Guess what? As is the case all season long, DraftKings is giving you a chance to become a millionaire. Just enter the Millionaire Maker game that begins on Sunday ($20 entry) and watch the cash roll in. It’s that easy, right? Totally.

If it’s not that easy, maybe some of this daily fantasy football advice will prove helpful:

5 Sneaky Sleepers

Last week’s 5 Sneaky Sleepers were Cam Newton (WIN), Devonta Freeman (MEGA WIN), Pierre Garçon (eh), Charles Clay (WIN) and the Falcons defense (fail). Pretty good, overall, if I do say so myself.

QB Derek Carr ($5,300), Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are 2-1. They have an excellent chance to get to 3-1 with a road date with the Bears this week. I know, I can’t believe it, either.

But maybe they’re…not awful? Derek Carr definitely seems like he’s not awful, and he’s got a good bit of talent around him. The Bears, meanwhile, are a raging dumpster fire all around, and may be searching for win No. 1 well into the season. At just $5,300, Carr is a good high-upside, low-cost QB play.

RB Giovani Bernard ($5,000), Cincinnati Bengals

Bernard has fought his way back into the Bengals’ plans with a strong start to his 2015 campaign. He’s looked downright better than Jeremy Hill through the first three games, and is priced well enough to where he’s a pretty strong option this week. While the Chiefs have plenty of talent on defense, that hasn’t exactly translated to success thus far. Bernard is shifty and can catch passes out of the backfield, which is obviously an added bonus on DK. It’s always a bit dicey to opt for a guy that may be getting just 50% of his team’s carries, but Gio is explosive enough to make those touches count.

WR Donte Moncrief ($5,000), Indianapolis Colts

Moncrief wasn’t on a ton of radars coming into the season as the Colts’ No. 3 receiver, but he’s been Andrew Lucks’ most trustworthy target this season. The second-year wideout has scored in each of the first three games, and has given you at least 13 fantasy points in each outing. Indy has a home matchup with a Jags defense that the Patriots just gouged for 51 points, so no reason to think Moncrief can’t find paydirt again this week.

TE Jordan Reed ($4,500), Washington Redskins

No Gronk this week, which means you’re going to have to take your chances with the crappy tight end crop. I wouldn’t qualify Reed as much of a “sleeper” anymore, but nobody else really stood-out to me, either. Reed is pretty clearly Kirk Cousins’ favorite target (take THAT for what it’s worth), having caught at least six passes in all three games. The Philly defense doesn’t present much resistance, as we’ve seen, so Reed is a fine option, once again.

D/ST San Diego Chargers ($2,800)

We can once again assume that the Browns are going to run Josh McCown out there this week, so the Chargers are kinda here by default. They haven’t been very good themselves so far this season, but this is a Cleveland offense that looks completely incapable of moving the ball with McCown in there.

4 HARD Fades

I faded Big Ben, Brandin Cooks, Travis Kelce and Matt Forte. Ben got hurt, Forte was terrible, Cooks and Kelce were each decent. Tough to really regret fading any of them.

QB Eli Manning ($7,000), New York Giants

Eli looked great last week against the Redskins, but that was…the Redskins. The Giants face a much tougher task this week on the road in Buffalo, and it’s pretty easy to assume he’s not going to have such an easy go of it. This is more about price than anything. There are a slew of options that cost less than Manning does, with plus matchups. Pretty easy logic here.

RB Jeremy Hill ($6,500), Cincinnati Bengals

Add Gio Bernard, fade Jeremy Hill. Too expensive for him, anyway.

WR Alshon Jeffery ($6,600), Chicago Bears

You think I’m gonna use a guy coming off a hamstring injury that has Jimmy Clausen throwing passes his way?

TE Martellus Bennett ($4,500), Chicago Bears

Uh, ditto?

3 Top Stacks

Last week’s stacks were the Pats (WIN), Cardinals (WIN) and Seahawks. Screw you, Seahawks. Lamest blowout, shutout win, ever,

Indianapolis Colts offense vs. Jacksonville

QB Andrew Luck ($7,800), RB Frank Gore ($4,700), WR Donte Moncrief ($5,000), WR TY Hilton ($6,700)

The Colts stormed back from hell to topple the Titans last week, earning their first win of the season. They’re rewarded with the aforementioned home game with the Jaguars this week, where I imagine they’ll continue on the right path.

Green Bay Packers offense vs. San Francisco

QB Aaron Rodgers ($7,900), RB Eddie Lacy ($6,900), WR Randall Cobb ($7,400), WR James Jones ($5,300)

They’re pretty unstoppable! The Packers have some demons to exorcise from years past with San Francisco, and it seems safe to assume they’ll do just that against the worst damn 49er team in recent memory. Seriously. How’d this team win Week 1? What a damn miracle fluke job that was.

Arizona Cardinals offense vs. St. Louis

QB Carson Palmer ($6,800), RB Chris Johnson ($4,500), WR Larry Fitzgerald ($6,500), WR John Brown ($5,100)

Why go away from a good thing? Palmy and friends are ROLLING. The Rams have assloads of talent on defense, but the Cardinals at home seem like an unstoppable force at the moment.

2 Rookies to Watch

RB Karlos Williams ($3,400), Buffalo Bills

Karlos Williams may well be the most-used player in DFS this week. LeSean McCoy seems doubtful to play, meaning the rookie out of Miami should have the backfield all to himself against the Giants. Barely above minimum price, he’s an obvious bargain.

WR Amari Cooper ($6,300), Oakland Raiders

He’s already Derek Carr’s favorite target, which has paid-off quite well for both parties involved already. I detailed why I like the Raiders again this week above, so Cooper is a pretty obvious submission.

1 Swell Lineup

QB Tyrod Taylor ($5,800), Buffalo Bills

RB Karlos Williams ($3,400), Buffalo Bills

RB Ryan Mathews ($3,800), Philadelphia Eagles (if DeMarco Murray sits again)

WR Julio Jones ($9,300), Atlanta Falcons

WR Larry Fitzgerald ($6,500), Arizona Cardinals

WR James Jones ($5,300), Green Bay Packers

TE Jordan Reed ($4,500), Washington Redskins

FLEX: Jamaal Charles ($7,600), Kansas City Chiefs

D/ST: Arizona Cardinals ($3,400), vs. St. Louis

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