I was a staunch supporter of C.J. Spiller last week, having him inside my top-10. In leagues that awarded kick return yards, he crushed it. In leagues that at least gave you his kick return touchdown, he still added that to a decent 78 total yards to give you a mighty fine day.

While I somewhat hit on my Spiller backing, I went two straight weeks whiffing on Toby Gerhart, and it’s about time to call his death on the table. Don’t get me wrong, I still firmly believe Gerhart can be a productive (if not elite) source of fantasy production. Just not behind this Jaguars offensive line. At least, not as constructed, or as they’re currently performing. They’re dreadful. I see everywhere people making fun of Gerhart’s speed or vision, but it doesn’t take a film or NFL expert to see the blocking just isn’t there. Missed block after missed block, the holes that are there quickly close as Gerhart is swallowed up second after he touches the ball. He has not time to do anything – let alone breathe – in that backfield.

Don’t believe me? Denard Robinson also has three carries – for eight yards. That’s a gaudy 2.7 yards per carry average. Jordan Todman has three more carries for six yards. That sexy 2.0 average. Oh, yeah. Gerhart is sitting on a Chris Johnson-esque 2.0 yards per carry through two weeks, and it probably isn’t getting any better from here. The non-threat of Chad Henne is a big reason why, but the non-existent blocking does the rest, and then some.

As you’ll see, Gerhart takes a free fall in my week 3 fantasy player rankings. I still like his upside if the line can get their minds right, but I’m not seeing it magically changing this week. I hope I’m wrong. With that, here are the rest of my player rankings for week three. If you have specific lineup questions, as always, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @BreakingKevin. And here we go:

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