Hello again, America. I’m not going to bother to explain the weekly fantasy format in this space again, because it’s a waste of time. Mostly mine, which is really the only time I care about. It doesn’t need explaining, anyway. Weekly fantasy football. Pretty self-explanatory.

The point of this thing is to scour the depths of the weekly Draft Kings player pool and give a few examples of low-dollar bargain players that may actually be decent lineup options for Week 3. Anyone listed below $5k on that site (other than QBs, as no QB costs less than $5k) is eligible. Let’s get started:


Ryan Fitzpatrick (Houston Texans) $5.4k

There really aren’t many great options down toward the low-end of the QB pay scale this week, but Fitzpatrick at $5.4k isn’t awful. He was in this space last week and put up a good-but-not-great 13.56 points on the Raiders. For a guy that cost the minimum, though, he was a decent play. This week, Fitzy and the Texans draw the New York Giants, who are effing terrible. Matthew Stafford and the Lions shredded this defense in Week 1, while Drew freaking Stanton beat them in Week 2. As usual, Houston will likely rely mostly on Arian Foster and the run game offensively, but there’s still a strong chance Fitzpatrick can fit a TD pass or 2 in to his buddies Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins.

Running Backs

Donald Brown (San Diego Chargers) $3.5k

Ryan Mathews is going to miss a few weeks with an injury? WEIRD. Anyway, this is probably the primary reason the Chargers decided to sign the former Colts first-round pick this offseason, and he should get the majority of the carries when the Chargers head to Buffalo this week. Danny Woodcock will still feature prominently in both the running and the passing game, but if there are scoring opportunities near the goal-line, Brown may benefit. At 3.5k he’s a total bargain. Totes.

Khiry Robinson (New Orleans Saints) $3.9k

Mark Ingram broke his hand in the Saints’ loss to the Browns last week, and most are expecting Khiry Robinson to be the guy that steps in and takes over that job. Pierre Thomas is more of a pass-catching back at this point, so there should be plenty of looks for Robinson against a Minnesota defense that struggled against the Patriots last week. It’ll be exciting to see what Robinson can do in a larger role. SO EXCITING.

Jeremy Hill (Cincinnati Bengals) $4k

Giovani Bernard is amazing and is the Bengals’ primary threat out of the backfield, but the rookie Hill was impressive in Cincy’s dominant win over the Falcons in Week 2. The former LSU great carried the ball 15 times for 74 yards with a score. With the Bengals likely to be without WR AJ Green this week, they may well put more focus into the ground game against the Titans, which is obviously a good sign for both Bernard and Hill.

Matt Asiata (Minnesota Vikings) $4.6k

Adrian Peterson is out for the foreseeable future, and his job goes to Asiata in the meantime. In his first meaningful action against the Pats last week, Asiata was extremely useful, putting up 19.4 fantasy points. Based on how many interceptions Matt Cassel threw a week ago, perhaps it’s in the Vikings’ best interests to be a bit more conservative. If that’s the case, it should mean Asiata will see quite a bit of the ball. The Saints have struggled to stop anyone on defense so far this season, so that bodes nicely, as well.

Frank Gore (San Francisco 49ers) $4.8k

Sunday night’s tilt with the Bears was a disaster of the highest order for the 49ers, but Frank Gore had himself a nice game, quietly. He finished with 15.5 fantasy points, but does face a tougher matchup this week with the Cardinals. Still, though, if you’re getting the top back on a run-first team for less than $5k, it’s probably worth a look.

Ahmad Bradshaw (Indianapolis Colts) $4.8k

Old man Bradshaw is clearly the more spry of the Colts running backs, which says quite a bit about how crappy Trent Richardson is. Bradshaw looked downright awesome at times against the Eagles Monday night, and this week his Colts get a highly favorable matchup with the miserable Jaguars. He’s not going to be scoring 2 TDs every week, obvs, but another solid effort looks to be on-tap for Week 3.

