Last week was a bad, bad week. I personally am willing to own up to it. I pegged some studs to go off, and they didn’t. Correction: they bottomed out. When you look at a studly talent with even more studly talent around them and they also have an awesome matchup, naturally it’s fair to think they might have a studly outing.

This wasn’t the case with the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford. Those two guys were at the top of my list last week when it came to can’t miss picks, and boy, did they miss. In your regular season lineup, on daily fantasy football sites – you name it. Their weapons suffered from it, too.

And those two would-be studs were far from the only sad sacks in fantasy football in week three. LeSean McCoy had about as many yards as he had carries. Victor Cruz decided to show he was alive still. Rashad Jennings had the game of his life (and of the season for running backs). Reggie Bush did something. Eddie Lacy did nothing.

Ryan Tannehill cratered. Tom Brady slid around in a pool of his own tears. The Steelers destroyed the Panthers in Carolina.

I’m chalking that up as a week of randoms. Let’s get back to the drawing board for week four and do the only thing we can do – lean on logic and hope it doesn’t stab us in the back, yet again. For all you daily gamers (and of course, especially for you newbies), this is a nice little tool that compiles my weekly player rankings thanks to This should give you a good idea of who I like and where I like them this week, while relating to the salary per player over at Draft Kings. Happy drafting and good luck this week:

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