Is your fantasy football season in the dumps after two weeks? We here at Breaking Football never like to admit failure this early (or ever, really), but it’s actually not impossible that your fantasy roster could have already destroyed any hopes for a fantasy title. If you have Adrian Peterson or Jamaal Charles, you could be crying at this very moment. And while those two guys (suspension and injury) are probably the two biggest whiffs to negatively impact fantasy rosters, numerous other instance of poor health or poor production could be killing you right about now.

It’s never hopeless, as we’ve seen just this week alone that the fantasy football waiver wire can yield plenty of gold in the form of Matt Asiata, Khiry Robinson, Donald Brown and others. If you’re on the lookout and actively trying to save your sinking ship, then it can still be saved. But if you’ve given up and feel like it’s truly the end, perhaps weekly fantasy football games can keep you in the fantasy fold and fend off depression.

That’s the hope, at least. Whether you’re an addict or a newbie, you can use my week three player rankings to sort through all the salaries and figure out some solid values over at Draft Kings. If you’re game for that, use this sweet cheat sheet brought to you by

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