Wide Receivers

Andre Roberts (Washington Redskins) $4k

Roberts isn’t really one of the bigger-name players in this offense, but his stock gets a boost especially if DeSean Jackson is out this week. The Redskins seem interested in getting the speedy Roberts into space, and he may be able to find some room to roam this week against Philly. I’m not super high on Roberts if Jackson does play, so keep an eye on that situation. OR ELSE.

Kelvin Benjamin (Carolina Panthers) $4.8k

The rookie didn’t do a whole lot for the Panthers in Week 2 (other than a cray-cray one-handed catch), but he’s still probably Cam Newton’s top target (which isn’t really saying much). He’s huge and skilled, which isn’t really something you can say about any other receiver on this roster. The Steelers’ defense has looked out-of-sorts over their last 6 quarters, so Benjamin should be in line for a rebound performance in this game.

Torrey Smith (Baltimore Ravens) $4.5k

Look, I know Torrey Smith has done a whole lot of nothing so far this season, but how long can that continue? Regardless of Steve Smith, Torrey is still Baltimore’s best pass-catcher and primary deep threat. We know Joe Flacco throws a nice deep ball, so it’s only a matter of time before he and Torrey connect once again. You know how it works. Steve is Flacco’s flashy new Buzz Lightyear, but inevitably Joe will go back and play with Woody (Torrey) in the end. Not a great matchup with Joe Haden potentially plastered all over him last week, but the price makes him a little more appealing.

Steve Smith (Baltimore Ravens) $4.5k

Whoa! Double Ravens! I’m not honoring that Steve Smith “Sr.” garbage. You’re Steve Smith. Not Titus Young. You can’t just go changing your identity when you’ve been famous for like 15 years, Steve. Anyway, Buzz Lightyear has 13 catches through the Ravens’ first two ballgames, and you may as well ride that wave while it’s riding high, no?

Michael Floyd and Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals) $4.8k

Why didn’t I just double-up on Ravens WRs this way? I DON’T KNOW. Drew Stanton is likely to be Arizona’s QB again this week with Carson “Palmy” Palmer still ailing, which is probably why both of these fellas are so cheap. Stanton looked to Fitz (6 catches, 51 yards) more so than Floyd (1 for 19), but neither of them produced enough to be worth their prices. Now, at a discount, they’re more attractive. The Cardinals face the 49ers this week, which looks bad on paper, but Jay Cutler just threw for 4 TDs on those sacks last week. Not that Drew Stanton is Jay Cutler, but there’s good value for these guys if one (or both) can manage to find the end zone.

Tight Ends

Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs) $3.7k

Kelce has emerged as one of Alex Smith’s few weapons in the KC passing attack, so you may as well jump on the opportunity while you can. He led the Chiefs with 81 receiving yards in the loss to Denver as a solid follow-up to a decent Week 1, as well. There are better options out there, but he’s a nice cheapie.

Jason Witten (Dallas Cowboys) $3.9k

Witten was here last week, too, because he’s so freaking cheap. The Cowboys have been pretty run-heavy in the first two weeks, which has limited Witten’s production. He’s been so good for so long that it’s tough to imagine him sparing everyone to death on a weekly basis, and he’ll have a big game sooner-or-later. Could it be this week against the Rams? COULD IT?


Larry Donnell (New York Giants) $4k

I’d never heard of Larry Donnell until two weeks ago, but he’s had two pretty good games as the Giants’ primary tight end, so perhaps he’s worth a look. At $4k he’s a bargain based on the 16.6 he got you in Week 1 and the 15.1 from last week. The Texans’ defense has looked quite strong thus far, but Eli definitely seems fond of looking in Donnell’s direction. Hopefully he can find Donnell a few times in between interceptions.


Once again, every defense is super cheap with the Patriots topping the list at $3.5k. New England had a huge week in picking off Matt Cassel 4 times and blocking a kick and returning it for a TD last week, so the upcoming matchup with the Raiders looks extra enticing. Houston at $3.4k is facing-off against Eli Manning this week, and I probably don’t have to elaborate much. The Colts’ defense has looked weak, but they’re $3.1k and facing the horrible Jaguars. The $3k Ravens are coming off of a strong performance against Pittsburgh and will take on the Browns, as well.


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