. If you hit the link you can get into an exclusive $100 free roll over at Bolt Draft. Just enter the code “breakingfootball” to get into the week four fantasy football Breaking Football Challenge game.

It’s all pretty simply from there, as you pick the three players (QB, RB, WR/TE) that you think will ball out the most this week. If your guys crush it more than anyone else’s, you win the top prize. It’s not a divided up prize pool, either. It’s a 100% free game and the top scorer gets the whole $100 bill.

You can check back with us all week to see our take on who could be the top performers in fantasy football for week four. For now, just make sure you get in and claim your free spot in this week’s $100 free roll. 

To access the Breaking Football free roll, simply sign up and then enter the BREAKING FOOTBALL free roll in the lobby. Be sure to go to the top of the lobby to enter your pass code (breakingfootball). Happy drafting!

About The Author Kevin Roberts

Breaking Football's lead fantasy football expert. Top 40 finisher in FantasyPros accuracy challenge in 2012 and 2013. Your huckleberry.