If you want to win the big bucks, hop in a time machine before week two, ignore pretty much everything I say that week and then start DeAngelo Williams, Larry Fitzgerald and Travis Benjamin. I know, it’s so crazy that even after the fact you probably don’t believe me.

Also, no time machine.

But hey, that was the most illogical week of fantasy football action we’ve been greeted with in a while. And my goodness did it bog me down last weekend. Hey, at least my Packers won! But really, last week in general was a shit show and all we can do is dust ourselves off and believe in the notion, “that shit won’t ever happen again”.

And we have to. Let’s be real here. Le’Veon Bell’s return HAS to mean DeAngelo Williams never scores three touchdowns again. It probably even means he doesn’t see another goal-line touch for the rest of his time in Pittsburgh.

Travis Benjamin has blown up through the first two weeks. That perhaps could have been predicted to a certain extent. But now Josh McCown is back in the saddle, so we’re more likely to see three pick-sixes in a Browns game this week than three more Benjamin scores. The story is different for Fitzgerald, as he proved the past two weeks he only needs competence under center to still be pretty darn good. But Carson Palmer spreads the ball around well and at least this week I can’t see another explosion.

Explosions, my friends, will happen elsewhere. I like Tom Brady and the Pats to keep things rolling at home against the Jags. Ditto for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers at home, where they tame dragons with forks. And I think the Seahawks and Colts both get back on track with huge week three performances.

Hoping and wishing the Eagles and Saints and others will finally figure it out – that’s a dance I’m not familiar with. Truly, I want no part in those two teams and you can figure the rest out based off of my week three fantasy player rankings. More specifically to the daily fantasy football game, you can use my week 3 rankings to help you gauge the best value at DFS sites like DraftKings.

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